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May Day and Iraqi/Palestinian Armed Resistance!

Happy May Day Comrades, though I imagine for most of you the appeal is small or non-existent. Thousands of miles away today is a worker's holiday, though not all of the Arab and Islamic Resistance is working class, as of course the primary contradiction is with occupiers and their country-selling lackeys! None the less we on the "left" in the US have real hatred for the "scabs" who cross our picket lines.

Let's say that Iraq, and Palestine (according to its historic boundaries ) is that line. Perhaps that makes it clearer for the ones who "support the troops", the very occupiers that are killing the forces in the world right now which are OBJECTIVELY FIGHTING IMPERIALIST GLOBALISM ON ITS PRIMARY FRONT, or the ones who like to have
"Israeli" comrades, ( next they're going to say Haliburton is a nationality just like "Jewish" ).

So this the biggest picket line in the world, and the scabs are all of the occupiers and their collaborators. Whether they are US or Polish troops, "civilians", or "working-class" mercenaries, MAY DEATH BE UPON THEM!

In this mixed up world HAMAS is answering correctly on Marx and Lenin's thesis that "Jewish" is a religion and not a nationality. That is the Human Bombs and not the Anarchists and Trostkyists are OBJECTIVELY the ones correctly challenging globalism in the form of rejecting the Zionist Entity and US imperialism in a way that Nader, Kucinich, Kerry, Howard Dean, any "peace" group, the black block, your local union, or the something or rather revisionist socialist party, ever can based on the very contradictions which they exist by.

Perhaps we should say, were "communists" fail, and were the "left" is part of the Imperialist pole, that Fallujah is our union, and death to the scabs. For this reason, I hope tomorrow, on May 2nd to see, pictures of US troops, particularly my neighbors son, IN A BODY BAG WITH BLOOD GUSHING DOWN HIS HEAD!

No to Scabs, isn't that right, Joe Hill? !!!

John Paul Cupp,

Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network

homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Iraqi_Resistance_Solidarity_Network/