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i pray for nick berg and his family

just sharing my feelings after watching this video of an american contractor killed in Iraq.
i don't know what to do now, my curiosity propelled me to find the video on this internet thing and now i just feel sick to my stomach. I just wanted to share my feelings. I don't understand why these killers had to treat the hostage like an animal? Why not give the man a little bit of respect and let him stand up and defend himself? it just makes me so sad that we are all fucking human beings, yet some have to kill others on video the way you might slaughter an animal, and use this as some recruitment ad or threat.

this may have happened elsewhere also, if the war in Iraq had not occurred. Perhaps al-queida would have done this on the 11th of may to remind us of their jihad, even withouth the added bonus of iraq.

i feel like everything i do is so insignificant now, my papers, my tests, ect. I can't change the world though, i have to live my life, but this REALLY bothers me just thinking of how precious my throat is attached where it is and my freedom to move my hands and feet and fight off an attacker. I wish i could just reach through and give him one hand to help fight with, i just want to help him.

so i just said a prayer for him while i kept pausing it, but then i just watched it all, and now it hurts me really deep inside. that real kind of feeling.

no wait there is something more sick they could do! I just remembered a little 2yr old i saw yesterday and how much fun she was having living her life, just running 10 feet. there is so much to life and living that those people who made that video can't touch. no matter how gruesome they get, they can't take away that victims family and life and memories.

i don't do anything really to help my community or engage in any local process, to help the world. i will feel better if i could find some way to help, like joining the marines and fighting their in Iraq.

part of my wants revenge for the lack of honor these killers showed, and their cruelty. but i realize that having a sniper take out those 4-5 killers is not the answer, that sniper would have to get those killers to take off their masks and sit down at a table and talk. they should be punished for their murder but just killing more people seems really primitive.

Is there anyway that collectively some people might start a campaign of just sitting and talking about things? Like i do when i have personal problems, i can go and talk with a counselor, well then we could have world counselors that world leaders must go and talk to when they are feeling down. this seems to simple and impracticle but how did we get from one single species to so many warring and disagreeing people? wait, we have always been this way though. so this guy nick Berg is just an end result of human history. a human history of warfare and slaughter.

maybe. i am very optimistic though that their is good in all people that are mentally stable, good as in when they see a 2 yr old running and living they see what life is. And if this is true then all killing that occurs in humanity wouldn't have to be, if enough people believed this. the dali lama came to portland awhile back and left me at the convention center with this feeling of myself being able to make a difference in the world- for world peace!
That is what we dream of when we are little kids but then somewhere growing up we don't think we can do it anymore.... but so many have left such a big impact on the world. just single individual efforts.. all having all-star performances in changing the world.

history is fun too. if you look at 1097 when the first crusade took place, and then jump ahead to 2004 it is just kind of fun. its interesting how much cultures can hate each other, but then i can play a game of soccer with the very same culture without too much of a problem. But to be politically correct i have to be carefull when i get angry at the player on the field who is arab, to be carefull not to refer to the world trade center as a reason for his fouling me. i have this feeling sometimes though, this wondering what i did to have to feel so uncomfortable when talking about religion or the world with this arab person? To me i already have this preconcieved notion that he is going to be defensive, embarrassed, angry, or anything else uncomfortable.

it is the same with turkish players too... i don't know what it is. i don't get a welcome feeling from them really, not a real one. just an outside their interior circle of friends feeling. like they are throwing me a bone and i should be so honored to be near that circle or on their team.

maybe this is how ideologies form . just from everyday interactions. i could develop and distrust in arabs and someday become elected or make my influence felt... who knows. i should correct myself too, as i take special regard for the saudis that i see and know of. even hearing discontent from other arabs towards them.

sorry to write so much.... i feel better now.. if anyone wants to share what they felt about the video please do, i would appreciate it. sorry if i offended anyone, just feeling overwhelmed by what i witnessed and i fear for my own safety now... or really i fear that i am too much of an optimistic person and this whole bigger thing than i is just going to crush me. what i honestly feel is that i want an answer from someone or a solution to this problem, somebody please help me understand or vent with me. help me see what it is there that might help this sick feeling inside me go away..... i don't like feeling hate... i like the little cheeks of a smiling mini-soccerplayer. and what can i do to help get more people to feel the opposite of what i am feeling now?

