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Salvation Inc endorses Phil Busse for Mayor

meeting with the man, it became clear who should be leading this city.

Phil came out to meet with us last night, bringing two home cooked pies (delicious) to our home. We spoke with him for 90 minutes and he answered all our questions and was truly down to earth, passionate, and excited about this city. His 100 point plan is a clear layout of fresh ideas which could energize this city and bring it to the level it deserves to be at. We encourage all of you to meet with him, and the other candidates, and discuss your issues... then VOTE for whomever you feel is fit for the job!

Check out the website for photos of the man and his pie.

homepage: homepage: http://www.salvationinc.org

OK 05.May.2004 11:03


Phil's got my vote.

Food not Francesconi 05.May.2004 13:36


Phil Busse's Mercury had pizzas delivered to us when we were doing the sit-in on the Burnside Bridge the night the Iraq war started last year. This extraordinarily kind gesture wins him my vote!

Don't Vote Busse 09.May.2004 17:35

Alyxandra The Great

I've totally lost respect for Phil Busse! The Willamette Weekly exposed Busse's plagiarism of an article for Slate, which he admitted to, but said it was a bad decision. Well Phil, you are lawyer for Chrissakes! Any college freshman knows that you can get kicked out of school for plagirism. Phil is like Sam Adams for City Council, just another guy who's out to feed his own ego. And today's issue of The Mercury is just one big advertisement for Phil. Okay, sure he's not going to endorse anybody else, but let's have some ethics in journalism here. While he raves on his own behalf, he makes chicken jokes about Francesconi. I'm not defending Francesconi, but Phil is just another wolf in sheeps clothing if you ask me.

don't let the garnishes fool you 12.Jul.2004 20:18


phil busse is all about phil busse. he happens to be way liberal, but in the end that does not do much to mitigate his rampant narcissism. seeking to identify himself with nader only another feather in his cap. anyone who's known him longer than a couple of days, or pies, can tell you that he is the worst kind of self-aggrandizing attention seeker: the charming kind.