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Calling Actionaries & Paradigm Transformers! VBC4

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~~~ Calling Actionaries & Paradigm Transformers! ~~~

~~~~~~~~ Village Building Convergence 4 ~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May 21-30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~ www.cityrepair.org/vbc ~~ 503-235-8946x2 ~~~~


Come change the world with us this May!

For ten days VBC4 will transform the urban grid, sparking ecological and societal visions into action, going beyond mere sustainability and into creative, living culture!

Come build with us, you makers and seers, be with us when neighborhoods come outside and into the streets to build and laugh, design and dance as they remake their worlds. Permaculture, Natural Building, Public Art, Participatory Democracy, Localization of Economy, there will be more simultaneous ecological place-making during this event than ever before! Evening events involving brilliant and passionate people, music, food, and the worlds largest number of block parties in one day. That's just the beginning, and there's more too!

Daytime workshops are grounded in building community gathering places and learning other sustainable living skills. Get your hands dirty, Be part of the revolution in action!Natural building site teachers (Cobstars!) include Rob Bolman, Elke Cole, Jannel Kapoor, Josho Somine and Erik Ohlsen. Workshops are FREE and located throughout the city (see website for more info).

Evening actions and presentations by visionary leaders of sustainable culture include Chet Orloff, Architect Tom Bender, revolutionary cartoonist Andy Singer, Will Newman from OSALT and Permaculturist Judy Bluehorse. Performers include Helen Hill and Bay City Community Theatre, a huge Contra Dance with Bill Martin, Jigsaw, the T-Palas and fire dancing, and an action with 10,000 shovels (All events at the Pine Street Theatre, SE 9th and Pine. $10 sliding scale/night. See website for more info).

We are also setting a world record for most simultaneous block parties in one day! Host one in your neighborhood—it's fun and easy. Contact  blockparty@cityrepair.org
for info—forms are due May 14.

Join us in building the village! Event registration for out-of-towners is $270 for all ten days, or $30 per day. This will include lunches & dinners, access to all day and evening events, and homestay lodging. Some worktrade is also available. To register contact  vbcregistration@vbc.org. In-towners needn't register, but do let us know you're out there!

To be added to our listserve, or if you have questions, email  vbc@cityrepair.org. To get involved, contact  vbcvolunteer@cityrepair.org.

Celebrate your community! Create the world you want to live in! Get local! Enjoy the energy and create something beautiful to take back to your community...


~~~~~~~~~ Village Building Convergence 4 ~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May 21-30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~ www.cityrepair.org/vbc ~~~ 503-235-8946x2 ~~~~


Who are we and what is this all about?...With the VBC and our neighborhood
associations, Portland is leading the nation in re-envisioning civic infrastructure.
We are learning that localization of culture, economy and decision-making is the foundation for a sustainable future.

The Village Building Convergence is about actively building community capacity, and realizing the strength and beauty of our power. The VBC is a statement of our collective dedication to create a world of cooperation. VBC4 is an all-volunteer effort and is sponsored by The City Repair Project, SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition, and KBOO 90.7 FM Community Radio.


kara plumb

503.235.8946 x2