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VFTR flier w/correct email

see flier
Sorry about that.
not a problem 05.May.2004 04:30

indyvideo fan

good eye for catching that- we'll change the link!

thanks again jd for lending your creativity!

your fliers ROCK! 05.May.2004 05:08

jd fan

damn your good! keep up the AWESOME work!

Spring Flowers 12.May.2004 20:35

Good Thoughts

Fantastic!! The photo sure tells the Truth! I can tell you Right now that we are going to win. There will be Victories but loses too. If we don't do anything. You might as well kiss your children's future goodbye!!! It'll be like on welfare or living out on the street, then you know what!! I read of a story lately of one man on Indymedia that was out of work and the bush admin. didn't count him in, in the Job loses. So then bush says that the job rate is going up and this man suggests to another man that he should make a chart of the people that bush misses in his assumption that the Job rate is going up. Anyway, the other man tells him, I wouldn't because it would be a little too """dangerous""". Never in my born days have I thought that a MisLeader would try to put as many people out of work as possible. POOR Families. So this man is going to try and build up the economy and get people making some things like, you know, pottery and things we need in everyday LIFE.
I get sick of this system where people say and bellyache(sometimes with good reason) that there are "NO" jobs. Theres LOTS of jobs. Lots of people get paid way too much. Heres Proof, as if you need it. Well, I worked for a woman whose husband made 5000.00 a month in 1985 and I was Astounded!!! I thought, WOW TWO PEOPLE COULD WORK FOR 2,500.00 A MONTH AND LIVE COMFORTABLY - I KNOW I COULD'VE very EASILY!!! Obviously now, he would be making around $8.000.00!! Now people could do More job sharing + making MORE of what they need, like the above gentlemen suggested. I'm all for that. I would Love to make things. We could sell it among ourselves so that we Don't pay taxes to the commies, like in the States and British Columbia. I have only paid $80.00 taxes in my entire LIFE. Because of having minimum wage jobs and doing my business of some sort.
Thanks for Listening. I Hope you R all SAFE!
www.killercoke.org - Very Very Important to look at!!!
One more thing. I never realized the poor couldn't get married; I mean that if they wanted a real wedding like an outdoors wedding they couldn't afford it?? I mean they could go to the Injustice of the "peace" and get "married", but almost all of my LIFE, I wanted my Special Moment to get married the regular way. Now that really shows what this world is Really All About. People want change and they are working for that. Keep up the GOOD Work!!!

i hope 12.May.2004 21:08


people check out the videos. thanks for the good words though.