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Iraqi torture, PDX police and Goldschmidt

There is an ugly connection between all of these seperate realities.
Power and control. That is the connection, pure and simple. And the belief they can get away with it without any consequences from justice.

We all hear their favorite quote, "rule of law" from those in power and control. The Bushies love saying rule of law while they break the law with impunity. They say it to keep us in place, to use their power and control over us, the peons in their fiefdoms. The rule of law surely doesn't apply to them.

The claptrap coming from right wing talk radio about the torture in Iraq claim it is nothing more than "fraternity hijinks" and nothing more than what you would "see at a Madonna or Britney Spears concert."

Torture (or as Rumsfeld calls it, abuse, since only evildoers like Saddam commit torture) is the modus operendi of the police state of the United States of Doublespeak and Propaganda. It is used on the streets by our police, in our civilian prisons, by the fascist Bushies as they plunder and steal our country's treasury into bankruptcy and we pay for it all.

Things are going to get ugly before they get better. They have created the class war. It is going to get real, real ugly. But...

Ken Kesey once told me after we finished smoking a joint in 1988, as the Reagan regime was ending and the first Bush regime was taking over, that the time to be a front line warrior is past, the police state is taking complete control and that we should retreat to the back lines and watch the powers that be do themselves in. Otherwise, he said, the police state will squash you like a bug.