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Nullifying Torturegate? The Case Nick Berg

Background Infos about the "Zarquawi-video"

http://www.iwar.org.uk/ ... video_iraq_hostage_beheading_terrorists_150_eng_11may04.jpg


INN World Report -May 12
By Ewing2001

In a "perfect timing", an unknown group tries to distract from Torturegate. It is linked to Ahmad Fadeel Nazal Al-Khalayleh, known as Abu Musa'ab Al-Zarqawi, who didn't show his face in this video

There is one problem. Al-Zarquawi is believed to be dead since April 2003, as AsiaTimes wrote 2 months ago:

"...For its part, the leadership of the Allahu Akbar Mujahideen - which includes plenty of Sunni resistance groups - circulated a leaflet in Fallujah dismissing the purported al-Zarqawi letter found on a computer disk by the US stating plans for provoking a sectarian war between Sunnis and Shi'ites.

The letter on the disk is described as "the fabricated al-Zarqawi memo", used by the Americans "to back up their theory of a civil war" in Iraq. In fact, the Mujahideen claim that Zarqawi was killed in the Sulaimaniyah Mountains in northeastern Kurdistan "during the American bombing" of Ansar al-Islam positions in late April 2003. Zarqawi, they claim, could not evade the bombing because of his artificial leg..."

The Circumstances of Berg's whereabouts since March 24th are unexplained either. According to Chicago Tribune (KRT) , "Iraqi security forces arrested Berg in late March at a checkpoint near Mosul, according to U.S. officials in Washington familiar with the case. Berg's parents said they did not hear from their son between March 24 and roughly April 8, according to court papers they filed in Pennsylvania last month..."

NY Times -May 12, 2004

An Islamist Web site posted a videotape on Tuesday showing the decapitation of an American in Iraq, in what the killers called revenge for the American mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

The Web site said the man who had carried out the beheading was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian militant linked to Al Qaeda who the Americans believe was behind some of the deadliest terrorist attacks here. "Sheik Abu Musab Zarqawi slaughters an American infidel with his hands and promises Bush more," read the title of the video. The Web site is operated by a group named Muntada al-Ansar, and often carries statements by Islamic militants.

The video shows a thin, bearded man, who identified himself as Nicholas Berg of West Chester, Pa., seated before a row of five masked men. Mr. Berg appeared to be wearing an orange jump suit similar to those issued to Iraqis in American-run prisoners here.

homepage: homepage: http://www.innworldreport.net

Nick would like to thank you for your concern! 11.May.2004 21:30


Comming soon to an neighborhood near you..

Got to hand it to people who make a mockery of others demise 11.May.2004 23:52


Using someone elses death to prop up your own puny ego; wow.

Personally, I don't think this story is distracting from shit. It's just another addition to the story to me, the story of human garbage. Human garbage torturing innocent people. Human garbage with no respect for life. Human garbage using others misery to pretend they don't belong to the human garbage club.

I think I pity you.

Believer or Not 12.May.2004 08:00

Bush blelieves this

I find this decapitation and the Noahide Laws somewhat disconcerting.

March 20, 1991 President Bush signed into law a Congressional Joint Resolution entitled, "A Joint Resolution To Designate March 26, 1991, As Education Day, USA". This joint resolution became Public Law 102-14. The title seems so innocuous that no one would think twice about it if they happened to just see it; however, this law is very sinister in its implications. What the law states is the international recognition of the Noahide Laws over all others. Supreme Court justices have even spoke on the influence of these laws in their court decisions.
Just check out what these laws say knowing that our government has signed a congressional joint resolution on this.
The penalty for a gentile violating any one of these Noahide Laws is spelled out on page 1192 of the Encyclopedia Judaica.
That penalty is decapitation.

What exactly is going on here?

For information on the Noahide Law

to "your concern" 12.May.2004 10:41

thank you


Daniel Pearl, ISI, CIA 12.May.2004 11:38


WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl made his last phone call from a Pakistani ISI office, and he was investigating ISI/CIA links and 911-the CIA/FBI have close links to the ISI.

