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Students in Mexico are victims of the Dirty War

In the last few months, several students have been attacked and beaten by undercover infiltrators for trying to have a voice in the university councils and the center of activism at UNAM - Okupa Che Guevara - is under threat of eviction. The current situation with Pavel (see below) has had very little coverage outside of the university and has continued to be declared by the media as a suicide. Pavel was very active and participated in a lot of events at Che and was a dedicated volunteer of Smaliyel.
Pavel, victim of the Dirty War

• On Monday, April 19, Noel Pavel González González did not return home, causing the concern of his family and friends.

• On Friday, April 23, a missing person's report was filed with the Attorney General of Justice - Mexico City (PGJ-DF) because he remained disappeared (File number 691N)

• On Saturday, April 24 at 7am, his parents were notified of the discovery of the lifeless body of Pavel in a ifficult-access zone on the mountain of Ajusco.

• According to forensic data, the body presents physical abuse: torture, rape, and a blow to the head that provoked the fracturing of his skull. The torture started the first day of his disappearance and caused his death on Friday, April 23. The body was found hung, appearing as a suicide.

• Pavel was an activist during the student movement of 1999-2000 in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), member of the Strike Committee of the College of Science and Humanities South (CCH Sur). In the School of Philosophy and Literature (in UNAM) and in the National
School of Anthropology and History (ENAH), he studied the bachelor's degrees of Latin American Studies and Social Anthropology. He continued supporting projects of political and social nature as a volunteer of the Cooperativa Smaliyel D.F (which organizes to support the caracol
"Resistencia Hacia Nuevo Amanecer")
• Apparently the crime was executed by a group that specialized in torture that recalls the worst eras of the Dirty War and it obliges us to think in a new annihilation of social activists.

• We demand that the Attorney General of the Republic, the Attorney General of Justice of Mexico City, and the National Commision of Human Rights clariy the murder and punish
the guilty.

Clarification of the murder of compañero Pavel!
Punishment of the guilty!

No more torture and murders!

No more Dirty War!

stop killings by government!!! 11.Mar.2005 10:24

**bEuTiFuL aNgEl**

there should be a safe community where every one is happy.!no more dead people!!! even though I cannot stop that.