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An Open Letter to the American Military in Iraq

This is a letter prompted by having seen the pictures of the torturing of Iraqui prisoners by American Army personnel. The false posturing by our diabolical president and the falsehoods of the generals notwithstanding, this is NOT atypical of the America they have been ushering in for over 2 decades. The majority of the soldiers in Iraq (and anywhere in the world) are like the ones in the pictures because the leaders are like the ones in the pictures: perverted psychopaths
This is a letter of support for our troops. Support for those few dozen men and one or two women in Iraq who are not going to make us any more ashamed of being Americans than what we already are. I support you few civilized human beings among that sea of 150,000 raving psychopaths that your buddies have become running around killing, raping, destroying, disgracing, embarrassing, making fun of and in general stomping innocent people who have done nothing to us. Innocent people who were fooled, as we were, by our leaders from hell into thinking that you were being sent there for some reason other than to stomp a country into the ground because your (not mine!!) psychopathic retarded evil president told you to. No sane reason, no moral reason, no strategic reason, no reason other than for him and his ghouls to make money from Iraqui oil, which you have helped them to secure.

You know and I know that I am not exaggerating by saying how truly few of you there are. Soldiers that truly deserve part of the fanfare that the evil pseudo-Christian right and all the presidents henchmen have been raising as a smoke screen so that you don't betray the abhorrent ultimate human crimes being committed as much by your hundreds of thousands of criminal psychopathic buddies as by certifiably criminally insane leaders are probably as few as 2 or 3 dozen. Those few of you who have suddenly found out that the whole thing was a racist insane agenda put together by cynical killers in Washington are now in a quandary because you knew that you were exceptionally evolved and moral when you saw the trash of humanity that surrounds you in American uniform but now you can't get out without calling attention to yourself, attention that might actually get you killed by these hundreds of thousands of "Deliverance" rejects and perverts.

You have my support. Not because you did anything for my flag. That flag has been soiled by the ass of Bush with shit that will never come off and there is a lot more of that to come yet. Not because you went in there to save a world from the terrorism that the CIA created Bin Laden and the Bush created 9/11 bestowed on the ignorant American people. You now know that, at least, there was something wrong with that story and some of you may actually have much more information than that but because of that you are worried that something may happen to you in your sleep. If you are going to be heroic in the original sense of the word (which now means only to God and the planet because your country has failed you miserably) and are going to come home and expose the devils in power for what they truly are, then you have my full support and I salute you. If you are going to show America what it has become by snapping pictures of what its darling uniformed pervert/rejects are doing to innocent foreign human beings, then you deserve support and respect.

All the rest of your sick sycophantic bootlicking buddies can rot preferably over there (hate to think of what those army intelligence fucks will do when they get back stateside) or can come back and be real quiet about their criminal participation in the president's grandest rip off of the century. Either way, please walk humbly from now on as long as you are not in the US because the pictures of Abu Graib are going around and will be for many weeks ALL OVER THE WORLD and everyone now knows that the emperor has no clothes, that is, that he is a goddamned pervert and runs around effectively naked looking for the next unsuspecting prisoner to jump on and rape - this can be the devil pervert emperor in the White House or the perverted redhead soldier of the emperor in the bunk next to you. They all need to leave this world quickly. The cosmic laws that govern evolution on this planet demand that these hundreds of thousands of involuted Cro-Magnon grunting devil perverts and their counterparts in Washington leave this planet as soon as possible so that the Earth and the Galaxy can proceed with an otherwise reasonably well made plan for evolution of the species. But if you few that have gotten my support come back here and pretend that nothing happened and that you can now go back to business as usual and that you have decided that you will not spill the beans on the lower form of evolution that you were forced to serve, take orders from or merely share a mess table with, then we will seek you out.

If you don't come back and help to make the moral revolution that we need to send those fascist low-lives to the same hell that Hitler and Himler went to, then you end up being as guilty as the rest of your pervert filled army and will ultimately be hated by the new American who will be forced to try to clean up the image of infra-humans that the rest of those hundreds of thousands of inbred trash are giving to a country that, in its majority actually deserves it. We are few here and you are few there so act like heroes there and help to save lives and stop the next abomination that your buddies are planning or that your leaders are ordering. We have been doing likewise here but money keeps thinning our ranks and, now, the real hell spawn are in power and about to rig the last election until we can all unite and push them into the hole they crawled out of. You few don't need my moral guidance but you need to know that we know you're out there and we support you in this strange and lonely hour of crisis.
Grow Up!! 04.May.2004 00:53