that is something i would volunteer for right away for sure, no worries... i am hereby officially starting my own "dali lama cool lets make the world a better place club!" contact me to join my peace sharing club and we can go distribute pictures around town of something good occurring in the world. or better yet we could focus on some really sad parts or people in town and help lift them up by showing them babies !

i think i need some help now from something more physical...... good bye for now.
Another Whitehouse Production 12.May.2004 07:10

Perfect Timing

The killing was a smoke-screen. The Bush Administration are masters at that. BTW, the bombs in Spain were set by the U.S. to try to sway the elections there, which failed. And the Japanese hostages were taken by goons that work for the U.S. to try to sway the electons in Japan; it actually worked in that case.

Did you notice that the men standing next to Berg were fidgetting? Middle Easterners don't fidget. That is a Western and especially an American trait.

Mr. Berg's death 12.May.2004 07:13

Just a dumb old country boy vet.

To psustudent:

Those that beheaded Mr. Berg are no different than those that drove planes into the WTC, the Pentagon, or who crashed Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. They are no different than those who bombed the train(s) in Spain, the plain that crashed in Lockerbie Scotland, the diskotech (sic) bombing and other places around the world. They are all of the same mindset. Murders all they are. If you do not conform to there way of thinking, then you must die. No exceptions. Remember the little 2 year old girl, she's on their list to. Why? Because she isn't wearing a Burkah (sic). You say "there is so much to life and living that those people who made that video can't touch ..." Wrong, they touch it every day.

You don't believe this? You speak fondly of history. Well, study it. Learn from it. History teaches us compassion for murders begets murder. Remember "piece in our time"? That war cost us about 52 million people.

That sniper you say is not the answer, "he is the answer." He is your first line of defense. He is fighting this war and killing murders for the freedoms of you, that 2 year old girl and every other man, woman, and child in the civilized world. Furthermore, he asks not that you honor him, he asks only that you support and respect him and his fellow solders. That, you can do without leaving you living room.

If you and the people of this great nation fail in this endeavor, you will be fighting these murders on the streets, in the malls, in the churches, the synagogues, and in your living room.

Your "dali lama cool lets make the world a better place club" ain't gona get it boy.

I agree that you are dumb 12.May.2004 07:17

go shoot yourself

Try using the word "murderers", it helps to clarify.

Perfect Timing: False allegations equal stupidity! 12.May.2004 07:59

Just a dumb old country boy vet.

To Perfect Timing:

And you can prove your allegations no doubt. Yea right!

People like you are a real piece of work. You give me at least one good laugh a day. I bet you even believe in the Tooth Fairy. That brown lump under your pillow ain't a quarter pinhead. Hell, I doubt if you could tell the difference between a widget a "fidget" and a French bidet (that's where the brown quarter goes).

Well, we know one thing Toto. This ain't Kansas and Perfect Timing ain't the Wizard of OZ. Some people's children are just plain morons with no hope or desire to come out of the dark depths of stupidity.

Murderers 12.May.2004 08:18

Just the same old dumb country boy vet.

Murderers, picky aren't you now. Were I go the likes of you fear to tread you purblind pinhead.

and just out of curiosity, where IS the worst glory hole in Arkansas then? 12.May.2004 08:37


and it's spelled "where".

Where did 12.May.2004 08:39


get your dictionary dumb vet, Trolls r' us?

to "just a dumb country boy vet" 12.May.2004 08:39


Funny, you don't talk like a vet. You talk like some typical freeper armchair warrior. If you are, then you really are dumb, talking such a good line of shit for a "great nation" that stopped caring about you when you stopped being useful in a combat capacity. "Were (sic) I go the likes of you fear to tread", ain't you scary. Listen up, Slick. Thanks to this "great nation" and soldiers like the ones at Abu Ghraib, we probably will end up fighting those murderers here. If they hated us before, then they're good and pissed now; see, that happens when you take someone's dignity away and try to use that to scare other people like them. But hey, you're so damn smart, you probably knew that all ready.