Sy Hersh documented how the US let thousands of ISI/Taleban people fly out of besieged Kunduz to Pakistan in Dec, 2001.

Suspicious how both were in contact or custody of CIA related law enforcement before meeting their dismal fates.


Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing FREEPER 'Enemies' List 12.May.2004 11:57


12 May 2004
Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing 'Enemies' List

The family firm of beheaded American Nick Berg, was named by a conservative website in a list of 'enemies' of the Iraq occupation. That could explain his arrest by Iraqi police --a detention which fatally delayed his planned return from Iraq and may have led directly to his death.

Nick Berg, 26 disappeared into incommunicado detention after his arrest by Iraqi police in March, 2004. He vanished again after his release 13 days later. His body was found last Saturday in Baghdad, and a video of his beheading --supposedly by a radical Islamic group-- was posted on the Internet on Tuesday.

The official story of his gruesome murder has many dubious aspects, not least the real reason why Iraqi police detained the young man at a checkpoint. New research by BreakForNews has uncovered a plausible explanation.

The FreeRepublic.com web site and forum has a reputation for right-wing views, often fanatical Republican and relentless pro-war activism.

On 7th March, 2004, just three weeks before the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, an 'enemies' list of anti-war groups and individuals was posted on the Free Republic forum.

It began: "Here you are, FReepers. Here is the enemy."

The list had been copied from publicly available endorsements of a call to action for an imminent anniversary antiwar protest on 20th March, 2004. The protest was being organized under the banner of the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism).

Among those listed as having endorsed the call to action was this entry: "Michael S. Berg, Teacher, Prometheus Methods Tower Service, Inc."

That's Nick Berg's father, Michael who acts as business manager for his son in their family radio communications firm, Prometheus Methods Tower Service.

Both father and son cared deeply about Iraq. But they were on opposite sides of opinion  http://www.centredaily.com/mld/centredaily/sports/horse_racing/kentucky_derby/8638882.htm on the occupation --though you would never know that from reading the New York Times.  http://www.centredaily.com/mld/centredaily/sports/horse_racing/kentucky_derby/8638882.htm on the occupation --though you would never know that from reading the New York Times.  link to www.nytimes.com

skull & cross bones 12.May.2004 13:16


Has it really sunk to this? With Skull and Bones as the number one criminal mafia in operation today I guess their signature "order of death" is in full swing.

Beheading video 12.May.2004 18:35

Frankie Lee

I was wondering if this video is being circulated and if so where it is?

Latest Updates 12.May.2004 23:33


Latest Updates:

INN World Report Nullifying Torturegate? The Case Nick Berg


Berg worked at night on a Abu Ghraib tower

Boston Globe

Questions surround young American shown decapitated in video By Robert H. Reid, Associated Press, 5/12/2004 17:09

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) The young American decapitated on a videotape posted by an al-Qaida-linked Web site was never in U.S. custody despite claims to the contrary by his family, U.S. authorities said Wednesday.

...Berg was inspecting communications facilities, some of which were destroyed in the war or by looters. During his time in Iraq, he struggled with the Arabic language and worked at night on a tower in Abu Ghraib, a site of repeated attacks on U.S. convoys and the location of the notorious prison where U.S. soldiers abused Iraqi inmates.

His father, Michael Berg, told the AP that Michael's sister, now dead, married an Iraqi man named Mudafer, who became close to Nicholas. In one of the e-mails, Nicholas Berg describes going to the northern city of Mosul, where he introduced himself to Mudafer's brother, identified as Moffak Mustaffa. ''We got along splendidly,'' Berg wrote. ''We spent a few hours and I helped him establish an e-mail account.''

APNews -May 13

... in a Jan. 18 e-mail, Berg said his company had been announced as an approved subcontractor for a broadcast consortium awarded a contract for the U.S.-controlled Iraqi Media Network.