Nathan Hale

Why don't you grow up? Your arrogant, self-righteous B.S. is truly sickening! I just returned from Kuwait/Iraq, and I can tell you that 99% of the American (and British) soldiers are not the "morally deprived psychopaths" that you describe. I did not necessarily "want" to go to Iraq, but some times, a person needs to answer a call to action higher than their own personal needs. I am in the National Guard, and I had to put a lucrative civilian career on hold. The individuals who have committed the crimes at the Abu Gahraib prison have disgraced my uniform, and they should and will be dealt with in a most severe manner. Their careers as "soldiers" are over, and there should be criminal charges as well. I consider myself a professional in all that I do, even though I am a "part-time" soldier. None of the other soldiers I have served with would tolerate such behaviour. For you to characterize all American soldiers as "deviants and criminal psychopaths" is outrageous! Unless you have walked a mile in my shoes and seen the things I have seen, you should refrain from writing such inflamatory, outlandish, and foolish diatribes. But, then again, just like there are a few bad soldiers in the Army, there are a lot more assholes like you in the world. Assholes who take the very freedoms and liberty that enable them to write such B.S. for granted. I must remember that the reason I wear a uniform that says "United States Army" is to protect those freedoms for arrogant shits like you. The simple fact of the matter is this: You need me and fellow soldiers to ensure your "right" to continue to spew venom and contempt. A simple thank-you would be sufficient.

Coward 04.May.2004 03:35

Jim Maddux

Thanks for your insightful comments about the military in Iraq. By the way, have you been to Iraq lately? It's a beautiful place, really. There, mortars, roadside bombs and rocket-propelled grenades grow on trees. Just about everybody has at least one AK-47. Oh, one more question. Just exactly how many rape victims have you documented there? Oh, they MUST be happening, because almost everyone in uniform is a rapist and murderer.

But the real question is this: What's the view like from the cheap seats? It doesn't cost much to take cheap shots in two-bit op ed columns at those who are putting their lives on the line. It's really inexpensive to verbally rape the military, the president, our "leaders" and whoever else you want to lump in your cadre from hell.

But exactly what is it you bring to the table that makes this country a better place? Oh, yeah, freedom of expression. But the Ku Klux Klan and the Neo-Nazis do that. You see, any nitwit can shoot off his/her mouth. Your whining, simpering article makes that much obvious. But what is it you are prepared to give your life for? My guess is, not much. Because the world teams with cowards like you, who spew venom and hatred anonymously from an armchair without (a) the slightest inkoing of the actual facts of the matter, or (b) even the vaguest intent of doing anything constructive to make the country or the world a better place.

Your ilk are legion! You will never win a Pulitzer or a Nobel, will probably never have a book published and, with such immoderate and immature views, probably won't be much of a success in life. And when the end comes for you -- as it does for us all -- probably no one will spit on your grave or dishonor your memory, because in the last analysis, you won't really have mattered the way that the majority of our men and women in uniform do. I understand why you wrote as "Sad." Because that's just what you are. And down in your heart -- if you have one -- you knew your comments wouldn't stand the test of public scrutiny -- wouldn't hold water in the honest arena of public debate. Until you grow up, why don't you shut up?

FREEDOM 04.May.2004 04:07


25 YEARS I have been wearing this uniform my father before me and my son after me I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN SOLDIER DEFENDING YOUR FREEDOM TO RUN YOUR FILTHY MOUTH! You are more than likely some rich asshole sitting in your fancy house with nothing better to do with your life than to spew crap,make a difference but that would be too much to ask walk a mile in my shoes YOU COULDN'T HANDLE THAT (PEOPLE WOULD RESPECT YOU THEN)

Freedom of speech 04.May.2004 06:49

YOUR protector...

I have dedicated the last 12 years of my life to protect, among other things, YOUR freedom of speech (if you are in fact 12 years old yet). ADVICE- Before you generalize an entire group of people, you should get the facts. It's quite obvious that you are labeling an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. A few under the most extreme of circumstances but none the less inexcusable actions (that they will pay dearly for). You have such an off-base, unfounded and skewed opinion of your military that anyone with ANY knowledge of those who serve this country will only get two sentences through before changing gears in their minds from interested to comical curiousity or disgust (depending on who reads it).
I have to say...you strike me as being one of the dozen or so protestors (in your math, I believe that would make up "99%" of all of the protestors) interviewed at the infamous WTO/IMF Portland protest who when asked by the media where they stood on the issues, couldn't comment because they didn't know the issues. Maybe you were the guy with the super glossed over eyes who couldn't utter anything other than, "It's a party, man!". Your reply to this is that the media likes a story and that airing those ridiculous interviews is not representative of the overwhelming majority of the protestors. Get my point? You have demonstrated the basics of stereotypical behavior and have zero credibility because of it. Just think about it.
Ahhh- freedom of the press! Dear author, I'll even defend silly drivel like this until my last breath.

