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Remember Metzger

Is there not an Oregon law that is used to prosecute those whos docterine lead to violence?
Does this law apply to individuals when the act of violence occurs abroad?

For example:

US Intel contractor SOP causes Violence against innocent in integregation?


Police Union or City documented procedures causes Civil Rights Violations or leads to death. As what seems to be Portlands "when in doubt shoot" policy.

Further example:

When Alleged News is given, no effort of confirmation is reported and this news is false and leads to injury. Is this Leagal? Is there no remedy to the injured?

Or moreover:

What if injury occurs by the lack of news reporting? Or if this reporting is knowingly
All's fair in love and war 11.May.2004 18:17

Pravda or Consequences

And there are those who love war.

well, what's good for the goose 11.May.2004 23:10

devil's advocate here

Would this law then apply to the former ELF spokesperson and restauranteer directly responsible for the posters specifically advocating violence against the police and a pamphlet advocating violence against the agents of the State in general in your view ? How would the Police handle this law's application if he, say, shot a cop and claimed self defense or encouraged some people via his literature to bomb an armory not knowing there were cops inside ? I'm neither an advocate of violence per se nor a National Socialist ala Metzger, but which way should the law work, who should administer it, and who should make the distinction between a "good" and a "bad" application of said law ?

Some actual statutes might be of help here...after all, this is Oregon, one of the most lenient States there is with regards to people whose publicly stated goal is the violent annihilation of the "State" itself...perhaps someone already thought of this during the legislative process.

No idea about Oregon Law 12.May.2004 14:51

just another reader

There is a similar law on the books in California. It was used to prosecute Charles Manson after the Tate-LaBianca murders. Although Manson was not physically present, he was successfully prosecuted as the controlling person behind the crime, without whom the crime would not have been committed.