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Bush makes no jokes about weapons of mass destruction

This lameness is what passes for corporate journalism in 2004.
Bush makes no jokes about weapons of mass destruction

Sun May 2,12:59 AM ET
WASHINGTON, (AFP) - US President George W. Bush (news - web sites) refrained from making any jokes about the US failure so far to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (news - web sites), adopting a rather dark tone at a traditional annual dinner organized by journalists covering the White House.

During a March 25 dinner for US television journalists, Bush remarked about a picture showing him down on all fours in his office, saying, "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere!"

This joke drew criticisms from opposition Democrats.

This Saturday, President Bush made some jokes related to questions he had to contend with during his latest press conference on April 13.

He admitted he was "stumped" when a journalist asked him about the most serious mistake of his presidency.

"My biggest mistake was calling on him," Bush said.

He also suggested that reporters henceforth ask their questions through Bob Woodward, a famous journalist from The Washington Post.

"Then I would tell Bob Woodward, then he would tell you," the president joked.

Bob Woodward has just published a book chronicling a period leading up to the war in Iraq that was launched in March 2003.

"Our country is in a period of testing and sacrifice," Bush declared, adopting a more somber tone. "This evening we think about the families who grieve or wait for a loved one safe return."

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, more than 700 US soldiers have been killed, including more than 130 in the past month alone.