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Tre Arrow ends six-week hunger strike


By ANDREW KRAMER / Associated Press
Environmental activist Tre Arrow has ended his hunger strike in a Canadian jail by drinking juice and eating brussels sprouts, his attorney said

Arrow, who eats only raw vegetables, had fasted since his arrest in
Victoria, British Columbia in mid-March on shoplifting charges. He had
been a fugitive from the FBI for 19 months, and the agency has said it
is working with Canadian authorities to return Arrow to Oregon for trial.

Arrow, 28, who is accused of firebombing logging and cement trucks, is
suspected of having links with the Earth Liberation Front, a group that
has claimed responsibility for scores of acts of destruction and
vandalism over the past dozen years.

In an interview with The Associated Press in March, Arrow said he was
fasting to protest injustice in the U.S. legal system and because the
Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre had not supplied him with
suitable meals.

His Canadian attorney, Tim Russel, said Arrow began drinking fruit
juice and eating apples last week to improve his health for upcoming court

"He recognizes that he has to eat to keep his strength up," Russel said
in a telephone interview from Victoria. "He's decided that it's important
that he not sabotage his legal proceedings by making himself

Canadian authorities initially declined to provide Arrow with raw
vegetables to break the fast, Russel said, offering cooked vegetarian
meals instead.

Late last week, jailers provided apples and fruit juice. On Monday, the
jail provided raw brussels sprouts.

"That's what he needs, raw, fresh greens," Russel said.

Canadian authorities transferred Arrow to a Vancouver jail for an
immigration hearing scheduled for May 11. A judge will decide if Arrow
is in Canada illegally, and could decide a separate request filed by Arrow
for refugee status, Russell said.

Also outstanding in Canada are charges for allegedly shoplifting bolt
cutters from a home improvement store.

In Oregon, Arrow is charged with use of fire to commit a felony,
destruction of vehicles used in interstate commerce, and use of
incendiary devices in a crime of violence. The charges carry combined penalties of
up to 80 years in prison.

another 'exclusive' from andrew kramer 04.May.2004 10:45


andrew kramer, late to the story again, didnt imc have a story on this last week? perhaps if we had featured it . . .