osama 04.May.2004 07:45


Hey, Osama's butt buddy,have a one-way ticket for you to the armpit of the world which is where you need to live. Lots of sheep and camels out there for you to play with. you are a disgrace to this country. leave it now.

Re: Open Letter by, "Sad" 04.May.2004 10:08


Well, it seems that the person writing the op ed in the form of an "open letter," gave himself the moniker of "Sad." It fits. Having been a military member for over 12 years (medic and then military police), I have known but a few ... a VERY few rapists and murderers; only as a military policeman apprehending and/or transporting same.
"Sad," you have NO clue as to the character and ethics of today's American service members. In fact, you perpetuate the myth that dissenters such as yourself are on some higher level... but understand too, that myth only exists within your sphere of like-minded limp-wristed weenie liberals.
Want to know about rape and torture? Investigate the facts of Saddam's reign of terror, with his two gentlemen sons. To bad you couldn't investigate while they were still around. I can see you there now... with your wife, girlfriend or perhaps, even your mother. What would you say and feel when one of Saddam's sons sent his emmisary to you and informed you that your wife/girlfriend or mother, was to be their bedmate for the night? Who would you cry for -- the Iraqi police, or a U.S. Armed Forces member?
Enough said... it's a waste of time to argue with an absolute idiot like you. By the way... if you can read this, thank a teacher; and if you can read it in English, thank a GI.

Asshole 04.May.2004 10:13


What an asshole you are!

not the majority, but not just a few 04.May.2004 10:53

a friend to many soldiers

I have family and friends who are serving and have spent a lot of time with people who are currently serving or have served. The reality is that it's not most but it's not just a few who are prone to disgraceful conduct. Plenty of soldiers have talked to me about how they signed up because they wanted to kill people, and this attitude is in no way discouraged by the military.

As for the fighting for freedom rhetoric, I don't buy it. We heard the same thing in Vietnam, and every conflict since. But the truth is this war isn't predicated on fighting for freedom. Hussein is no worse than many other leaders in the world today and yet the US invades Iraq with a justification built on a foundation of lies instead of any other country. It's just common sense of course. It would be stupid for the US government not to try and exert absolute control over the natural resources to which it is utterly dependent. We know that weapons inspections were effective at containing Hussein and if we had removed the humanitarian sanctions odds are Hussein would have been overthrown. He would have been overthrown in 1991 if the US military at the behest of our government hadn't backed him against the insurgents. And that made sense too, since the US did not want the fundamentalist Shiites in control. And this begs the question: how will Iraq ever be a democracy if the US is against the majority group having power?

These are tough questions and siuations we are dealing with. They deserve thoughtful analysis not just repetitious rhetoric.

Give it up Nathan 04.May.2004 11:47

W B Travis

Dear Nathan Hale,

Don't waste your time - these people have rabies or something. I know quite a few of our troops who just got back, and they are fine people - they were well motivated and performed magnificently in Iraq. All Americans - I don't include this group in that - they have repudiated America and don't belong to us any more - value your service.

W.B. Travis

Hey pal, look around.. 04.May.2004 11:47


Hey Sad.. you wrote:

>>>>"..running around killing, raping, destroying, disgracing, embarrassing, making fun of and in general stomping innocent people who have done nothing..."

Look around you sad sack of &#*# the actions you write about are happening right under your own nose. There's no need to look any further than any metropolitan city to see the above happening daily here in the good ol' US of A. Why don't you put your creative writing skills to good use and write an article about the rapists, drug dealers, murderers that occupy our homeland?

The reason you aren't addressing the real issue and instead try to insult our patriot Americans in uniform is because you don't think for yourself. If you'd devote a few of the dozen brain cells you have left to the real issues and not to some B.S. leftist agenda - you'd understand how lucky you are to be using a computer and freely communicating your views. If more people felt the way you do, we'd be worshiping our Republic of America's Dictator William Jefferson Clinton.

