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Urgent Appeal For Haiti

human rights appeal to us citizens and the
international community
Urgent appeal for Haiti



After a week of meeting with a wide range of individuals and organizations
in Haiti, we urge you to denounce the vast number of human rights
violations being systematically carried out against Aristide supporters
and unionists. Under an illegal occupation and the existence of an
illegitimate government, a grave situation of human rights abuses
continues on a daily basis. These include massacres, disappearances, summary executions, beatings, mass illegal arrests, and political repression.

Of particular concern are the many accounts of Aristide supporters and unionists who have been disappeared, as well as the great number of people
forced into hiding. Since February 29, 2004 these people have had to flee
their homes, becoming separated from their families, unable to work, and having to depend on others for food, clothing, and shelter. Many had
already been victims of political rape and violence perpetrated under the previous coup period of the early 1990's. Their voices have been silenced
by the forces of military and media oppression.

Despite the US government's proclamation of peace in Haiti, the economic
elite, in collusion with the Haitian media, are orchestrating a climate of
vigilante justice. The US- led multinational force itself has been
implicated in at least two massacres in civilian neighborhoods, and we
have heard almost unanimously that Haitians feel betrayed yet again by the
international community.

We will issue a comprehensive report in the
coming weeks, but today we request that the following urgent actions be

Call and write your local congressperson, the United Nations:
212-963-2486,  presidentga58@un.org , and
CARICOM: 011-592-226-9280,  webmaster@caricom.org and tell them to immediately investigate the circumstances surrounding the removal of
President Jean Bertrand Aristide from Haiti on February 29, 2004.

Demand the right to asylum for persecuted Haitian citizens by calling your
local congressperson. Call Amnesty International at 212-807-8400 and Human
Rights Watch at 212-290-4700 to demand that their counterparts in Haiti,
especially the National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR) investigate
and denounce human rights abuses perpetuated against Lavalas supporters.

Call Secretary of Defense Powell: 202-647-6575,
and President Bush: 202-456-1111/ 202-456-1414 and your local congressperson to demand that the multinational and US forces immediately stop
committing human rights abuses. The United Nations must provide a human
rights observer team!

Donate money to support the rebuilding of persecuted unions, human rights
organizations, and legal assistance programs
that have had their infrastructures dismantled.

Send money to: EPICA, 1470 Irving St, NW- 2nd floor, Washington DC 20010. Please write: HAITI REBUILD on your check.

Participate in and/or support the accompaniment program being organized by

US solidarity groups with Haiti to ensure the safety of Lavalas supporters
in their country.

To donate money or to participate call Leslie Flemming
at the Haiti Action Committee: 510-558-0371.

Olivia Burlingame Goumbri Director, Alternatives to Globalization &
Militarization Program
EPICA (Ecumenical Program On Central America & the Caribbean)
1470 Irving St, NW
Washington DC 20010

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
616 E. Burnside, Portland, Oregon 97214
503.236.7916, < info@pcasc.net>

CBLOC, the Cross Border Labor Organizing
Coalition, meets the first and third Wednesday of each month
at 7:00 in our office at 616 E. Burnside.

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already on
the CLR list and do not wish to have their
forwarded, or if you would like to be on the
activities and action alerts only list, please
send a
message to  info@pcasc.net
Payback is a bitch, isn't it? 03.May.2004 11:29


Fuck 'em. I was in Haiti when Aristdide's militants were necklacing people in the streets (putting tyre on them and dousing with petrol and burning them to death) and persecuting the opposition. I have seen their crimes. They deserve their fate.

the poster above came out of CIA Langley after writing it 03.May.2004 11:43


and so did the hoodlum that is now claiming ot be president. Many of his bodyguards are SOA graduates and some fo their teachers are on the so-called multinational force. Anything you read in the corporate whore press about Haiti is a lie fabricated in the same embassy from hell (CIA). They have a special interest in keeping anything about Aristide quiet, so don't help them!!

You ever been to Cap Hatien? 03.May.2004 13:17


Ignorant American. Where were you when Aristdide's thugs were running enemies to the ground? Now you protest. Now you step up for Aristdide. You are useless to Haiti.