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Update on Tre Arrow's Cout Date Today

Tre Arrow's Admissibility Hearing was ajourned and set for May 11th, also, a big show of support is needed to get him an appropriate diet.
Tre looked okay, we got some food to tre's lawyer who passed it to Tre
before and after the hearing in the lock-up. Tre was extremely thankful. his lawyer
said he'll be filing a complaint with regarding the food situation at the

The Admissibility Hearing was adjouned and set for Tues. May 11 (time and location to be posted soon). This is an absolutely critical hearing! Definately round up as many supporters as we can to fill the reception area. BIG thanks to everyone who was there this morning

Tre's lawyer is going to approach the issue of bail again soon. however, holding the admissibility hearing first nessisary before bail can be set.

Also,THIS IS IMPORTANT, a letter-writing campaign began this past weekend, and we hope to
continue it all this week. Please show your support and demand justice

North Fraser Pre-Trial Corrections Centre
Director of Programs
Ms. Ardith Watson
ph# (604) 468-3500
fax# (604) 468-3556

please flood her fax and phone today and tomorrow expresing your concern
about the food that he is currently receiving. he has been raw vegan for a
long time and he has just come off a 44-day fast, and they are trying to
feed him fried fish, egg salad and grilled cheese. as a buddhist, tre
shold legally have access to a vegan diet. it is time for tre to get access
to the food he needs. he wants to eat but they are not providing him with
the food he needs! tre is a raw vegan, meaning no cooked foods and no foods
with any animal products or by-products (nothing with a face or a

please show your concern, and demand that tre be given what he legally
thank you for your support!


I am contacting you to express my outrage about the treatment of Tre Arrow, currently being held in solitary confinement in your institution. I am aware that he is facing the sadistic and inhumane treatment at your facility, including being denied food in keeping with his faith, access to the phone, or contact with his family.

I understand that Tre is Buddhist, and is also lactose intolerant, yet despite your knowledge of these facts you have denied his repeated requests for a vegan (meat, dairy and egg free) diet. Under Canadian law he has a right to a diet consistant with his religion, it is within your power to meet his dietary and medical needs, and it is your duty to do so. Your facility has access to produce, and you have no excuse for starving or torturing inmates.

I am shocked that the Canadian Corrections systems feels that this is an acceptable way to treat, any inmate, let alone one who has not been convicted of any crimes, and has caused no problems while in your custody. I am writing to insist that a stop be put to these tactics, which amount to human right violations.