Berg's email at Yahoo Finance Groups

Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 12:35:16 -0400
From: "Mark Humphrey"
"...I received the following email message from Nick in early January:

I am taking photos - where allowed. It's actually pretty sad - I just got off one of two 320 meter monster towers in Abu Gharib (also home to the main political prison) which use to support most of Baghdad area's VHF and UHF. Both have been badly looted, including 4000 feet or more of flexible 6-1/8" heliax, two full 12X4 panel TV antennas, and even some structural members. I was also in the North as I mentioned, but here there wasn't as much damage. I'll definitely share some of these pix with you and others next time I'm in the area - I'd love to put together a little presentation for SBE or PAB in about six monthes after I've been on every site and fixed some of them..."

PrisonPlanet's analysis: Fishy Circumstances and Flawed Timelines Surround American's Beheading (05-12-04)

APFN-Analysis by Doctor Raul Castro Guevara, a surgeon and forensic expert in Mexico City

Russian accent?
By Starroute, DU

"...The terrorists in Berg's beheading video are communicating to each other in Russian ! One of them tells to the executioner who was cutting Berg's head: "Davay pozhivee !" meaning "Do it quicker !", or "Hurry up !" in pure unaccented Russian. Initially, I thought I was the only one who noticed it, but other Russian speakers confirmed it as well independently from me. So, who actually killed Berg ? BTW, "Allah o Akbar" they pronounce not with Arabic, but with a Russian-like accent. Also, their demeanor was not Arabic at all, but resembles that of people from the North Caucasus. Those were not Arabs ! "

Stickdog's Video analysis

13:45:47 (as the gross part begins) :

At this point, the leader, wearing a very dark head covering, is the one doing the carving. The only guy wearing a white head covering is on the far left of the screen, holding the victim down.

Then there is a edit at 13:46:33 that returns at 13:47:46 (a gap of about 1:13). At this point, a guy wearing a white head covering (who was last seen holding down the victim on the left of the screen for the leader/speaker who started out wearing a very dark head covering) suddenly "trades places" with the ostensible leader, and holds the victim's head up to the camera for all of us to enjoy. The camera timestamp then jumps from 13:47:52 back to 2:46:17 (and then back again quickly) while the guy wearing the white head covering continues to hold up the head like a trophy. Note that at no time after the head is held up do we see any terra'ists other than one wearing a white head covering.

So what happened? Why did our big, bad terra'ist leader require an obvious "stand in" to complete the filming?..."

people doubt this? 13.May.2004 12:42

dick weed

fucking idiots. yes, they edited the video to fake it all. they must have sowed his head back on when they were done too, & now he's back to work for the CIA again. obviously.

More timing concerns 13.May.2004 15:57


Apparently there were two cameras with almost an 11 hour difference on the time stamp.
Here's the sequence from one camera from what I can make out:
Begin: 2:18:43
End: 2:44:16

The other camera from what I can tell initially ends at 13:26:27, picks up again at 13:45:47-53
13-46:00-33 (the camera time jumps weirdly at 13:46)
End 13:47:46-52
Also, is it possible to have video that blurry nowadays? Lastly, if you can stomach it, keep a close eye on the victim's face as he gets pushed down. It seems to change from heavy to thin, and it looks like he loses the beard. Maybe I'm nuts but that's a lot of editing.

Re: More timing concerns 13.May.2004 22:37

Anon deux

Not only is there an obvious discrepency in the video but the audio track is continous and the edit occurs perfectly timed, right in between two "allah ackbars". I can't help but think this was done deliberately to create the illusion of continuity between the two shots.

New Updates 14.May.2004 02:27


The magic chair -the unwilling chain of oddities

INN World Report -May 14





Bizarroworld? : The Executors of Phil Berg used the same chair model in their video, filmed in front of a yellowish wall, similar to Abu Graibh, where Berg worked on a tower

May 14
by Ewing2001

In another disturbing coincidence, according to Phil Berg's father, his son met Zacarias Moussaoui, one of the official main suspects of the Sep11th attack. The FBI didn't reveal, how they knew about this connection. The father of Nick Berg, the American beheaded in Iraq, directly blamed George Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Thursday for his son's death

In another bizarre twist, Paul Wellstone's co-pilot, knew Moussaoui, too, as reported in 2002.

