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Torturing by order

In Iraq it's not a question to believe in US phrases of pseudo democracy, it's more the essential question to be a slave or not!
Rumsfeld, Myers, Abizaid, Sancez and Bremer. The american corridor of torture, murder and robbery and these five motherfuckin' criminal assholes, the heads of executive US myrmidons now tell the world that they don't now anything about systematical serial torture in Afghanistan and Iraq using pins squeezing under fingernails pushing prisoners of Guantanamo to the limit, about breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees and before any inquisition a short caning and anal penetrate for so called loosening up the delinquents... permanent shock treatment with icewater, beating detainees with a broom handle and a chair, threatening male detainees with rape, allowing a military police guard to stitch the wound of a detainee who was injured after being slammed against the wall in his cell, sodomising a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick, setting dogs on to nacked prisoners. This is only a part of an endless list of diabolical tortures heaped on Iraqi and Afghan prisoners by american do-gooders.

No these swines represent american do-gooder. Brains behind the scenes like Barbie, Eichman, Kaltenbrunner and Himmler. For this american motherfuckers inclusive the well-informed blithering idiot Bush a shot in the neck would be the most human method to stop penetrating the world with murderous lies. 'No American can do this, were the cud-chewing fuckin' statements but before the planned raid on Iraq all these american bastards have blocked very wisely any criminal prosecution by International Court of Justice and so the remittance workers, torturing by order, get only 'heavy trounced' a simple admonishment and this speaks volumes! Any Question?! Any Question?

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Backdraft 03.May.2004 22:35


Ohhhh Backdraft... you ignoroant little motherfucker. There is no real proof of the "crimes" you refer to... because they do not exist. Where was the outrage when Saddam was killing thousands of Iraqis prior to 2003? Where was the outrage when Saddam's prisons and graves were revealed to have killed hundreds of thousands?

Your dislike for Mr. Bush is very transparent and your passsion is hollow.

Hey Paul 03.May.2004 23:24


Where was your outrage when Saddam was filling those prisons and graves? Oh that's right, you weren't TOLD to be outraged then. Saddam was a useful tool against neighboring Iran, so who cared about some dead Iraquis when they were actually dying? For that matter, where was your outrage when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and made life hell for pretty much every woman there? Did the outrage only come when Laura Bush cried her crocodile tears for the women of Afghanistan, suddenly caring about people who'd been suffering for almost two decades since the US won their little chess game with the former Soviet Union? Reagan pretended to care, Bush the Elder didn't care, Clinton didn't care and Bush the Dumber didn't care until some of the horror our governmenmt exports decided to come home to visit. Now we're told to care after all the innumerable victims are dead and in the grave and we're told to accept more death and suffering as being in the name of those innocent dead. So where was your outrage before you were told to be outraged, Paul? I'd say someone here is pretty transparent and hollow, but it definitley doesn't look like it's backdraft.