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Double Life of Don Rumsfeld?

excerpts from article by the progressive leftist John Nichols [read the entire piece  http://www.commondreams.org/views04/0511-10.htm for context] on why Rumsfeld should resign, illuminating an interesting historical relationship of his (but obviously his relationships with Cheney, etc. got the best of him) . . .
Cheney and Rumsfeld 1975
Cheney and Rumsfeld 1975
[excerpted from]
Rumsfeld Should Quit a Sinking Ship
by John Nichols
Capital Times / Madison, Wisconsin

. . .

Unlike the rest, Rumsfeld has some history of actually thinking for himself.

Unlike Bush, Cheney and the rest, Rumsfeld excelled as a student, served honorably in the military, got himself elected to Congress by age 30 and then worked creatively - and without indictments - for a succession of Republican presidents. Don't get me wrong, I disagree with most of the policies that Rumsfeld pushed along the way, and with many of his decisions about who to work with.

But Rumsfeld often showed himself to be open to ideas and honest debate. In the 1960s, one of his best friends in Washington was Allard Lowenstein, the anti-war activist who briefly served in the House with Rumsfeld. Though Rumsfeld was never an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War, it is well documented that he was one of the few people in Richard Nixon's inner circle who raised serious questions about that failed and foolish mission.

After the war was done, when he served as Gerald Ford's White House chief of staff, Rumsfeld actually asked Lowenstein, a liberal Democrat, to join the administration. Lowenstein, who had a falling out with his old friend in 1970, rejected the offer. But Rumsfeld's interest in pushing the political envelope was commendable. It was, as well, consistent with his more open-minded approach to politics and government.

It is that side of his past that Rumsfeld should embrace. He should quit this sick house of an administration and, like former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, he should speak openly about what is wrong inside the White House. Bush, Cheney, Powell, Wolfowitz and the rest are incapable of self-reflection, let alone intellectual honesty. But there has always been more to Rumsfeld. He has the capacity to understand that this president and his minions are steering the United States dramatically off course.

homepage: homepage: http://www.commondreams.org/views04/0511-10.htm

if rumsfeld ever had a soul 12.May.2004 01:37

he sold it a long time ago

he may have been able to think for himself at one time in his life. whether he still does is irrelevant because donald rumsfeld has no excuse for his role in the policies of the current american regime. if he cannot think for himself, he has no business being in such a powerful position.

i tend to think that this is what rumsfeld has always wanted. to be in charge of the final looting and pillaging of america and to run the show when america launches its holy war against the world's muslims and people of color.

i admittedly have not read the complete article at commondreams. i don't want to. i just want to relish the thought of rumsfeld burning in hell with the rest of his lot.

what a scumbag.

Good article, thanks for posting 12.May.2004 01:39


There's no doubt Rumsfeld is a smart man. He handles a press conference like no other. I'd like to see him bail on the president, what a spectacle that would be.

When I was watching him during the hearing last friday, there was a point where the questions he was being asked had begun to concern the president. I was watching this guy sitting behind him, just because he looked like susc a snobby prick. When Rumsfeld started to answer questions by saying that the questions should be directed to the white house or the president, I noticed the snobby pricks body language began to look quite distressed. He was sighing and looked upset and worried. His body language seemed to be saying, "don't you even go there, you better watch what you say". It really stood out to me.

The man in the background, I later found out was Dr. Stephen Cambone, DoD undersecretary for intelligence. I don't know if the Senators conducting the hearing picked up on his body language at all, but at one point they actually had him come forward and swear himself in. He had to stand and answer a few questions.

Yesterday, the senate held more hearings. Who were the stars? General Taguba and undersecretary Cambone. They sure didn't see eye to eye either. This guy seems like a real snake to me.

The transcript of the Taguba / Cambone testimony can be found at  http://www.antiwar.com/news/?articleid=2550

It's a pretty interesting read, I strongly suggest people take a look at it.

Intent was definitely not to imply Rumsfeld is "soulful" 12.May.2004 01:50


just thought the Nichols piece shed light on a curious political relationship from Rumsfeld's past.

quite obviously, after two separate stints as U.S. Secretary of Defense, corporate CEO, Hussein/Bechtel Aqaba oil pipeline, Iraq WMD sales and disavowal, ABB/North Korea nuclear reactor sales, etc. the guy has irrevocably become part of the Evil Empire.

also, Nichols' speculation is that of a leftist pundit (and there are "rightist" pundits simultaneously doing the same) trying to make a "political" case for Rumsfeld's pink slip, when Rummy's ties to the Regime go far beyond simple "politics" or "left/right" leanings.

Boris - more on "snake" Stephen Cambone 12.May.2004 02:10


yes, I also watched the entire Senate questioning of Rumsfeld, with Cambone squirming in the background (he was later sworn in). Cambone is Rummy's closest aide, and perhaps because of that closeness is reputed to be widely disliked within the "mainstream" Pentagon beltway.

I can't precisely remember - and the link is currently down because this video movie is homepage-archived at the just-disabled  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/05/288196.shtml InformationClearingHouse website - but either Cambone or Douglas Feith (they both look similar with glasses on) feature prominently in a Pentagon presentation made during this 48-minute Dutch documentary on The Carlyle Group:


Rummy was indeed once acceptable to public life 12.May.2004 09:27

Teddy Ruxpin

But that was long ago. Powell was once a decent man, but that was long ago. Many federal agents were once honest, but that too has come to pass.

But Bush, Ashcroft, Cheney and the US Government have pretty much always been evil.

Powell was once a decent man? 12.May.2004 16:37


When was that? Before, or after his Mi Lai whitewash?