Another World is Possible 12.May.2004 09:02


Re above posts:

Neither sentimentality nor ad hominem snarling will resolve the problem of killing. Since our founding myths (Cain and Abel, for example) involve killing for the glory of God, it is probably fair to assume that that behavior is pretty entrenched in our psyche. Maybe "genetic"-- the modern justification for everything we don't want to face. But human beings have free will, we have intelligence, we have-- if we want it-- a sense of history and a capacity to project into the future. We can transcend our genes.

People kill each other for various reasons-- and they always think the reason is good, maybe even directed by God. The people who are killed, and their relatives, generally disagree. Not much of the killing that goes on during a typical day is really the sort of "sexual pervert kills 8-year old after brutally abusing him" sort of thing (that maybe we could make a case for capital punishment for)-- though that exists also. Enough to keep the argument alive-- but not enough to justify all the killing of killers and mothers and children of killers that goes on all the time.

But one thing is clear to me-- the "dumb old vet" who wants to kill all the killers-- and his many brothers and sisters, who by the way, include Arabs and Hindus and Afghanis and Indonesians etc., etc., who also believe they have important scores to settle, and important killers to kill to prevent more killing-- That line of thought has had about 10,000 years of recorded history, and has produced the heaps of rubble and corpses around the world that we see every day on our "news." Not an answer.

My favorite historical example of the indominability of human culture is the Basque. They lived in Europe prior to the Indo-European invasions; long, long before the Romans. They have been exterminated and pushed aside for thousands of years-- and they are still "terrorists"-- blamed unfairly just a few weeks ago for the Madrid bombings. None of the "terrorist" groups is ever going to go away as long as they believe in themselves-- and that appears to be forever.

Obviously psustudent is on to something-- "Another World is Possible." And it will be possible when we give up dreams of world domination and create coherent communities of people where we live. And when we give up ideas like "revenge". As Gandhi says: "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

On the other hand, we have to be willing to put our lives and our treasure on the line for peace-- just as "dumb old vet" is willing to do it for war.

I refer you to SOAWATCH-- there is a group willing to die for peace:  http://www.soaw.org/new/article.php?id=100

Was it Really al-CIA'da, or Could it Have Been ansar-al-Mossad? 12.May.2004 09:40


Forget about Usama. Forget about Saddam. It's this Zarqawi fellow that really hates your freedom and is out to get you. 'Perfect Timing', how dare you ridicule such a brilliant hoax. I guess the effort to cut off funding of terra is really paying off. Apparently, they don't even have 50 bucks left between them to buy a halfway decent used camcorder.

'My name is Zarqawi and I work for al-CIA'da. My hobbies are: ripping babies from incubators and evil doing. I know I have a scarf covering my face, but it really IS me. You can tell because I said so, plus look at the title of my latest video. It is called 'Zarqawi Chops American Head Off'. What more proof do you need?'

For another article on the ongoing Zarqawi hoax, see:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/04/286817.shtml

In all fairness 12.May.2004 09:52

Jake Dunn

Hope you didn't forget to pray for the 600 or so innocent Iraqi civilians gunned down in Fallujah, or did you miss that because the media didn't show you any pictures of dead babies or old ladies shot in the back? Maybe you were still praying for the families of the 4 American contractors killed before the 600 innocent Iraqis. I'm glad the smokescreen worked on you though, at least the poor bastard didn't die in vain - now we all have proof that the tortured Iraqi detainees are associated with Al Queda, so they were only getting what they deserved, right? (nevermind that the Red Cross reported that about 90% of the people detained are innocent). Hell, there are even people on this forum advocating gunning down a few more Arabs just to make sure the score is even. Did you ever stop for a moment and listen to yourselves? You wonder why the conflict is escalating. Did you ever try viewing an issue from both sides? I've met Likud Party members with more of an open mind than you people.

Berg was a Mercenary - 12.May.2004 10:20

not even a US soldier or vet


thanks for sharing psustudent 12.May.2004 10:24

me too

I know, I just feel totally helpless and I don't know what to do. I'm sick that we're all so fucking sick. It's poison, this hatred.

I cry just to think about the poor man who was beheaded, just as I cry to imagine the pain of the people held in the prisons by American soldiers, and all those Iraqi people savagely attacked by Americans in MY name. So much evil is in the world. What can we do? There must be something.

The End Is Now 12.May.2004 10:39

Old tricks not workin'

The "beheading" smoke-screen is not working! Yes!

