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government selection 2004

Bush, Kerry tied in Oregon

Nader gets 5 percent.
Center for Public Opinion & Democracy
May 11, 2004

Bush, Kerry Tied In Oregon

(CPOD) May 11, 2004 - The state of Oregon has no clear frontrunner in the 2004 United States presidential race, according to a poll by American Research Group. 45 per cent of respondents would vote for Republican incumbent George W. Bush, while 45 per cent would choose prospective Democratic nominee John Kerry.

Independent candidate Ralph Nader garners the support of five per cent of respondents. The election is scheduled for Nov. 2.

Democrat Al Gore carried Oregon's seven electoral votes in the 2000 presidential election, defeating Bush by 6,765 ballots. The last Republican to win the state was Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Polling Data

What candidate would you vote for in the 2004 U.S. presidential election?
George W. Bush (R)

John Kerry (D)

Ralph Nader (I)


Source: American Research Group
Methodology: Telephone interviews to 600 likely Oregon voters, conducted from May 3 to May 5, 2004. Margin of error is 4 per cent.
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