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"Self-defense is a bullet-proof vest"

The Blueshirts are still at it, harassing and expelling the allegedly undesirable, disposable class. A reminder that we must not lose the recent momentum.
At approximately 3:30 this afternoon the Po-Po forced two homeless men to leave their regular hang-out location at SW 16th and Salmon. There were two officers; one fairly young, and the other middle-aged, with a heavier build. The older one, according to a friend of mine who witnessed the incident, threatened to kick in the teeth of one of the homeless individuals. He also compared them to raccoons, saying, disparagingly, that "someone's been feeding them." The two homeless men, one Native American, possibly latino, the other white, had already been harassed by the same officer more than once over the weekend.

This is not just an isolated instance, it is the front line of class war.