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A poem a day

From my book of poetry (I later integrated poetry into my instrumental musical composition (March3 1994, I still remember when I did it) and put pieces in with my writing - like instead of writing a boring chapter in, say, fiction, just write a poem to move the action on instead and, POOF! Fun-ness!).
Happy belated MAYDAY
2007 (a)
A creation a second
A sound a minute
A fuck a' hour
A birth a morning
A drug a' afternoon
A death a night
A song a day
A party a week
A sculpture a month
A cartoon a month
A hat a season
A movie a year
A trend a decade
A house a life
A painting a country
A war a century
A' empire a millenium
A man a history
A music a geography
A math a son
A' art a sister
A line a brother
A mother a daughter
A gift a father
A sacrifice a society
A Jesus Christ a generation
A history a man
A generation a Jesus Christ
A man a history
A pain a pleasure
A pleasure a pain

(approx. winter 1991, I didn't date my poetry then)
I forgot to mention 03.May.2004 18:02

the reason why I used "A poem a day" as a title was because I was writing about a poem a day then and because it was the title of a short poem I lost.

I'm such a loser 03.May.2004 18:38

A poem per day
A sculpture per week
A cartoon per month
A movie per year
A painting per country

(fall '91, just found it in my ancient work binder, so I can blame myself and the computers upon which I do text now... ( curses) Let's just call this 'poetry shtik' and leave it at that, m'k?)