Al Jazeera picked up the oddities of the video, which had been analysed by many web bloggers last day. The NY POST reported about Al-Jazeera's conclusion:

Al-Jazeera: Beheading a fake " In a bizarre twist, the anti-American TV station al-Jazeera is questioning the 'authenticity' of the horrific video of American Nick Berg's beheading - suggesting it's a fake to divert attention from the Iraqi prison abuse scandal. The station's English-language Web site claims there's not enough blood and "the body is completely motionless even as the knife is brought to bear - not so much as an instinctive wiggle." ...The article also questions whether terror kingpin Abu al-Zarqawi could have committed the murder, suggesting al-Zarqawi is dead." (as also reported by INN World Report and AsiaTimes)

Houston Chronicle -May 14

...Berg checked out of his hotel on April 10 and wasn't seen again until his beheaded body was discovered by U.S. soldiers Saturday. The grisly video of his beheading was posted on the Internet Tuesday.

Berg attended the University of Oklahoma for a time, and Moussaoui, who was arrested in August 2001 in Minnesota when he tried to enroll in flight school, had lived in Norman, Okla., where the school is located. FBI officials don't know how Moussaoui got Berg's password, but they originally were investigating whether Berg had been friends with two of Moussaoui's roommates, Hussein al Attas and Mukkaram Ali, who also were students.

The Moussaoui link added another twist to the already strange tale of Berg's time in Iraq. As a rare American not tied to a major Defense Department contractor, Berg had spent months in Iraq drumming up business as a communications tower repairman. He often took public transportation and didn't have a driver or translator.

U.S. officials have denied that Berg was in U.S. custody in Iraq. But Berg's family apparently had been told via e-mail from a State Department consular officer that Berg was being held by the U.S. military.

State Department officials confirmed Thursday the authenticity of the April 1 e-mail from Beth A. Payne, who was the U.S. consular officer in Baghdad until mid-April. But a State Department spokeswoman said thee-mail was inaccurate.

Other versions of events surfaced Thursday. A U.S. general in Mosul said Iraqi police detained Berg at the FBI's request, but the police chief of Mosul disputed assertions that his department arrested Berg.

Berg, of West Chester, Pa., a suburb west of Philadelphia, had gone to Mosul on what he told friends would be a two-day trip to look for new business when he was arrested March 24 by Iraqi police.

NBC Reporter: "the CIA did it.." "...the CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon"--NBC reporter stated tonight prime time news, continuing, "...a story that will not die easily here in the Arab world".
NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, May 12th

Please check out also
The Moussaoui-Tenet-Boren Connection (by Ewing2001) GFP (more

More oddities:
APFN Collection, May 13

Both Drudge and Aljazeera report that "A body found on Monday by US military patrol along a roadside over the weekend was identified as Berg's."
Al Jazeerah

Note the confused reporting in this direct quote, "on Monday", "over the weekend", by US military patrol. Was it found on Monday or over the weekend--which one? Does this make sense to anyone?

Or was someone scrambling a press release (in panic) of wording that was hastily contrived, and uncertain themselves about how the facts would compare to the report. VAGUE TIMING BEGS THE QUESTION, WHEN WAS THIS BODY REALLY FOUND?

Secondly, how was the body identified as "Berg's", if it was headless? Or was it? How do you quickly identify a body without a head?

Third, WHO were the U.S. forces that found it? Were they the same ones involved in his illegal detention?

2. Here is the smoking gun: If the body was found on Monday (May 10th), or previously "over the weekend" (prior), how could the execution and video be taped on May 11th, as is reported?

"The statement in the video was signed off with Zarqawi's name and dated 11 May" (Drudge and Aljazeerah).

An Arab magic trick indeed...to be able to execute a man on video tape ("May 11"), AFTER HIS BODY IS FOUND BY US FORCES, on "May 10th"!!!!! The video is not the only thing that appears fuzzy!!

3. The video was dated May 11th, ...., like 9/11, and the recent 3/11 in Spain.

...And the "terroists" signed his name to the video, though they wore hoods and masks! (Why?)

