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This Friday, the Bush Administration's key logging proponents - Mark Rey, U.S. Forest Service officials and the timber industry - will convene at the annual meeting of the Society of American Foresters in Ashland, Oregon, May 5-7. This is a tremendous opportunity to influence how the public will react to Bush's old-growth logging program and the Biscuit logging project-the latter being the largest proposed timber sale in the modern history of the national forest system.


Join us for a colorful rally in defense of wild forests!
FRIDAY MAY 7th, 8:30AM at the Stevenson Union, Southern Oregon University

Mark Rey comes to speak in Ashland Friday May 7.
Sorry Mark, but we've heard enough out of you.

Things to bring: pots and pans with large spoons (not for cooking, but for noise making), signs of your choice, any other spontaneous tricks, 50 of your closest friends and a good attitude.
Our goal is to show public outrage over Bush's hideous proposals and to show support for our vision of the protection and restoration of public forests. Mark Rey will be speaking on Friday morning and we will be there show resistance to industry-sponsored science, the degradation of environmental laws and the Bush administration's assault on forest ecosystems. Please join us and be a voice for the forests, the salmon and all critters big and small.

Mark Rey was appointed by George W. Bush to oversee the US Forest Service from Washington DC. He was chosen because he has for decades worked as a lobbyist for the timber industry.

Under his leadership, the Bush Administration has rolled back protections for forest streams and salmon. They removed a program that looked for rare and endangered species before logging ancient forest. They have attacked protections for roadless forests.

Now Mark Rey has proposed the largest US timber sale in modern history right here in the Siskiyou National Forest. It would log thousands of acres of roadless areas, ancient forest reserves, steep slopes and sensitive soils above salmon-bearing rivers in the area known as Siskiyou Wild Rivers.

And just to cap it off, Mark Rey has said that he wants to declare this "Biscuit Fire Recovery Plan" an emergency, thereby eliminating the legal requirement allowing you or environmental groups a chance to comment on the plan.

Sorry Mark, but we've heard enough out of you.

Also join us at the SOU Student Union Plaza all day on Thursday May 6 at the "Forest, Not Forestry, Truth Station."

Come see the incredible Fire and Forests Stiltwalkers, colorful props and a whole circus in defense of forests.