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The growing concern about skinheads in Eugene has increased recently. This is a call towards a vigilant community, and an educated community. We can not allow the violence and hate to spread it's message without resistance...
This last weekend, while a friend was making late night fliers for a punk show in town he stumbled upon an unpleasant sight. Right in front of him, in full regalia (swastikas on arms, SS, ext, boots, the whole nine yards) was a group of four neo-nazis making fliers for distribution in town.

Our friend, a small kid, said that all four where in their thirties, and in amazing physical shape (do not approach these individuals looking for a fight). They were making several fliers, and it looked like they were getting ready for distribution.

This was at the Kinko's copy center in Eugene on the corner of 13th and Willamette, at about 4:30 pm on Sunday.

This is the fourth instance that we have heard about through the punk scene in Eugene, and there have also been two reported instances of hate crimes committed by "Neo Nazi" white males in the thirties reported by the main stream media. This group is attempting to infiltrate our scene, and they are doing it violently. Everytime that they have come to a show, there has been a fight. They have also been actively targeting high traffic areas like malls, ext with their fliers, and have also been targeting places of worship, and the U of O campus.

Be aware, and be community oriented. Keep your eyes open, and the solidarity strong. We can kick these fuckers out of our community, but we have to do it together.

In solidarity
the Revolutionary Youth Collective.

Comrade 03.May.2004 20:50

John Paul Cupp anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

Nazi Suck, Huh?
But, lets face it these bone heads are not the primary contradiction right now. Your real enemy, and the real fascists may not even be blatantly racist. They don't look nearly as sensation, either.

If your organization has an impulsive desire to militantly confront these individuals, why not the same for Pro-US sentiment and also Zionism. It is more important to root out fake allies than real idiots, who are outdated like the do-do bird, right now.

Hate Crimes understandable can not be tolerated.
Does your organization have a plan of action?

You should be cautious that such "aryan" oriented groups are largely the boogie man of world Zionism, which is the most rapidly predatory growing phenomenom of our life time. I do not suggest alliances with these nazis, but also doubt you full have your finger on the pulse of the world's reactionaries wheither in Eugene or the world.

Good Day to You,
John Paul Cupp

Not good 03.May.2004 21:04

ARA supporter

Thanks for making us aware of this. I know Volksfront members were present and active in the area last year and some of these shitheads may be members or allied with them. In the 1980's Eugene was troubled with a sizeable number of Nazi Skins, there were various confrontations including a big rumble between Nazis and black U of O football players in the parking lot behind Sy's Pizza. There were numerous other beatings and such and the Jewish temple was shot up as well and two nazis arrested and convicted of the crime. The two were active white supremists who dressed covertly with long hair but were members of NW skinhead groups.

If the base location of these Nazis can be identified it would be good to know. The ones who dress in an overt manner stand out like a sore thumb in Eugene so hopefully someone will figure out where they are coming and going from.

Oi Doi Duh 03.May.2004 21:23


The Zionist-Skinhead connection.

I'd even take it a step further and say that skinhead and white supremacy organizations unknowingly get financial support from Zionists. We see the ridiculous morons on springer. They're always painted to be the enemy of everyone, especially Jews (which they are). The thing is, they probably wouldn't exist without the culture of hate thats been provided to them.

The fact is, they (organized bigots) do more to support Israel than probably any other sector of society. They are in many cases, the reason people support Israel. "Remember WWII?", "Never Again!" blah blah. Without a sector of American society to hate all Jews, Israel would have much less reason to harp about "anti-semites".

The thing is these idiots are such a small segment of society and it's usually just passing teenage phase.

If you don't like them, go run them over with your car. I would.

Concerned 03.May.2004 22:52


Three years ago, I had the unpleasant experience of working (at min. wage) at the Seneca Goodwill packing AOL promotional cds along with a group of 2 neo-Nazi skins who had a dreadlocked friend (I think he was interested more in their white dope dealings than white supremicist views). These nazi skins hide their nazi markings at work, making themselves look like traditional ska-skins.

thanks for the lecture 04.May.2004 06:37



I realise the need for education at this point in time on the planet. I have been to your website, I know all about you guys, and have understood the issues you preach for a lot longer then the current occupation of Iraq has been taking place. I appreciatte your desire to educate, through whatever techniques you deem neccessary, but realise you are beating a dead horse. "Confront the zionsits". Yea, how 'bout each small collective of say ten to thirty people go get a gun, and confront one zionist each? what do you have after this? Thirty jailed activists, and a hundred more zionists...

but i get your point. so thank you for your support, and the connections that you are trying to make. I am sure our readers are learning a lot from your webpage.

