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Mossad agents are behind the Iraq prison scandale
General Taguba's report about the Iraq prison abuse, strongly implicate John Israel, Steven Stephanowicz and Adel L. Nakhla; describes them as interrogators contract employees for Titan and CACI corporation.

Both Corporation has indicated that these individuals work for a sub contractor that they refused to name, the truth is that John Israel, Steven Stephanowicz and Adel L. Nakhla works for the Mossad, Arabic speakers and has been sent to train CIA, DIA and MI in interrogation techniques already used in Palestinians.

What has not been reported yet is that women and minors has been sodomized, pictures and video tapes has been withheld by the media to avoid further emparrasing the Army.
private contractors in Abu Ghraib 07.May.2004 04:42

Knut (ktimforum@hotmail.com) ktimforum@hotmail.com

Hey Maurizio,

Maybe you are right, and I guess you are, but where are the facts?

Show the story and picutres of the women rape victims in US media! 07.May.2004 11:56

Lamia Abbas

I think the media has the ethical responsibility to show the full story of the sex crimes at Abu Graib including the rape of two Iraqi women by a group of five men. If the army has to be humiliated by these artocities ...so be it.

Show the full story of rape victims! 07.May.2004 12:03

Samia Mahmoud

I have received ugly pictures of the rape of two Iraqi women by five enlisted men and think the media owes it to its viewers all around the world to show the whole truth and not withhold and protect the criminals even if they are embaressing the US army.

Shame on America . 10.May.2004 13:18


Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?' But, conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right."
-- Martin Luther King Jr.

Full transcripts of the hearings:



Shame on America for preaching democracy to the world and behind closed doors your army was more of a monster to those innocent people than Saddam ever was!

Sham on the civilized World 18.May.2004 12:55

Ayman Elba ayman@arraygroup.com

The whole world is responsible of the American administration's acts.
Freedom, Democracy, Humanity, Truth are all victims of the American administration.
American people must say NO to American administration

One Problem with Toleration of Homosexuality 18.Jun.2004 22:32

Billy Rojas Avesland@AOL.com

The commonplace view that the American Psychiatric Association has somehow shown that homosexuality is not a mental disorder has been refuted by a number of psychology professionals, most notably Dr Charles Scoarides -in many publications but especially in his 1995 book. This has serious policy implications. To seek to deal with the issue of homosexuality on religious grounds is out of bounds in most real world contexts.Such as outlook is, by itself ineffective anyway.But it is symptomatic of the condition of the Bush Administration that it ignores its own constituency and its values in what it decides to do in all kinds of areas, now including interrogation methods that have been characterized as "enforced homosexuality." If the US government was clear in its vision of what constitutes psychological well being there would be no possibility of something like the latest scandal happening. Homosexuality is a mental health issue NOT a Civil Rights issue.Now America is paying an enormous price for this terrible error of judgement.What do most Arabs and most Iraqis in particular think of us now ? And for what ? So that a minority of 3% would be appeased ? Brainless domestic policy can have huge foreign policy consequences.

Get with the program 01.Nov.2004 03:52


"Shame on America for preaching democracy to the world and behind closed doors your army was more of a monster to those innocent people than Saddam ever was!" - Sawsan

If you really believe that it goes to show you how little you know about Iraq and are thus unable to make an educated analysis of events. Here's Saddam being your second coming of Jesus:  http://www.kdp.pp.se/chemical.html