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9.11 investigation

Farrakhan: Bush admin let 9/11 happen on purpose

Nation of Islam Minister Farrakhan: "Someone in the admin knew about 9/11"


INN World Report

Nation of Islam Minister Farrakhan was at the National Press Club today and suggested that people "in the Bush Admin knew" the 9-11 attacks were coming and "let them happen" for a political agenda" (53:30 - 54:35)

May 4

Farrakhan also expressed concern that they may let another attack occur before the election and thinks, that "George Bush will take America out of existance" (1:17:00). He thinks, that Kerry "is the flip side of Bush", who wants to have the "NATO in Iraq"(1:35:00).
He wouldn't vote for any of them either.

He repeated Howard Dean's words, to "take back America" (1:50:00).
A suggested protest march should only address "for serious work".

About Russell Simmons' voting initiative, the HipHop community and the young black people: "we got to stop" that one white man is "devoting the other one". "These young people should not be misued".

In his speech, Farrakhan also addressed the PNAC and Neocon agenda (44:40) C|Span recorded the visit. Farrakhan explained "Operation Northwoods" (56:30) and Bush's intention since 2000 to go to Iraq.

Furthermore, Newsday wrote, that "Farrakhan criticized the war in Iraq, citing the lack of evidence of weapons of mass destruction in the country and the unproven link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden".

The Press Conference webcast as well as the letters referenced by Minister Louis Farrakhan to George Bush and "his puppet government" are now available here at FinalCall...

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