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March on Washington Now

The time to shut down this fascist regime is now.
The time is now to March on Washington

There are so many reasons, but the two main reasons are these:


The Bush Junta will win this fall, and don't be suprised if Republicans everywhere take even firmer control.

Fascism is now, and real. The only way it will end is with a massive upheavel. The people who see this need to start organizing now--before the next election is stolen as well.
A March on D.C. 04.May.2004 18:29

Oh, no, not again

I totally agree that something drastic needs to be done and soon, but I wonder if a march on DC is the best that we can come up with.
- the logistics are a nightmare
- most of us can't afford to travel 3,000 miles away
- marches come and go and nothing seems to change
Those are just a few problems with that idea.
We really need something massive and unified and happening in every area of the country at once. In every neighborhood.
What about a general strike? Each one of us could probably manage a least one day off (or a half day) from our jobs to call in "sick"? (yeah, sick of Bush and his lies)
We need to be highly visible, not marginalized- with no news coverage- out there in Washington, D.C.
All we have to do is figure out when and spread the word.
Who's in?

Ok, how about 04.May.2004 20:10


A full week of general strikes everywhere.

pick a date 04.May.2004 20:29

i'm in

let's hope that this isn't another of those great ideas that goes nowhere.
it's time for a *no business as usual* day.

How About the Week of July 4th 04.May.2004 21:10


A week of police state on the week celebrating the democracy. It would be strategically interesting.

general strike 05.May.2004 00:13


a week or two of that would shut it all down.

problem is: people are too brainwashed, entire U.S. population swims in a goldfishbowl full of corporate media soup

Like the 4th idea 05.May.2004 13:35


wouldn't it take a while to get the entire nation organized, that might be too soon? I don't know, it is more than 6 weeks away.
I'm for it, though.
Could indymedia spread the word? Do we need some visible leader-types to propose it? I'm so ready to go beyond marches.
And something really disruptive- yet nonviolent- would be fun.