BTW...a newly severed head would still twitch and the mouth and eyes would still move for up to 30 seconds...nice try...fake head. You think I'm fooled by that slasher movie shit? You have John Carpenter working for you W? You get that head from the set of "Sleepy Hollow". I'm sorry but my sense of reality is not that blurred.

The first post is a plant. It is obvious that person is not writing from the heart...college vocab with junior high grammar? We are to feel that this person has been so disturbed by what they saw that they were thrown back to some child-like la la land "please don't hurt me Mr. Terrorist! Rummy help me!" Gimme a break.

"Vet", fuck yourself.

Duh 12.May.2004 10:50

i'm smarter than you think

Al Queda = Bush Co.


It's the mafia on a world wide level.

"Give us some protection money and we'll keep those rag heads out of your house."

It's a racket.

Anybody who defends any actions by the U.S. are admitting they are idiots.

Key Which Reveals Original "psu" Post as AGENT PROVOCATEUR 12.May.2004 11:15


"i feel like everything i do is so insignificant now, my papers, my tests, ect. [sic]"

--yeah, RI-I-II-GHT . . .

Parents blame Bush for son's execution 12.May.2004 11:27

Joshua Chaffin

"That's really what cost my son his life, the fact that the United States government saw fit to keep him in custody for 13 days without any of his due process or civil rights" -- Mr Berg

Parents of a UScontractor executed by Islamic militants in Iraq are blaming the Bush administration for his death, saying that US authorities had contributed to the tragedy by unlawfully detaining their son for nearly two weeks before his disappearance.

Michael Berg claimed yesterday that his son, Nick, was held by US authorities without access to a telephone or lawyer because of suspicions that he was an insurgent or terrorist. By the time he was finally released in early April, according to Mr Berg, the security situation had so deteriorated that it was difficult for him to make his way home.

Berg's Family Firm Was on FREEPER "Enemies" List 12.May.2004 11:54


Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing FREEPER 'Enemies' List

12 May 2004
Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing 'Enemies' List

The family firm of beheaded American Nick Berg, was named by a conservative website in a list of 'enemies' of the Iraq occupation. That could explain his arrest by Iraqi police --a detention which fatally delayed his planned return from Iraq and may have led directly to his death.

Nick Berg, 26 disappeared into incommunicado detention after his arrest by Iraqi police in March, 2004. He vanished again after his release 13 days later. His body was found last Saturday in Baghdad, and a video of his beheading --supposedly by a radical Islamic group-- was posted on the Internet on Tuesday.

The official story of his gruesome murder has many dubious aspects, not least the real reason why Iraqi police detained the young man at a checkpoint. New research by BreakForNews has uncovered a plausible explanation.

The FreeRepublic.com web site and forum has a reputation for right-wing views, often fanatical Republican and relentless pro-war activism.

On 7th March, 2004, just three weeks before the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, an 'enemies' list of anti-war groups and individuals was posted on the Free Republic forum.

It began: "Here you are, FReepers. Here is the enemy."

The list had been copied from publicly available endorsements of a call to action for an imminent anniversary antiwar protest on 20th March, 2004. The protest was being organized under the banner of the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism).

Among those listed as having endorsed the call to action was this entry: "Michael S. Berg, Teacher, Prometheus Methods Tower Service, Inc."

That's Nick Berg's father, Michael who acts as business manager for his son in their family radio communications firm, Prometheus Methods Tower Service.

Both father and son cared deeply about Iraq. But they were on opposite sides of opinion  http://www.centredaily.com/mld/centredaily/sports/horse_racing/kentucky_derby/8638882.htm on the occupation --though you would never know that from reading the New York Times.  http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/12/national/12berg.html?ex=1084939200&en=b9ec546772afcab3&ei=5062&partner=GOOGLE

Muntaa al-Ansar website? 12.May.2004 12:57


Can anyone find the Muntada al-Ansar website?

Not that I can read arabic or care to see a snuff film, but

- the circumstances of Nick Berg's disappearance are suspicious

- despite publications worldwide repeatedly citing the "Muntada al-Ansar" website
in reference to the decapitation and claims of credit for the bombings in
Riyadh and the oil terminal in Basra, not one (including al-jazeera) provides
a link.

Does this website exist? And why won't the major search engines return it?

