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El Salvador reportback Thurs., May 6th @ 7pm

FEAR and FRAUD: Who Stole the Salvadoran Elections?
Three International Elections Observers from Portland report back on: the March 2004 presidential elections in El Salvador, U.S. intervention, the labor struggle, women's movement, and CAFTA (the Central America Free Trade Agreement).

THURSDAY, MAY 6th @ 7pm, 325 NE 20th Ave.
Musician's Union Local 99

Speakers, photographs, listening booths, auction and a slide show

> For more information contact CBLOC at: 503-236-7916/ info@pcasc.net

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
616 E. Burnside, Portland, Oregon 97214
503.236.7916, < info@pcasc.net>

CBLOC, the Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition,
meets the first and third Wednesday of each month
at 7:00 in our office at 616 E. Burnside.