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Soldier Accused of Torture a Wife Abuser...

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - soldier accused of torturing Iraqi prisoners had several stalking orders filed against him by wife in SW Pennsylvania...

Specialist Charles Graner, one of the soldiers investigated for torturing Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghirab prison, had three stalking orders against him in SW Pennsylvania for stalking and threatening his ex-wife.

Graner also was suspended several times from his job at the SCI-Greene prison (the same one where Mumia Abu-Jamal is being held) for job performance issues.

What's also interesting is that the allegations of poor training are specific to this Iraq War - another soldier who guarded prisoners with Graner in Bush War I said that they got specific training on treatment of prisoners according to the Geneva Convention. In Graner's case, there's no excuse - he went through training the first time around in treatment of POWs.

I hope he has a nice long stay in Leavenworth.
Graner Is the One Who Knocked Up the Woman in the Pictures, Lynndie England 08.May.2004 10:48

CA Jones

England is the female gargoyle in the photos of sexual abuse in Abu Ghraib.

She is at the disgusting Ft. Bragg, NC, awaiting trial.

Initially she was reassigned there because she got pregnant (a male soldier
should be so lucky as to have this out).

Her boyfriend is Graner.

When the pictures aired, she phoned home to tell Mama "I wuz jes in the wrang place at the wrang tahm."

Her family and friends tell of how kindly she is. That must have been before the US Army taught her
to "Be all you can be." Perhaps Graner will teach her a few more things about cruelty.

I don't know how they are going to raise their child in prison, but someone has to take the fall.

It sure won't be anyone above the rank of Major or Lt. Col. Of course it could contribute to Bush getting booted.

don't worry, he will--don't be surprised when these poor Okies end up dead. 08.May.2004 11:20

always the peons

this guy has been framed to take the wrap. The photos are obviously posed, and the brass knew about this, undoubtedly ordered these GIs to humiliate themselves. The corporate whores have already started the smear campaign to cut these poor scmucks off from the rest of "our" fucked-up culture, just like they've done so many times before.

Don't buy it.

Nuremburg Lesson 08.May.2004 21:08

Paula Green

The trials of Nuremburg are supposed to remind us that every single one of us, no matter what our position in life, knows right from wrong, has the moral and civic responsibility to choose right over wrong, and must accept the consequences of our actions.

It's only common sense.

All of us are responsible for our own actions, 08.May.2004 22:11


though it takes a lot of fortitude to refuse to follow an order, especially when you are a grunt in the military. Keep in mind that many of the people in the military are there because it's either the army or Burger King, and they go through Basic Training to be brainwashed to kill and destroy. They get busted when they think for themselves. If they refuse an order, they themselves will be tortured or killed. They didn't sign up to do ahimsa,they signed up to follow orders, to be soldiers, to give their bodies to their leaders as weapons. They must trust their leaders. Most people, soldiers and civilians, will follow the leader, irrespective of the order, because they fear being isolated more than they fear committing an act of cruelty.

Did you read that study about college students being asked to give electric shocks to experimental subjects? 60% gave the shocks on order of the appointed leader even when the test subject was obviously in pain, and this was at a university, in a controlled experiment, not in a "war".

The Nuremburg trials demonstrated once again that the global elite will decide who is and isn't a war criminal, and will mete out punishment as they see fit. Was Prescott Bush a war criminal because he financed the Nazis? Was Joseph Kennedy a war criminal because he cooperated with the Nazis? Was FDR a war criminal because he illegally incarcerated tens of thousands of innocent Japanese-American civilians in squalid prison camps for years?

When they come after me I hope I have the courage to say NO and resist.

re- prisoner abuse 17.May.2004 06:36

josie fields joeshome33@msn.com

All it takes is one asshole and a handfull of mice to make the good soldiers and the usa look bad. They can blame it on higher ups, but even little kids know right from wrong, as i am sure there parents tried to teach them and apparently failed big time. You can lead a horsse to water but you can't make it drink. That is the caso of these idiots who apparently don't have a brain in their heads.. Just SLUSH. GET A LIFE and I hope you spend the rest of yours behind bars and I don't mean where they serve alcohol.
One Pissed American