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Albashra -- Site covering Iraq SHUT DOWN !!!

ALBASHRA.NET was one of the most thorough alternative sites covering Iraq and was shut down yesterday.

This comes down after the Russian "War in Iraq" could no longer sustain itself.  http://www.iraqwar.ru/?userlang=en
ALBASHRA.NET posted amazing articles, photographs and videos covering the war.

I'll attach a photo I found on their site of a U.S. Aircraft Carrier (Flat Top) with Navy-men organized to spell out "FUCK IRAQ". Albashra had subtitled the photo with the question: "Why do they hate us so much?"

ALBASHRA was also one of the sites that exhaserbated the current situation regarding the photos of U.S. military men torturing and abusing Iraqis.

They posted the standard six photo's of Iraqi's being tortured that Dan Rather originally exposed. And. Stated that an unknown reader had submitted some additional photos that they had posted to their site. Women in burqas being raped by soldiers. It turns out that these photos orginated from a Hungarian Porn Site www.sexinwar.com or one example here  http://joyjunction.org/pix/board/karrom.3.jpg

Crazy Stuff. The story can be seen at  http://www.joyjunction.org/bulletin/forums/showthread.php?%20postid=705%5C

So. I guess they were justified in pulling the site. But I think I remember reading somewhere that Albashrah had pulled the photos upon finding that the photos were fakes?
Jews United Against Zionism 05.May.2004 11:47


Please check www.nkusa.org -- Neturei Karta International.

Iraqwar.ru alive again 05.May.2004 16:18


fake photos aside... 06.May.2004 15:23


Too bad, they had a huge collection of photographic evidence that wasn't fake. Why the posted those stupid porn pictures i don't know. They were obviously not Americans or even wearing american gear.

Glad I saved hundreds of photos before they were shut down.

Chick This site For War Sex in Iraq 21.Aug.2004 06:12


i have see a real pic when i visit the warezwonderland go to

www.warezwonderland.com/Gallery and u will not believe