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global action day
ciclonudista (world naked bike demonstration)
saturday june 19, 2004
naked before the traffic! justice on the streets!
Justice on the streets, this is what we claim with a strong conviction and in earnest, but cheerfully as well, having a good time. Cars impose their law and order on us: speed, high-handedness, fumes and violence. That is why when we move day by day on our bikes we transform our mobility into an everyday disobedience act. If, on top of that, we demonstrate naked on our bikes we turn disobedience into an exemplary protest.

The Cyclenudist Group Committee (Coordinadora de Colectivos Ciclonudistas, CCC) in Aragón (Spanish State) makes a call to organize Ciclonudista (Naked Bike) demonstrations in the cities all over the world, on Saturday June 19, 2004, with an aim to extend those already held in Zaragoza to your home town.

We denounce that our streets have been kidnapped by privately used cars which collapse cities and degenerate these into a hostile and dangerous land. Cars kill and we are shocked at their impunity. If we question them, so many transnational war interests in petrol and car industry are at stake. We propose a model of a city where people get back their space, where moving needs are reduced and where there is a commitment to pedestrians (all of us are) and to less polluting and more effective means of transport.

Why cycling? The bicycle is a reliable, healthy, ecological and amusing means of transport. It is an icon, a symbol of freedom and a practical instrument to transform society. It does not pay taxes, does not waste oil, does neither cooperate with a destroying development nor with global war.

Why naked? Because we feel we are naked before the traffic owing to the drivers' lack of respect and the apathy of our rulers. Thus we make it visible that our bodywork is fragile. Moreover, we show our body naturally, not feeling ashamed, toppling taboos regarding our physical appearance which are imposed by fashion and the greediness of the textile transnational industry. To sum up, we face urban traffic with our naked body on our bikes as the best way of defending our dignity and of living the social struggle.

Visit our website: www.ciclonudista.net
Contact us for more information.:  info@ciclonudista.net

Coordinadora de Colectivos Ciclonudistas de Aragón (CCC)

New : the day for demonstration was settled for june 12th in www.worldnakedbikeride.org , but that is the day for european parlament election

homepage: homepage: http://www.sindominio.ne/radiotopo
phone: phone: 34-976-291398
address: address: Apartado de correos 6032, 50080 Zaragoza (Estado español)

Expose Car Culture by Exposing Yourself 05.May.2004 13:38


Portland has the record for most naked bicycle ride. 94 naked cyclists. How about even more this time? The problems that personal automobiles cause needs to be called to attention. Global warming, oil depletion, wars, air and water pollution, habitat destruction, and wasting a lot of money that could be spent on feeding the hungry and stuff like that are all good reasons to let people know what all these cars are exposing ourselves and our children to by exposing ourselves. Only when you step out of your comfort zone for a cause will be people know that you really care and that this is really serious. Bicycling is a viable alternative to cars and has a much less impact on the world. And it will send a message that we need to decrease our dependence on oil.

Reminds me of South Park episode 05.May.2004 14:32

Greenhouse Gas Generator

People from the future came here to find work cuz the future world was so overpopulated and their resources were scarce. And they were taking all the jobs. Someone suggested they all go gay and they went on a big boinking man pile to convince everyone else to go gay, so there would be no more kids to be in the future. Then, one of the kids suggested that they make a better future instead. They stopped that and started getting wind mills and solar panels and recycling more and making the environment clean and getting along with one another. Then, they said "This is even gayer than the man pile." (Not that I endorse using gay as a derogatory term at all. Shame on them.) So, they went back to that. Well, we need to work together to make a better future because what we do now affects it. And the people of the future won't be able to escape to now. And what we do know that affects our future affects us now too. Do we want a future? Do we care about future generations? If we do, then we need to take these things seriously. Serious enough to cast our bashfulness aside and use this opportunity to expose car culture on World Naked Bike Ride Day. Portland has had good critical masses. This is a chance to take it a step further, and show that these excessive car drivers are the ones that should be ashamed from the horrible effects of this overconsumption of oil. Not that we should shame them, or maybe we should. I don't know if that's bad or not. But whatever. I urge Portland to take global warming seriously and do this.

By the way, in the show they dismissed one person who said scientists don't believe in global warming. That is totally false.

And go to your movie theater to pass out flyers for moviegoers to give to box office attendants urging the theater to install or buy renewable energy or become carbon neutral  http://www.futureforests.com/dayafter/

picture for a feature 05.May.2004 15:03


"Four wheels bad, two wheels good." - Puck, bike messenger from MTV's THE REAL WORLD

You'll get to a better place faster if you bike there.
So Fresh and So Clean
So Fresh and So Clean

escenificar 05.May.2004 15:13


Por qué en bicicleta?. Los organizadores estiman que la bicicleta es un medio de transporte urbano eficaz, sano, ecológico y divertido. Es un icono, un símbolo de libertad y un instrumento real de transformación social. No paga impuestos, no gasta petróleo, no colabora con el desarrollismo destructor, proporciona autonomía, es ahorradora...

¿Por qué desnudos?. La respuesta es que para escenificar que nos sentimos desnudos ante el tráfico por la falta de respeto de los conductores y la desidia de los gobernantes. Con la desnudez hacemos patente la fragilidad de nuestras "carrocerías" (nuestro cuerpo). Además, mostramos nuestro cuerpo con naturalidad, rompiendo el pudor, desmontando tabúes respecto a nuestro físico impuestas por la moda.

Portland World Naked Ride Date/Info 12.May.2004 16:46

AQDIB's rider

Observation of World Naked Ride Day has been organized for Portland, as part of Shift to Bikes' Pedalpalooza event:


Good clean naked fun.