As for the skinheads. This is our community, and we live in it. We spend out time being active in this community in different ways, some confrontational, some peaceful, some focus on information, others on communication, ext. We address our issues when we see fit.

This post was simply to make people aware of a current issue so that those of us in Eugene can deal with it in what ever way we all see fit. Do we have an action plan? Not a "violent" one, but an educational one yes!!!


oh, and p.s. the "informational address" on their fliers has been traced to Glenwood, we are pretty sure that the group is out of here.

skin heads are dorks 04.May.2004 09:13


I've known quite a few in my day. I grew up with some friends than turned into skin heads. They all seem to grasp on to the nazi ideology and the lifestyle associated with being a skinhead as a way to enable a justify in their own minds their own personal tendencies to bully others. It's always more about being a bully than trying to comprehend their own retarded racist views.

One things that's true about bullies is that they're all actually scared little babies inside and have a tendency to be underdeveloped emotionally.

This makes them more susceptible to ridicule and teasing (baby huey syndrome). So, ridicule and tease them at every chance. Every skin head hates a pretty girl pointing at them and laughing, so do that. Mock them at every turn. Accuse them of being gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) and tell them it's ok. Bait them into jailable offenses. Follow them to their homes and play tricks on them. Find what they love in life and what they work hard at and ruin it. Find out where they work and expose them.

It may seem like your stooping to their level a little bit, but remember that a group of skinheads can be dangerous and deadly. Idiot bullies like these have beaten people to death to satisfy their retarded self-images before and they'll do it again.

Skinheads are morons 04.May.2004 10:36

white race is ending

We ran 'em out of Portland years ago, why don't you guys get off your assess and do the same in Eugene?

It only took a couple torched houses and a few more broken legs, but they fucked off pretty quick. They weren't exactly missed by the police here, either.

Skinheads are weak and a classic example of sheepole. Never once when I found one of these guys alone, were they as hard as they acted in a pack. They break faster than anyone, don't let them intimidate you.

Free Speech 04.May.2004 10:54


I Guess free speach doesnt apply to everyone?

I Wish 04.May.2004 12:14


The skinheads are run out of Portland? What an incredible surprise.
Seems to me that I see even more skins (strictly talking boneheads and
neo-nazis) then I did a few years ago. I was a PSK for quite a while,
so I've had the "pleasure" of knowing a lot of the Portland skins. If
we "ran them out", we sure didn't do a good job. I vote for public

"Skinhead" isn't a bad word! 04.May.2004 13:50

natural skin-head

What is this sartorial crap? Are you people flying bumper-stickers saying "Support your local barber"? If someone likes to shave the whole head everyday, that's his (or her) business.

Advocating public ridicule of a style? Are you still in high school? (If so, drop out for your own good, because you're learning nothing but mainstream bullshit.)

As for Nazis and the Aryan Nation, or whatever, they have freedom of speech like everybody else (at least used to have, supposedly, before the Patriot Act). Same goes for Zionists. These are all political/religious nut cases --- not organizations that own a patent on some hair style.

Cupp, stop being an apologist for hate groups 04.May.2004 15:04


because you hate the jews. jews are discriminated against too, and they're not all zionists. go crawl back under your rock. whenever anyone says anything at all about discrimination anywhere against any jew, you're right there blaming every damn jew on the planet for israel's policies. well, there are jews here (i don't happen to be one of them) who can't do anything more about israel than you can. i could hate every arab person too because arabs are tortured in syria (by other arabs)! i could hate every white south african because of what they did to blacks. you are not being constructive--you are turning people away from caring about the palestinian issue because you have no nuance to your ideology, and you're hateful.

interesting 04.May.2004 17:48

dandelion ryceugene@yahoo.com

First, I would like to say that it is sad to see some of the conversation de-evolving into the cyclical arguement of "anti-semite vs. anti zion". How about next we talk about abortion done with hand guns at a same gender wedding and see what happens!!!! (if the sarcasim was not heavy enough with that statement, please forgive me).

So on another note. To the natural skin-head out there. We know the difference between a skin head, and a nazi punk, and I appologize for any hurt feelings on this one. It was a matter of symantics, I chose the word I wanted to use in order to grab people's attention. Mainly because the publishing section has such a high turnover rate that I figured it would be gone before it was even seen. I am glad that a non-neo spoke up though. We realize that all of us, male or female, who shave our heads are not neo nazis.

In fact there has been some tough conversations where we have had to explain to people that just because the kid in the corner's head is shaved, that no, he is not in fact a "nazi".

But when you see the full swastika, the blooded boots (i think you know what I mean with that), the SS, the information on their flier, well...