General response 12.May.2004 16:10

Just the dumb old country boy vet again

O Tom, can you name one "dead terrorist" that killed again? No you can't. What, no fairy dust in your up your nose? And "Old tricks not working." If your so sure its a fake, why not go the funeral and see for your self. You might even take your old Brownie camera and take a picture. Be sure to stand next to the coffin so we here in the real world will know just who lost his head. Just put yours in your arm pit. Better yet take "skeptic" to hold it.

Skullhunter? Yea right. I bet the yellow streak down your back is so wide it makes a 6 lane freeway look like a dirt road. People like you are never hard to trail. One just needs to use the nose (and ware hip boots).

Sometimes its refreshing to read the mighty works of a bunch of sick malcontents whose sum total I.Q. doesn't reach the speed limit in a school zone. Please get a vasectomy or your tubes tied ASAP. Theirs way to may of you airheads breathing my air, wasting good food and polluting the gene pool.

at least you acknowlege that you're dumb 12.May.2004 16:30


That saves us the trouble of having to inform you. Dead terrorists cannot fight back, but their friends, family, and communities can. Other people who are enraged by the actions of the US can and are fighting back. Many more will join them if the US does not change its policies. That's why the insugency against the US will continue to increase and atrocities in the future will make these seem pale in comparison. We have been warned, for years, by the intelligence community and those who study terrorism that the current foreign policy in the US will increase the number and severity of terrorist acts against the US. People who are too dumb to understand will reap what they have sown. Every "war on terrorism" has been a miserable failure; this one will be no different. In the end most people will understand that; it's just a question of how soon they become disgusted by what is happening. And by the looks of things that will be much sooner rather than much later. The US military is already talking about giving control of Iraq back to Hussein's generals. Apparently they realize it's time to cut and run. The question is, will those who are profiting immensely from the war have any reason to listen? Or will they keep spending US lives and tax payer dollars for billions of dollars in profits?

We have all been warned. We have all been given the opportunity to learn from history. If we cannot change our course we will be thinking back to these incidents as "the good old days".

After a senseless bloodbath, what's the next big thing? 12.May.2004 17:04

Pravda or Consequences

God, where are you when we need you?

"Treated like an animal..." 12.May.2004 18:15


psustudent said >> "I don't understand why these killers had to treat the hostage like an animal? it just makes me so sad that we are all fucking human beings, yet some have to kill others on video the way you might slaughter an animal..."

Is that to say that it's some how acceptable to torture and senselessly kill animals, whereas a human life is more valuable? I know that you probably meant no harm by the remarks, but I'm tired of hearing people using such phrases, acting as thought animals are so vastly inferior to humans and that it's ok to inflict pain on them.

Niether act is acceptable. I don't want to see any animal (including humans) come to harm. Animals deserve as many protections to not have violence acted upon them as we do.

Give them the same kind of death 12.May.2004 20:42

Mad as hell

If they ever catch these animals they should
give them the same kind of death they gave to that
poor boy.
They are nothing but COWARDS, if they are so brave they should have showed their

I feel bad for Nick Bergs family, thats for sure 12.May.2004 22:27


I didn't watch the video, but I had pictures of his head shoved in my face courtesy of indymedia. I watched a video out of curiousity a few years ago of some russian soldiers hacking off a chechnians head. I don't ever think I'll forget that horrible gurgle-ish scream.

I really feel bad for his parents though, having to break down on their lawn with a crowd of photographers snapping up every awful mooment for distribution and sale.

Honestly though, I feel just as bad for the parents of people who lost family members in Iraq, regardless of nationality. We don't see them on t.v., just in the bowels of the internet.

The old vet-tard or whatever he calls himself above is just fooling himself if he thinks the 911 terrorists or the animals that chopped off Nick Bergs head are morally any better than air force pilots that can rest easy in the fact that they won't have to see the aftermath of dismemberment they will cause when striking a civilian target. Dead is dead and the fact is, the kill ratio is completely in our favor (if you want to look at it that way).

show their faces? 12.May.2004 22:42

disgusted with the thread

Yes... They should show their faces like the brave NWO riot squads did in Miami earlier this year. Get fucking real. Does it really matter who fucking cut this guys head off? The end result is still the same.

