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Homeland Security agents spotted at PSU-SMSU

Two DHS agents were spotted earlier on the second floor of PSU's Smith Memorial Student Union with a CPSO.
Around 4 p.m. Tuesday two uniformed agents of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in black uniforms (I did not see their insignias closely, but their uniforms appeared to be from either the Federal Protective Service or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement) were spotted talking with a Campus Public Safety officer.
My God 11.May.2004 18:42

mr. obvious

Two (!) employees of the largest non-military bureaucracy in the Federal Government were spotted? Really? Did you get a picture? There're only 160,000 of those guys, you know. They don't have offices in every metropolitan city in the country, or anything.

Seriously, who cares? You couldn't throw a rock without hitting one of these guys.

ICE in Portland 11.May.2004 19:44

Sister Katie

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has a district office at the Homeland Security Building at the corner of Hoyt and Broadway. FPS, a division of ICE, is based in the Wendell-Wyatt Federal Building in downtown.

I thought the Earth was our home 11.May.2004 20:58

Pravda or Consequences

When it's all gone, it's all gone.

Critical decisions 12.May.2004 17:46


I'm still having a dilemma about whether or not I accept OfficeHomelandSecurity, or Offhomstaatische. Should I fear or embrace them? Do I know them or are they unknowable? Am I them?

Is Offhomstaatische just a trend?