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KBOO postpones airing Democracy Now; Amy Goodman appears in Portland/Eugene

Daily program Democracy Now! NOT on KBOO Radio.
Amy Goodman, one of the Democracy Now hosts appears in Portland this Saturday.
On KBOO the Bread & Roses program will include an interview with Amy Goodman on the next show Friday the 7th at 6pm.

But oddly, Democracy Now, the daily program that Amy Goodman co-hosts doesn't air on KBOO.
Those inside of KBOO are indicating that Democracy Now will not air at the station anytime soon. The option of one hour a week is also not in the plans.
KBOO seems to be one of the most viable outlets for Democracy Now in the Portland area.
KPSU is airing it on their FM station (the signal is very weak outside the PSU campus) but not on their more widespread AM station.
Those with cable tv can watch Democracy Now, but you'll have to catch it at 9am or its replay.
You can also get it on their website, but how many tune-in to programs on the internet?

Amy Goodman, one of the hosts of Democracy Now and author of "The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them" is appearing at a free event in Portland at the Bagdad Theatre Saturday May 8 at 12:30pm. It's a Powell's Books event. The Bagdad is at 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

The Saturday event is listed in the Indymedia calendar:

homepage: homepage: http://democracynow.org/

Cablecast schedule on Community Television 05.May.2004 09:33


This is the schedule:
For Portland Comunity Media<>BR PCMTV

and Multnomah Community Television

local radio 05.May.2004 09:38

kboo member

I thought the reason KBOO does air DemocracyNow is because KBOO is local community radio and last time I checked New York City was not local or part of our community. Why should KBOO outsource news when people from Portland are just as capable of doing the same thing?

You should listen before 05.May.2004 10:09


to Democracy Now you type. Amy should win a Pulitzer. She produces an amazing program.

My understanding from a KBOO board member is KBOO just took a pass on picking up DN! My membership will lapse until they figure out revolution is nore essential than reggae.

Hey Local Radio kboo persion 05.May.2004 10:12


Democracy now is one of the best national programs that isn't afraid to tackle the big issues--DIRECTLY. The program is well-researched and well-presented....something (I'm afraid) that KBOO is really unable to do. KBOO's LOCAL audience needs a strong, progressive, nationally-focused program such as Democracy Now. As a long-time KBOO listener, it's absurd that the station's management seems to make program decisions based on the volunteers concerns and not the needs of its listeners.

I do, 05.May.2004 10:20

a fan

A Kboo listner asks, "but how many tune-in to programs on the internet?"

I do. And daily and on my own schedule. That's a very cool thing to be able to do. If it were on the air at a certain time everyday, I'd likely miss it too often.

Anyone want to help try to bring Democracy Now it to OPB TV? Wouldn't that be cool to have that broadcast on prime time every night?

For what it's worth, I just submitted the May 8th event to the opb.org calendar. That might get some welcome attention.

KBOO BOD 05.May.2004 10:43


should consider / survey its listeners to determine the number of recent donors are shedding the local signal and seeking the internet for better coverage. Or shifting to Air America. Obviously I want and enjoy and will support KBOO's local coverage - but geez look at their schedule. There's more crappy punk rawk noise and goof than national / international news.

What the BOD should look at is how DN! can be an excellent fund&friend-raiser.

To KBOO member 05.May.2004 11:16

DJ Shadow

If KBOO had something similar, than your accusation of "outsourcing" would be valid. But KBOO does not have a similar, high-quality, resource intense, news program. Instead the evening news is partially "outsourced" to the California report--hardly a local program. If there were volunteers working hard to produce a similar program, than it would make sense to keep it off the air. If the only reason that Democracy Now is not being aired, is because it's not local, than that just plain sucks.

I for one, would tune into KBOO much more often (and then probably stick around) if I could here what is arguably the best program on radio in the country. This show would dramatically boost the quality of programming on KBOO. And it might help keep so many people from switching over to Air America or OPB when things start getting weird on KBOO (don't ask me to explain what I think is weird, but I find myself frequently uninterestred in the obscure mid morning shows).

One more vote for Democracy Now!

An equally good radio show 05.May.2004 15:08


or maybe better than DN! is Guns and Butter, from KPFA in Berkeley.
Here is their archive page:  http://kpfa.org/archives/archives.php?id=13

Listen to last week's show on torture, and "Your Eyes Don't Lie: Common Sense, Physics, and the World Trade Center Collapse." (pts. I & II)


Much of KBOO's "local" programs are corporate produced CDs! 05.May.2004 18:21

Bushed - - but not tired

One of the arguments I've heard against DemocracyNow on KBOO 90.7 is that it will knock out local programs.
A lot of the local programs are music programs often (but not always) playing commercial CDs. It's the best music in town but it doesn't extend dialogue and it usually doesn't cover current events.
Listening in on the fund drives at KBOO reveals that people are contributing during the talk radio/news and less during the music shows.

download a copy of the show everyday - or stream it =P 05.May.2004 19:56


hehe - really though, its easy goto  http://democracynow.org/streampage.pl and download the mp3 or ogg version. free radio olympia also broadcasts the show too =  http://www.frolympia.org/


News sources 05.May.2004 21:03


I have given up on radio and TV. The internet is the only place to be.

Portland Indymedia-- and for some reason, Portland seems to be the most active and interesting Indymedia site in the world.

And several others.

My TV and radio haven't been turned on in months.

It's Personal 05.May.2004 21:31

And Petty

Considering the intrinsic value in Amy's program. Talk to the programming commitee. Or membership. I Bet'cha there's pledge gold there.

second to 'tom' - hear, hear for giving up radio & TV 05.May.2004 22:07

reposter @ PDX IMC

as you say 'tom' radio and TV news is pointless, and after the fact compared with internet.

to those you listed above, here are some additional sources to check daily / weekly:




BBC World

Guardian Special Report - Iraq

Independent - World

t r u t h o u t

oops, sorry 05.May.2004 22:35

(above URL incorrect) - should be:

Online misses the point 06.May.2004 08:14


You guys listening online are missing the point. Online listening is a cost to community and alternative radio that is not made up from those listeners. They (you) feel even more distanced from the costs and therefore are less likely to make a contribution.

KBOO can be listened to by hundreds of thousands of people without sophisticated equipment at one time. Radio a far superior medium to the internet - at this time - for mass listening. There's no foreseeable replacement.

I dispute that news / talk isn't fund-worthy on KBOO. It's about marketing - which KBOO has shambled about for a decade.

While you gals are surfing the net looking at other radio systems - look at their marketing and fund-development success. This is just another way of reaching out and building community, but one KBOO doesn't do particularly well.

too foo 06.May.2004 20:19


I live in Astoria, I spend a lot of money on my local community radio station-- hoping they will actually do something.

They seem to be afraid of controversy, irrelevant, and for all practical purposes, not worth much.

I wish this weren't so-- so much could be done, so much has already been done.

I don't listen to it much, and their devotion to NPR canned pap and rejection of Amy Goodman confirms my opinion.

We need to take back the media-- but neither KMUN nor KBOO seem to be moving in that direction. They are more likely just to sell out to National Pentagon Radio.