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A poem from the past for today

Written after the second world war, this poem still speaks to the present. When I see pictures of hooded Iraqi prisoners, taunted and tortured by Americans, I wonder when, as Jeffers says, our turn will come.
We Are Those People

I have abhorred the wars and despised the liars, laughed at the frightened
And forecast victory; never one moment's doubt.
But now not far, over the backs of some crawling years, the next
Great war's column of dust and fire writhes
Up the sides of the sky: it becomes clear that we too may suffer
What others have, the brutal horror of defeat--
Or if not in the next, then in the next-- therefore watch Germany
And read the future. We wish, of course, that our women
Would die like biting rats in the cellars, our men like wolves on the mountain:
It will not be so. Our men will curse, cringe, obey;
Our women uncover themselves to the grinning victors for bits of chocolate.

Robinson Jeffers 1946