In the future, please spew your feces from your butt instead of a keyboard. Spare us all from further moronic drivel.

thinking for oneself 04.May.2004 11:57

all politicians lie

"we'd be worshiping our Republic of America's Dictator William Jefferson Clinton"

Is that what you call thinking for yourself about real issues because if so you've just defeated your argument.

Apparently when Clinton lies it's the end of the world but when Bush lies it was for the greater good. All politicians lie to get what they want. The sooner you realize that the sooner you will be able to think for yourself and join the rest of us in demanding accountability for elected officials who lie (it was not so long ago that the republicans professed to believe in that).

Have you heard! 04.May.2004 13:17

OF the school of the americas

Or are you fearfull of the truth!

The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), located at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, is the U.S. Army's principal Spanish-language training facility for Latin American military personnel. It is the successor to the School of the Americas (SOA), a facility established in 1946 and legally closed in 2001. The WHINSEC is located in the same building, and offers many of the same courses, as the school it replaces. Along with the U.S. Air Force's Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA), WHINSEC attracts the largest number of Latin American military students.

The Army's operations and maintenance account pays the institute's fixed costs. Student tuition costs are covered mainly by grants through the International Military Education and Training (IMET) and International Narcotics Control (INC) programs, or purchases of training through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.

The School of the Americas had been questioned for years, as it trained many military personnel before and during the years of the "national security doctrine" -- the dirty war years in the Southern Cone and the civil war years in Central America -- in which Latin American militaries ruled or had disproportionate government influence and committed serious human rights violations. Training manuals used at the SOA and elsewhere from the early 1980s through 1991 promoted techniques that violated human rights and democratic standards. SOA graduates continue to surface in news reports regarding both current human rights cases and new reports on past cases.

Defenders of the SOA and its successor, however, argue that they do not teach abuse, and that today the curriculum includes human rights as a component of every class. They also argue that no school should be held accountable for the actions of only some of its graduates.

Section 911 of the 2001 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 5408) added a new section 2166 to Title 10, U.S. Code (the part of U.S. law that governs the military). The new section repealed the legal authorization for the old School of the Americas and made the following changes.


The Fort Benning facility was renamed the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation."

The renamed institute's official purpose is now "to provide professional education and training to eligible personnel of nations of the Western Hemisphere within the context of the democratic principles set forth in the Charter of the Organization of American States ... while fostering mutual knowledge, transparency, confidence, and cooperation among the participating nations and promoting democratic values, respect for human rights, and knowledge and understanding of United States customs and traditions."

Codifying an existing SOA policy, the new law requires that each student receive at least eight hours of instruction in "human rights, the rule of law, due process, civilian control of the military, and the role of the military in a democratic society."

The new law allowed Latin American civilians and police personnel to attend, and requires that the Secretary of State be consulted in the selection of students.

Courses must focus on leadership development, counter-drug operations, peace support operations, disaster relief, or "any other matter the Secretary [of Defense] deems appropriate."

The new law codified the old SOA's decade-old practice of inviting a "Board of Visitors" to review and evaluate "curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs, and academic methods." The board must include the chairmen and ranking minority members of both houses' Armed Services Committees (or surrogates), the senior Army officer responsible for training (or a surrogate), one person chosen by the Secretary of State, the head of the U.S. Southern command (or a surrogate), and six people chosen by the Secretary of Defense ("including, to the extent practicable, persons from academia and the religious and human rights communities"). The board reviews the institute's curriculum to determine whether it complies with U.S. laws and doctrine, and whether it is consistent with U.S. policy goals toward Latin America and the Caribbean. Within sixty days of its annual meeting, the Board must submit a report to the Secretary of Defense describing its activities and its recommendations.

The law requires a detailed annual report on the institute's activities, which the Secretary of Defense, after consulting with the Secretary of State, must submit to Congress by March 15 of each year. No report was produced in 2001; the Defense Department claimed that the newly created institue had no activities to report. As of July 2002, the 2002 report had not yet been produced.

Bush lies? 04.May.2004 13:28


Excuse me, but specifically what "lie" or "lies" are you referring?

Presumably you'll be spewing rhetoric about Weapons of Mass Distruction blah, blah. First of all, I suggest that the search has not concluded. Secondly, an animalistic regime has been removed from the Middle East. Why don't you tell your story to the Iraqi citizens that endured torture, poverty, inhumane conditions and death under Saddams rule? I'm sure they could give a rats behind about WMD's. Where is the liberal compassion when it comes to such issues? Libs are the first one to cry out over human rights issues.. why is it that Bush has not been commended for protecting so many precious lives? Hypocricy.