4. Berg's father filed law suit against the illegal detention of their son....and, bingo, he was released the next day (but not very popular we can be certain)!
"His father, Nick, filed a lawsuit on 5 April stating Berg was being held illegally by the US military in Iraq. The next day Berg was released." Aljazeera and Drudge

5. The Guatanamo Bay type US issue prison suit is very suspicious! Either he was handed over to the alleged "terrorists" in it--meaning US forces complicity to rid them of an American "dissident"--or the executions are Government--i.e. CIA (well-fed, lily white hands, hooded...but leaving the name of the executioner?)!

6. According to the video clock notations in the film, the "execution" took place between 13:46 and 13:47....apparently around 1:46 to 1:47 pm. Why is the video time not in Arabic? Do Arabs use military time?

7. "God is great".....typical propaganda to libel militant Muslim jihaders with the crime, while they have lily white hands, their victim in US issue prison clothes, and video time in US military English!

8. The TIMING of this event being reported to the American public, on May 11th evening (note how quickly this went to full-blown news coverage by 6:30pm EDT on the very day of the execution......fast......and conveniently. Even MORE remarkable is how this was reported to Congress (not sure when) during WORK HOURS IN SESSION, precisely as the Pentagon, Rumsfeld, etc., were being grilled, and Senators were investigation the horrific prisoner abuse, and who was behind it! TALK ABOUT WELL-COORDINATED AND EXPEDITED 1) EXECUTION 2) BODY FOUND, IDENTIFIED, 3)NOTIFICATION OF KIN, 4) REPORTED TO CONGRESS...5) RELEASE IN FULL DETAIL WITH VIDEO TO NETWORK NEWS..........ALL IN ONE AMAZING DAY!!!!!

Is that a credible timetable WITHOUT government involvement? The 9/11 "hijackers" were not even identified for a couple days....but this one is instantly solved, and we are expected to swallow it whole without choking!

8. The pattern of US government information, from Bush, the Pentagon, Jessica Lynch, justification for Iraq, the "911" story is a HISTORY OF PROVEN LIES AND FALSEHOODS FOR POLITICAL ENDS!!! So why should ANYONE believe this!!

This is the most inaccurate combination of facts of any realistic scenario of an execution and identification of who did it--contrived in panic and haste to deflect the outcoming of literal "war crimes" by US forces--that would not be sustained in any court of law, except that of the naive and brainwashed American mind, that has a Yankee flag wrapped around its eyes and ears!


One more piece below, by Andrea Mitchell of NBC, how not just the Army, but Special Forces and the ever-present CIA were ALL involved in the gross abuses and deaths of Iraqi prisoners, in this bogus war..... THIS PROVES CIA INVOLVEMENT AND MOTIVE FOR COVERING UP ABUSIVE TORTURE AND KILLINGS, AS WELL AS ADMITTED COVERUPS ABOUT THEM.

May 6: As the investigation into the prison abuse scandal expands, there are new indications it reaches beyond the Army. NBC's Andrea Mitchell has details.
NBC Nightly News

Delta Force, Navy SEALs involved in abuse?
By Andrea Mitchell
NBC News

Updated: 6:15 p.m. ET May 06, 2004As the investigation expands, officials tell NBC News that special operations forces, including both Delta Force and Navy SEALs, were possibly also involved in abusing prisoners in Iraq.
In fact, one prisoner, Mon Adel al Jamadi, died while being interrogated in Abu Ghraib by a CIA officer last November, shortly after being captured by Navy SEALs. Al Jamadi was being questioned about a plot to attack U.S. forces with plastic explosives.

An autopsy revealed al Jamadi had broken ribs and had been "badly beaten." His CIA interrogator has told investigators the prisoner was injured before he was turned over to the CIA ? something the Navy denies.
In a second case, the CIA is being investigated for the death of Iraqi Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush near the Syrian border, also last November. The CIA says he died several days after they questioned him.

A third CIA prisoner died last June in Afghanistan ? also after a severe beating.

Did the CIA or other intelligence agencies tell the guards to get the prisoners to talk? According to former CIA officer Robert Baer, "I can't believe that those MPs knew enough about Arab culture to systematically do this.... Somebody prompted them."

