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Moms Grand Juried

Mother's Day greetings were delivered early this year to three local moms... with love from the federal government. In lieu of cards, FBI agents hand-delivered subpoenas—demanding that the women comply with the most coercive of judicial investigations: the grand jury. Jennifer Woodruff, Heather Whitney and Twiga May-Whittier define themselves as hard-working, single moms who have planted their roots and raise their children in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Amid all the daily trials of being moms, they've also found ways to be active in their community — supporting coop housing, gardening projects and cooperative childcare.

"I feel like an iron fist is coming down on me," says Jennifer, who works at a local bakery and cares for her 9-year old son. "There is only fear, depression, anxiety and righteous anger to interfere with already taxing daily responsibilities." "It's really frightening because I don't feel like I have any control over my own destiny, it feels like I'm being penalized for being a part of a progressive, radical community," Heather adds.
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