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Iraqis tourtured or Psych-op or both?

Was this a Psych-op by the US and British, or truly tourture, or both?
Do you think they Iraqi prisoner abuse photos and stories were exposed as part of a Military Intelligence operation, or Psychological Operation?

Consider this for a moment, America is facing a Guerrilla army of various types in Iraq. Almost all are Muslim and all most all of them are Arab.

Last week a man in Iraq killed his daughter because she had been raped, and the rape brought shame upon the family. This seems totally alien to Westerners, but it seems to make sense to a lot of people in that part of the world.

With this in mind, young brave Arab Muslims men are ready to die for their country and their god, and become martyrs and live for eternity in paradise, with the 72 virgins, etc.. There families will be proud of them, they will think of them with respect, etc.

Now I come to my point,

Would these men's families see them as heroes if their photos were posted on every Arabic newspaper and website naked, while other men masturbate into their mouths, while a woman enemy solider stands next to them, laughing and pointing to their penises, while being photographed?

This is exactly what happened last week to a few dozen Iraqis.

One of the Iraqis was interviewed and he said he wanted them to shoot him in the head, but not to "Take away his man-hood" He said that "I was tortured by Saddham, but this is worse than Saddham, they made me a woman, and nothing is worse than to be made a woman!, God has seen me, and I am unclean, and can't go to heaven".

So if the clerics are telling you that by dying for god, you will be praised by god, but the newspapers are showing you that if you get caught by the Americans you will loose you man-hood, be shamed, and forsaken by god, because you have committed an un-holy act.

At the beginning of the war, Psych-ops troops drove through Sadar city (then Saddham city) shouting highly insulting sexual jokes on loud speakers, aimed at Saddham's militia. When the civilian population began laughing, the militiamen came out of the buildings firing, and were in turn were killed by the hundreds.

So my question is, do you think this is another Psych-op, that has been carefully orchestrated and coordinated by the Bush administration and the British to look shocked, and disgusted to the American public, while getting the word out to the Arab world that this is happening?