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Dignity Village kicks off natural building project!

Dignity Village has started construction on 10 new dwelling spaces. The houses feature natural and green building features such as light-straw-clay insulation, passive solar elements and rainwater catchment.
Saturday May 8th found Dignity Village kicking off the construction of 10 new light-straw-clay structures at the Village. Five of the new dwelling spaces will be constructed during the Village Building Convergence 4 (May 21-30, see  http://www.cityrepair.org). The structures are framed with salvaged recycled building materials and feature natural light straw clay insulation, as well as passive solar features and rooftop rainwater harvesting.

Come on down to the Village this Sunday (May 16th) 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or during the VBC4 to lend a hand or simply observe this unique construction technique.

Also, please consider donating some material. To complete the project the Village needs many 2x4s, 2x6s and 2x8s plus sheets of plywood, nails, wood screws and tools such as electric drills, saws and hammers.

See you at the Village! Viva Dignity!

homepage: homepage: http://outofthedoorways.org/
phone: phone: 503.281.1604
address: address: 9325 N.E. Sunderland Avenue

photos! 11.May.2004 23:25


Here's some photos:

one more photo 11.May.2004 23:30


here's another photo of the nearly completed south wall, with forms removed

You people rock! 12.May.2004 00:13


My hat is off to you. This is a nice article to read after seeing things on PIMC tonight, that I'd rather not have. What your doing is going to mean a world of difference to some folks. My own brother has mental problems and has been on the streets through 10 winters now in Seattle. I could only wish he could get access to shelter like you're providing. I'm not good at paying compliments, otherwise I'd probably go on with a couple more pages of praise.

Thanks for what you're doing!

Very Nice! 12.May.2004 09:43


Except those damn aluminum windows are ugly as all hell. Aren't there lots of old wood windows available?

Well done! 12.May.2004 15:02

Pleased for once.

This is wonderful. Positive, progressive, and practical.

begin other dignity villages elsewhere 12.May.2004 21:15


the concept of dignity village makes so much sense when looking at the rising rate of houseless people and simultaneous cutting of social services..

if people could live in a self made village with recycled material and grow food in a permaculture garden, then the problems of hunger and lack of shelter are solved simultaneously. we would also provide a healthy alternative to the dependency on genetically engineered/pesticide monculture agribusiness "food" that is often the only food lower income people can afford..

we need dignity villages in other communities, this summer Arcata (Humboldt CA) will be home to many travelers heading to the Rainbow Family Gathering near Shasta. This would be a good time for the beginnings of a permanent village where people can stay and feel at home..

the military gets billions of dollars to build missiles to bomb Iraqi civilians, yet public school budgets are cut and houseless people are kicked around by the police..

dignity villages let people have shelter, gardens and a home..

thank you dignity village 15.May.2004 23:28

tad tadspeace@yahoo.com

Thank you for all your work to help prove the sustainable shelter theory, that up until now has been just a dream. Though we in northern California don't have the benefit of the Wicks decision we now have dignity to point to as a model for our community. Also thank you for wining and dining our city council members, it helped a lot and brought dignity closer to the people of Arcata. Peace on Earth.

love eternal