Hey vet 13.May.2004 00:29


Careful man, I'm sure there can't be too many colloquialisms you haven't used yet, you're going to run out before long. As far as any yellow streak down my back, I rest assured in the knowledge that you're dead wrong. See, I used to be on your side of the fence a long time ago, so I know all about what people like you call courage. That's why I turned my back on it.

"Hi" - INTERESTING that you mention RUSSIAN . . . 13.May.2004 00:41

latest update

Russian accent?
By Starroute, DU

"...The terrorists in Berg's beheading video are communicating to each other in Russian ! One of them tells to the executioner who was cutting Berg's head: "Davay pozhivee !" meaning "Do it quicker !", or "Hurry up !" in pure unaccented Russian. Initially, I thought I was the only one who noticed it, but other Russian speakers confirmed it as well independently from me. So, who actually killed Berg ? BTW, "Allah o Akbar" they pronounce not with Arabic, but with a Russian-like accent. Also, their demeanor was not Arabic at all, but resembles that of people from the North Caucasus. Those were not Arabs ! "

spin that severed rubber head 13.May.2004 01:16

make it look anywhere but at bush

and, um, could someone please give me a few descriptive words about the world famous characteristic demeanor of persons from the North Caucauses?

or tell me why russian phrases are spoken in "pure, unaccented" russian and arabic phrases are spoken with a "Russian-like" accent? is arabic just hard for russians to speak, or has someone memorized several critical lines from two languages both outside their native tongue...?

you know, the kind of lines that real russians wouldn't be dumb enough to put in there if they wanted us to think it were someone other than them- kind of makes the masks pointless, don't it?

more like someone wanted it to look like russians are the default fall guys? two groups in one, two groups to blame besides the FBI/CIA (don't make me bring up operation northwood again, hmmm?), but oh gawd wouldn't that give bush a war boner to start some rumbles about bringing back the cold war. invest all your money in weapons, quick.

" russians are the default fall guys" 13.May.2004 01:31

spin cycle

the point is,

it could have been Russian agents or mujaheddin operatives from numerous groups in Central Asia. when you're dealing with covert operations, paths and channels cross and run parallel in multiple contexts . . .

but it doesn't "point away" from BushCo orchestration. they're the ones who TIMED this video release.

Courage? 13.May.2004 09:29

Just the old country boy vet again.

Skullhunter, there is no way you could have been on my "side of the fence." It is obvious from you posts and your implied beliefs/convictions that you have neither the balls, the brains, the intellect, nor the instinct to have been in or attached to my unit (except maybe for latrine detail). I include instinct because you are on this site catering to its lower tastes and desires. To put it another way, you left the real world for a benign tumor i.e. the world of conspiratorial fiction. You pollywogs up in the Northwest ain't a gona be in the hunt sonny boy. You'll would not welcome in any foxhole. That person's life might depend on you'll and you'll ain't got what it takes.

Why Old Blue's got more common sense than what's on this site. He doesn't follow the trail of a senseless air headed immature malcontent with characteristics of schizophrenia and bad BO.

Excellent examples are the immature malcontents who thinks the be-headers are speaking in Russian!!! And, the administration "TIMED this video release," give me a break. They wouldn't know Russian if they were camped on the Volga. With statements like this one as to wonder just what asylum these hotheads escaped from and just how much fairy dust are these people taking?

Skullhunter, obviously your weren't good enough to be used for tube swabbing even in your baby diapers but you seem to think your some kinda big patriot. Well, I think your an impotent momma's boy whose Beemer is on the fritz. Maybe someday you can get up the gumption to come down here to the good old South and learn what a real man is.

By not rebutting the stupidity expressed on this site you are pandering to this bunch Skullhunter. You have willingly chosen to forgo the simplest of logic and allow someone else to do your thinking for you. That's not courage. Turning your back is exactly what you did and it stinks of "Yellow."

Berg's Choice 13.May.2004 11:04

Cheney Watch

Berg went to Iraq of his own volition, looking for a job (he didn't even have the promise of one to go to when he arrived and the whole trip was apparently a waste anyway because he couldn't find work there) and looking to profit in the "rebuilding" of Iraq.

He wasn't an enlisted man who had no choice but to be there. He wasn't a National Guard member who found himself in a place he never expected to be. He CHOSE to go there, lured by the promise of profit, knowing that there was high risk involved.