Intelligence officials deny directing the abuse. But the Army's investigation said military intelligence and "other government agencies" ? the Army's code for the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency and special operations forces, "actively requested that MP guards set physical and mental conditions for favorable interrogation of witnesses."
The general who was in charge of the prison says it got out of hand. Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski remembers, "They said, 'Hey, that worked pretty well.' They told us to take the clothes away from those six prisoners, and nobody seemed to think that that was wrong, so let's take clothes away from 12 of them."

Now the CIA confirms that some of its officers hid prisoners from watchdog groups like the Red Cross ? violations also under investigation.

? 2004 MSNBC Interactive

Nick Berg Had Ties To Vermont
Champlain Channel/NewsChannel 5 -May 13

...Sources told NewsChannel 5 that Nick Berg was enrolled in the Brattleboro School for International Training's study abroad program in Uganda....

Question to Bush:
ThePorter Online May 14

...(The father of) Berg also directed a question to the president.

"I would like to ask George Bush a question. I would like to ask him if it is true that al-Qaida offered to trade my son's life for the life of another person?" Berg said. "And if that is true. I need that information ... and I think the rest of the people of the United States of America need to know what the fate of their sons and daughters might be in the hands of the Bush administration."

... Michael Berg also said he could prove his son was in U.S. custody during his 13-day detention in Iraq. "I have a written statement from the state department in Baghdad ... I have it as an e-mail?" Berg said. "I think an e-mail is pretty good proof because it has all the dates and whatnot on it? saying that my son was being held by military."

He did confirm that Iraqi police arrested Nick Berg on March 24. At the time? Michael Berg said his son had been traveling in a taxi cab in Mosul.

Updates 14.May.2004 18:15




More oddities about the "profile" of Berg. One article claims, when his body was found, it only mentions "signs of trauma" , instead of "headless". Also, Berg's connection with Moussaoui and the status of Berg's company appears not very clear

INN World Report

By Ewing2001

May 14

According to independent researcher MP Wright (Oklahoma), who provided his results also to OkC Channel 9 newsman Gan Matthews, Nick E. Berg is listed as an OU employee for the period between academic year 2000-2001.

Wright checked the University of Oklahoma personnel directory. His title was Public Events Attendant at the Lloyd Noble Arena, which could mean, he was a kind of "janitor".

Berg's middle initial was E., as seen also in government records The news today reported that Berg was an OU student the year before.

Yet another interesting "9/11 connection" is of the University of Oklahoma itself. The director is David Boren, "personal mentor" of CIA George Tenet. Both met in a breakfast meeting on the morning of Sep11th and talked about Moussaoui.

Moussaoui's apartment was just 2 minutes away from the University.

Wright found also another article from BillingsGazette, which didn't mention, that Berg was "headless"....

It says, that "the body found on the overpass was identified as Nick Berg, 26, of West Chester, Pa., a self-employed civilian contractor. Berg's body, with signs of trauma, was found Saturday, the military said."

There seems to be also irregularities about the Timeline. According to NBC 10, Nick Berg met a terrorism suspect already "in 1999 at the University of Oklahoma.

"Berg's father said his son not only met the terrorism suspect but let him have the password to his computer. According to the Associated Press, Michael Berg told reporters Thursday that the FBI already investigated that and that his son was cleared of any wrongdoing."

The connection between Moussaoui and Berg forced John Ashcroft to insist, that "that U.S. authorities investigated Nicholas Berg for a possible connection to terrorists but determined there was no link." Berg "was investigated by the FBI in 2002 after an e-mail address traced to him was used by an unidentified person believed acquainted with Zacarias Moussaoui."

In yet another development, Philly Daily.com reported today, that " Prometheus Methods Tower Services Inc., the business that cost Nick Berg his life in Iraq, has no records with the Pennsylvania Department of State."

Meanwhile, net blogger worldwide discussed more oddities of the video and conclude, that the person in the video and "al-Zarqawi" seems to be someone else, which also inspired many other websites like MuslimWakeup and others ...