Irresponsible remarks 04.May.2004 14:20

MidWest guy strangevisitor2004@yahoo.com

I really don't believe the author of this article believes what he wrote anymore than the people reading it. In this day of so much nedia and information available it really doesn't take much to realize the author is serious.
It is too bad that some unscrupulous journalist will take these negative comments and offer them as valid comments. There in lies the real shame.

people not politicians 04.May.2004 15:04

all politicians lie

Well, lists of Bush's lies (and that's not even including his administration) would take up too much space (there are entire websites devoted to it) but these are some of my favorites:

"We gave [Hussein] a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."
"We must uncover every detail and learn every lesson of September the 11th."
"We found the weapons of mass destruction."
"I'm a uniter not a divider."


And if the US didn't need a pretext to invade Iraq I guess it doesn't need one to invade Syria, Iran, North Korea, or any other country. I guess it doesn't matter how much money we spend or how many lives are lost so long as the US citizens get to think of themselves as "the good guys" in their invasions and occupations. The question we must all ask our selves, loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, and community is do we truly want "years of war"?

I'm glad to see it pointed out already because as for hypocrisy, where were the republicans when the US, under Bush I, backed Hussein in 1991 in his massacres of the Shiites? It's not, and never has been, a question of whether or not Hussein was removed from power but how he was removed. If we could have allowed the citizens of Iraq to overthrow him without the loss of US lives or running up the biggest deficit in the history of the country we should have done it. Look at how easily the US ousted Aristide. Look at the history of US interventions in the politics of other countries. War was never needed to remove Hussein, the Iraqis were willing to do that part if we had supported them (but then there may have been a fundamentalist regime instead of a moderate secular one in control of Iraq and its resources).

Again, why war with Iraq if
1) It wasn't necessary to remove Hussein
2) Iraq was not a threat to the US
3) Hussein was not connected to 9/11 (as Bush himself has stated)

And can we find a reason that doesn't necessitate US invasion and occupation of many other countries at some untold cost of lives and dollars.

One final thought, for those who believe that we went to Iraq to remove Hussein (which of course would be in violation of international law, that's why the whole WMD story was pushed): If the removal of Hussein was the goal we should see the troops return home soon. If not, it would indicate that the troops are there for another purpose, and with each passing year more and more people are going to be asking what that purpose is.

Finally, I would suggest that if anyone ever finds themselves claiming that a politician hasn't lied they seriously begin questioning their worldview. Politicians are all corrupt liars. It makes me sick that the only reason the republicans couldn't nail Clinton on any of his scandals is because they were all tied up in the same scandals. And the same goes for the democrats now, they could nail the Bush administration on war profiteering and corporate scandals if they weren't also profiting from it. Time to re-evaluate who is serving the interests of the people of this country; has it ever been the politicians or has it always been the people themselves?

This has got to be a joke 04.May.2004 15:25


This article has to be a joke, right? No sane person could possibly really believe all that garbage.

'David' = no sane person. 04.May.2004 15:48

joke's on you

'David' prefers to believe:

1. bin Laden lives in Afghanistan cave
2. imminent threat from Iraq WMDs
3. "Mission Accomplished"
4. U.S. troops would never, ever torture human beings in Saddam Hussein's own prison
5. global oil supplies are getting more plentiful with advancing time

it's wise to not make assumptions 04.May.2004 16:16


I do not make assumptions about the beliefs or motives of people posting articles or comments here, or anywhere else on the internet. There is no way for anyone to know anything truthful about the people posting. We can just read, evaluate, and respond to the information that is presented. We can make assumptions and infferences but they are often wrong. Some people are always trying to start trouble in message boards by posting provacative statements, or by starting arguments posing as different people, or in numerous other ways. I have found it much more effective and useful to deal with the statements rather than my own assumptions.

"reader" - "assumptions" 04.May.2004 16:44


I do not make assumptions about the beliefs or motives of people posting articles or comments here, or anywhere else on the internet."

--who are you? why are you at this site, commenting on this specific Portland Indymedia article?

"There is no way for anyone to know anything truthful about the people posting. We can just read, evaluate, and respond to the information that is presented. We can make assumptions and infferences [sic] but they are often wrong. Some people are always trying to start trouble in message boards by posting provacative [sic] statements, or by starting arguments posing as different people, or in numerous other ways. I have found it much more effective and useful to deal with the statements rather than my own assumptions."

--you can start by evaluating and responding to the originally posted article, and its statements.