The beheading was a terrible thing and it should never have happened to anybody, but Berg put himself in harm's way when he could have stayed in the US or gone to any number of other countries seeking work.

I swear, Iraq is beginning to look more and more like a space station infested by avoracious Ferengi.

Berg And His Father On FReeper HATE LIST 13.May.2004 14:54

Documented Quotes

An Internet hate group called "Free Republic" targeted Nick Berg's father and company on an enemies list two weeks before the son was detained by Iraqi police. The son was subsequently kidnapped and beheaded, allegedly by Islamic terrorists.

Two weeks before Nicolaus Berg, the American beheaded in Iraq, was picked up by Iraqi police, a right-wing hate group calling itself Free Republic published an internet a  http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1092851/posts";>hit list of "enemies" with the avowed purpose of harassing and harming individuals on the list. The list was copied from an online petition supporting a March 20, 2004 demonstration sponsored by the anti-war group ANSWER. It included the name of Michael S. Berg and listed his affiliation as Prometheus Methods Tower Services, Inc.

Tactics discussed by the right-wingers included circulating the names to employers, the FBI and the military in anticipation of causing them "serious grief." One participant stated, "I sure do hope to see a round of hangings soon." The larger Free Republic site abounds with apocalyptic imagery, frequent calls for genocide against Muslims and Arabs and expressions of adoration for US President George W. Bush.

"Here you are, FReepers." wrote 'doug from upland,' the instigator of the enemies list, , "Here is the enemy. Working in conjunction with A.N.S.W.E.R., they have given us their names. How about this one --- Jameel Rashid, U.S. Coast Guard, Portsmouth, VA. Well, sailor. I guess it is time for me to call your commanding officer and see what he thinks about this."

"Less [sic] we forget," replied 'bmwcycle,' "Everyone send this to Rush, Sean, Fox, and everyone you can e-mail this list. Don't stop until everyone has a copy."

The tone of discussion on the topic, which initially continued from March 7 to March 12 2004, may be summarized by the following comments:

"The poor moron is not going to know what hit him."

"2000 piles of puke on the floor, representing the who's who of the world of stench."

"Ah, too bad we don't have some pictures so we could make up a rogues gallery of some of the individuals."

"Turn on the full volume idiot alert with red strob [sic] light. This is priceless ---"

"I only wish this putz worked for me. I can assure you, he would rue the day his mother delivered him."

Discussion on the list had played itself out by March 12, totalling 269 messages. Then on May 11 it resumed with the message, "The guy who was beheaded was on this list. He was also arrested by Iraqi police and held in an Iraqi prison for a few weeks before he was kidnapped. I think they treated him better in the prison than the kidnappers did." This was followed by a correction, "Michael S. Berg, Teacher, Prometheus Methods Tower Service, Inc.," I believe this is the father of Nick Berg - I wonder what he thinks about his Muslim buddies now..."

One respondent to the message, "'He won't blame the Islamofascist bastards. He will blame the president'... and he has," expressed a desire to "spit in the face" of Michael Berg. It was deleted by the list moderator, (comment #275).

Another relayed the information that the FReeper enemies list was being mentioned in connection with Nick Berg's murder.

"Did you know FreeRepublic is being partially blamed for Nick Bergs beheading?" Asked one participant.

A subsequent message sought to disown any possible culpability, "FR just copied a list. Whoever put the list together in the first place is in the mix too." Two messages, their senders apparently struck by conscience or public relations savvy, quickly offered obligatory, if mixed, expressions of magnanimity: "My heart and prayers go out to the Berg family, and Mr. Berg's friends. My prayers also go, daily, to our fightig [sic] men and women, and that God will strike our enemies senseless." "My prayers are for the Berg family and friends also. Regardless of their politics they are parents and I have sympathy for what they must be going through. It has to be heart wrenching.

The last comment on the list, as of 4:10 am on May 13 complained, "Now we at Freerepublic are responsible for Berg's death-because of this thread?" But perhaps the answer to that had already appeared, two messages earlier with presumably unintentional irony: "When is the last time you saw someone on the political right do property damage or deliberately injure someone? When do we call for the death of anyone other than our enemies?"