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Printable Deck of Infamy (portland police) version 1.0

The printable deck of infamy is here! Thanks to all the various GPFXs out there for making this possible! 75% of the officers the Indymedia community declared "worst of the worst" have been found. We are uploading ALL cards in 8x10" sheets here, individual sheets can be downloaded from our website when traffic allows. Contains 52 cards, 2 jokers, 1 "about the deck" card, 1 witness report form.
Portland's Deck of Infamy (zipped file, adobe PDF format)
Portland's Deck of Infamy (zipped file, adobe PDF format)
The only unphotographed cops left are:

Det. Simpson, Pete (from the "Rap Sheet" newsletter).

Ofcr. Bergstrom, Scherise (east precinct).

Sgt. Kalmanek, Gabe (LOS division, covered up Ladd beating as a lieutennant)

Sgt. Musgrave, Tim (DVRU division)

Det. Carter, Eric (detective ops)

Ofcr. Hopper, Merideth (TOD Command support)

Ofcr. Miller, Robert (southeast precinct, there are LOTS of "Millers" on the PPB, please

do not send in a photo unless you have confirmed it is ROBERT Miller, Badge # 38512)
Duilio, Ken (northeast precinct)

Ofcr. Reister, Dane (central precinct)

Ofcr. Scott, Kent (northeast precinct)

Det. Whattam, Ken (detective ops)

Ofcr Reynolds, Ken (north precinct)

Ofcr Bell, Jeff (LOS unit)

Ocfcr. Brenan, Tom (traffic)

Sgt. Balada, Rocky (LOS division)

Ofcr. Shaw, Daryl (central precinct)

Ofcr. Zajac, Eric (north precinct)

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/policedeck

Yahoo! 05.May.2004 07:34

Gamblin' Fool

Download to papa!
I wonder if the po-po will freak out if I sit in the park playing go-fish with these.

easily amused 05.May.2004 08:57


I think you clowns need to find out what LOS means. You will be surprised and a little embarrassed.

I Would Think... 05.May.2004 09:36

LOS=Criminally Poor

...that a Level Of Service unit officer who shares the ranks of the top scumbag cops in Portland would be the one that should be embarrassed. Nice job GPFX!

LOS = Leave of Service 05.May.2004 09:43


Which for Balada is directly related to his attempts to avoid discipline for the "Centralgate" overtime scandal.

LOS 05.May.2004 14:51

Teddy Ruxpin

So what? Three of Portland's worst cops are on vacation. Wahhhh.

If you read the rest of the cards, you will find that crooked cops seem to come back after being fired for overtime scandals, beating coverups and the like. Hell, even CW Jensen came back after blatantly stealing from the city.

If they can come back from being fired, I think they can manage to come back from a vacation. Those three LOS cops are still dangerous, and sooner rather than later they wll be back in uniform.

You cops need to learn to stop defending the bad cops, when a guy gets caught breaking the law he should no longer be protected by you fools. Why do you think so many people hate you and have to resort to things like this deck? Fuck demotions, ten-day suspensions and letters of reprimand, throw these cops in JAIL when they do this stuff and we won't have to deal with a rotten cop force anymore.

Jeff Bell 06.May.2004 02:21

GPFX (I think)

If I read the website right, anyone who wants to contribute is a GPFX, right? Well then, as one GPFX to another, here is a mugshot of Jeff Bell to add to the group collection.

Got it! 06.May.2004 13:29


Thanks GPFX (yup, you read it right, you are a GPFX too). I will download it and shoot it to the guy that does the cards, he/she will process the card and send it on to wherever it goes from there. It should be up on the website in a week or so.

Version 1.1 released 07.May.2004 11:45


This is version 1.1, it has no different cards than version 1.0, the reason this is version 1.1 is because there is another photo (bell) filling in a blank on his card, the female undercover officer is named on her card, some spelling mistakes have been corrected, more criminal information is available on some cards and one card has a factual error fixed.

Other than those details, all cards are the same. The old kings are still kings, the old fours are still fours, etc. Card rankings, numbers and suits can not be changed without a public vote, and when that happend the vote will result in version 2.0.

Most current version (2.0) of the deck 17.May.2004 01:06


This is the most current version of the deck, current as of 14 may 2004. It is a PDF file that is 7.5" x 9.5", so if you put in regular 8x10" paper and leave a quarter inch margin all around, it will work perfectly.

The seven pages have a red bar at the bottom, there is a red bar on the page of card backings too. If you can poke a pencil through the red bar on the page of card fronts, and it pokes out through the red bar on the page of card backs, ya done good.

Name Correction 19.Oct.2005 12:58


Just FYI... On the cop Daryl Shaw...it's actually Darrell Shaw