As for the freedom of speech, well buddy I agree. But, when that speech turns into violence (which it has, on two occassions) then it is OUR right to defend ourselves and our community. You can preach your hate all you want, as far as I am concerned, but you need to accept the potential consequences of those actions if you do so.

Revolutionary Youth Collective

oh, and while burning their houses to the ground is a wonderful "gut" reaction, I don't think it will really work to do anything in terms of actualy addressing the issue.

Thanks For Posting, Dandelion 04.May.2004 17:50

Mother of Sam mother_of_sam@yahoo.com

I live in Eugene, and there has ben an upsurge of Volksfront/AN activity. Anyone interested in doing something about it (whole range of options considered) can get in touch with me at my email. And JP Cupp - could you restrict your blathering to your own idiotic posts, and stop coopting everyone else's?

Will be watching 04.May.2004 19:23

ARA supporter

The word is now out in Glenwood to be on the lookout for any sign of them and it will be reported if there is anything of note.

Racist Skinheads 04.May.2004 20:51


Could you please at least in the future refer to them as Racist skinheads or Nazi skinheads. Using the blanket term skinhead creates confusion. Not all skinheads are racist.  http://www.skinheadnation.com/skinheadpride.htm

Expel them... 05.May.2004 10:21


...out of the Pacific Northwest period. They reek, are an embarrassment, and mar any sense of livibility in this area. I've run into these idiots and they are cowards unless they are in a pack. Between them and their corporate counterparts, the neo-cons, they should al be expelled to some island without rations. Maybe they will resort to cannibalism. Such a fitting end for these non humans.

they are only approachable one at a time. never in groups 05.May.2004 14:21


Like any other gangster, when in groups neo-nazis are completely unreasonable and can't be talked to at all, and will quickly resort to violence. And also like any other gangster, they crave a sense of belonging and love that they don't believe they can get anywhere else. One of my best friends from Salem was a SHARP, and before that a nazi. Later he gave up all skinhead ties yet was consulted regularly by SHARPs (like a wise old 22 year old general or something - it was kind of funny). He grew his hair long and read all the time. Selling pot he got back up on his feet and got off probation and made enough money to move away. He grew up with an idiot redneck father who was violent. These nazi skins are real people and they can change. I'm lucky I met him when he was a SHARP. He was an expert at what could be called "de-programming" racist skins.

Only discuss issues with a nazi when he is alone, and even then it might very well be dangerous. If you approach them with dignity and with assurances that none of their comrades will know about it, they can be reached. If they are in a groupo of two or more, their groupmind will overturn any reasonable discussion and the fear that they will be considered "weak" by the other (a big fear amongst "white nationalists" as they like to call themselves) will lead them to overcompensate with violence or confrontation. Be very careful.

As Usual... 05.May.2004 15:57


...I agree with you Gringo Stars and have known individual skin head types and neos. They can change as many are just frustrated and vulnerable kids.

Fuck Anti-Semitism 07.May.2004 10:33

Pink Lady

Dandelion, it seems important to remember that Neo-Nazi skinheads don't bring bigotry to your community, but are simply smart enough to know how to organize the bigotry that already exsists.

Protecting your scene and your community also means standing your ground. The amount of anti-semetic slurs that have been thrown around in posts following yours with no real response is disheartening.

This is no time to be letting boneheads divide us. We need to be watching each others backs.

Good luck with your efforts in combating them, as many of us are also having similar battles across the country and internationally.

all whites are racist 26.May.2004 16:33


Lets all keep in mind the simplicity of pointing a finger at extremist hate groups... Its easy for white folks like me to scapegoat the "real racists" while ignoring our own whiteness. Any white person raised and socialized by our culture has a lot of racism to deal with. White privelege gives us white people a huge ignorance to issues of racism. Check out "Tools for White guys working for social change" or other related articles...lots of good resources on the web.

Concerning Concerned 22.Dec.2004 22:22

rude girl

Maybe boneheads can change.
Maybe those skins at Goodwill weren't actually Nazi anymore, and were hiding their tats because it's not who they are anymore. Maybe the dope-fiending dreaded guy was actually a non-racist, and intelligent writer, who believed in anarchy and equality.
Maybe they actually did listen to ska and exchanged tapes of anti-racist music.
Maybe they're just working-class guys with different histories, just trying to get by with a min-wage shit job..
you never know.

As for the real boneheads, i wish i knew how to get rid of them. Even if they leave, they always come back. I guess it's a community effort, people shouldnt let them into venues or places of business. but then again, that in itself could be considered bigotry.

there's a bonehead in my town who drives a car with large lettering on the back windsheild that says "Pure Wood" Sounds like the stage name of a porn star. I should try and get his autograph sometime.