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Where can I get a used bike?

Where can I get a used bike?
Hello, anyone know where to get good used road bikes? I'm looking for a med. sized road with a budget of $300. Any leads would be great! (the person who stole my bike can eat rocks)

Check craiglist 03.May.2004 12:16



All manner of used bikes -- from free to $2,000+.

Also, if you're looking for someone to pee on you, Craigslist is the place.

Happy hunting.

Goodwill Bins 03.May.2004 13:48


Cheapest place to find decent road bikes is the Goodwill Bins on 99. My friends FIsher was stole and I told him to do the same. He got a road bike for $25 abd he loves it.

community cycling center 03.May.2004 14:06

18th and alberta, NE PDX

the CCC has excellent deals on bikes because they sell for less than market value. if you want something solid that was put together by a decent mechanic, you can find something for $100-150. otherwise craigslist for sure.

happy pedaling.

citybikes 03.May.2004 15:12


city bikes is a co-op bike shop
check it out at se 8th and ankeny
they have used road bikes in your price range
they fix them up real nice
if you have any problems the first month, they fix it free

City Bikes 03.May.2004 15:14


City Bikes Annex at 8th and Ankeny SE

Citybikes Annex 03.May.2004 15:15


Citybikes Annex at 734 SE Ankeny sells reconditioned used bikes. If you don't see an already-fixed-up one downstairs, you can have them fix up one for you from the to-be-fixed collection upstairs.

don't forget Sellwood Cycles and Seven Corners 03.May.2004 18:25


I picked up an amazing old Bianchi at Sellwood Cycles for $125. They have some great deals for under $300. Also check out Seven Corners on 23rd and Division. It's run by a really nice guy named Corey, and he's starting to sell used bikes. He has some pretty good ones now and then. Good luck.

I'm a mechanic and I sell on craigslist 03.May.2004 20:06


I resent the implication that bikes on craiglists might be inferior to what CCC sells. There are several people that are competent mechanics who advertise on craigslist who take old bikes and make them roadworthy and sell them for a fair price. My favorite shops are Veloshop, Sellwood Bicycle Repair, Citybikes, and North Portaland Bike Works. All have attentive competent staff and fair prices.

Thanks! 04.May.2004 11:55


Thanks everyone! I have had the same bike for years till it got stolen so I was a little out of the loop. I just got a great schwin at City Bikes Annex.

TIP for shopping at City Bikes: They seem to be a little spendy there for used bikes. The bike I purchased had a price tag for $250. I asked if they were flexible on price. Turns out that the price they have on the bikes includes tune up or complete overhaul. The bike itself was already in great condition despite a little TLC. That and I planed on swapping a few parts I had already. They gave me the bike for $90 as is. Wow, from $250 to $90. Not bad at all. Good people too!

Citybikes pricing 04.May.2004 15:11

The Green Redneck

Citybikes does great work and sells the most mechanically solid used bikes in town.
You will get your money's worth by paying for their labor as well as the bike itself.
Along with Sellwood, they're probably the most diligent about making sure their merchandise is of legitimate origin--something I can't say about CCC.