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labor may day | selection 2004

insulted by kucinich's presence at mayday

I wish I had had a pie, honestly.
I am insulted by having kucinich speak at a mayday celebration. I don't even have anything particularly against the guy, and if I were registered in this state I would vote for him.
But mayday is a celebration in honor of the day whose events led to anarchism being put on trial by the US government. mayday is a celebration of how direct action won the 8-hour work day.
not electoral politics.

what has mayday in portland come to when it has a permit? what has it come to when we invite a presidential canidate to speak?

yesterday I witnessed a group of people begin to burn an american flag during dennis's speech. A union man with a 'united we stand' shirt came over to intervene. he stomped out the flag and when the group recovered it to keep burning it, he took it away. he attempted to instigate the kid into a fight, refusing to return the flag and being forceful. The kid who was originally holding the flag held his ground and never put a finger on the union man.

'normal' looking union and progressive folk intervened on behalf of the kid who was burning the flag. They don't need to be condescended to, told that they need to fly the american flag or take out permits to influence mass change in this country.

it was 'normal' looking folk who came in tighter around the dirty punk kids when the police started to point them out for possible arrest. hell, a man with a kucinich shirt was among them.

mayday is a day held in celebration of the solidarity the movement had at one point, when organized labor didn't look to figureheads, didn't comply to the government's wishes.
and we're not getting that by having elected officials tell us whats up. people already know.
people were hung who could have been me because of mayday. I don't care if you vote or not, but remember what we're out there because of.
You think we're "too liberal?" - grow up! 02.May.2004 19:20

Varro - LIBERAL.

I'm insulted by having fools like you complain about marches or whatever is going on being "too liberal" and "full of sellouts."

Keep on complaining that your ideological purity is being compromised and that electoral politics will never change anything. Guess what? Your insistence on ideological purity will alienate people, and ensure that your actions won't be effective.

What 8 hour day? 02.May.2004 19:39


What 8 hour day?

What country do you live in? In America, only part time workers work an 8 hour day. If you tell your boss, you are only going to work an 8 hour day, then you have just unknowingly volunteered to be laid off during the next round. Most people I know put in a 50 to 70 hour work week.

Yes, Unions have an 8 hour day written in to their contracts, so companies make sure and ship their jobs overseas. So they no longer have a contract.

If you own your own business, in order to successfully compete, you too have to work a 60+ hour work week.

So what line of work are you in that allows you to only work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and still have a roof over your head, and feed your family? Do you still live in mom and dad's garage?

may day is a day of autonomy 02.May.2004 19:52

or is supposed to be

who owns may day?

four years ago, the portland police messed a lot of people up on may day, because they did not get a permit and marched in the streets.

then-new police chief mark kroeker used the day as a pretext for a plan he and others had all along, the overt militarization of the police force. he even told people to 'get used to it', meaning that the portland police were going to use ridiculous force during political demonstrations. he meant it.

from watching the corporate media's reporting of may day in portland, one would think that THEY own it. like every other story the corporate media runs, they try to take all thinking out of the equation and do your "thinking" for you.

dennis kucinich has been tirelessly working in oregon for a month to connect with people here before the may 18 democratic primary. he and his campaign have been doing a remarkable job reaching people all over the state. i am proud to have already voted for kucinich in the primary election and i encourage every registered democrat to do the same. (i am not a 'democrat', but i purposefully registered as one with the multnomah county elections board so that i can make my voice heard in the democratic primaries. i have not realized the value of this decision until this year.)

kucinich has been talking to people of all stripes since coming to oregon and attending many public events around the state. he walks and talks with the people. he does not have a huge security force to keep the public away from him like bush does.

it is springtime in portland. saturday was a beautiful day. may day is for everyone. the streets, parks, and sidewalks are for everyone, permit or not. i did not attend the may day march this year because i had other obligations, but i welcome dennis to the march and i am glad he was there.

you have every right to feel offended and to share your views in this or any other forum. i disagree that there was any reason to feel offended. if you were, why not go past earshot of what kucinich was saying and support may day and the workers in your own way?

i am glad to hear you would vote for kucinich if you were registered in oregon. if you live in oregon, i would encourage you to register to vote here.

yep 02.May.2004 20:56


I am very alienated by the OVERTLY NATIONALISTIC behavior of many unionists. Patriotism to an imperialist tyrant of a nation, is colusion. I wish there was a union that's focused organizational tactic was to create worker owned and operated buisineses from the ground up. One that will stand by revolutionaries. I wish there was a Union that represented trades people that was focused in this way. I'd really appreciate it if "radical labor" in the carpenters local would stop attacking people for bieng anarchists. Anarchism means from each according to thier abilities to each according to thier needs. This should be the goal of a LOCAL labor organizaiton. Many early labor organizers saw this. It's a shame that a peoples political roots should be treated like skeletons in the closet. Communities need to change one community at a time. National "get out the vote" campaigns alienate and piss me off cause they steamroll over the importance of communities, localized support, and thought, in a revolutionary struggle. Radical labor in the IWW seems for the most part, to have thier heads on strait. It's just some of the shit the carpenters have been saying lately makes me well, frustrated. The thing is this IS NOT one sided. The rehtoric of many local Anti-capitalists seems down right ANTI-WORK. If you're a worker, and you're working 50+ hours a week and you have to listen to food stamp hording drunk punks snicker about how you're borguesse, and a capitalist, it really makes you inclined to NOT work with these people. Similarly, MAYDAY is a celebration of RADICAL, no REVOLUTIONARY LABOR, and it shouldn't be hyjacked by an unfocused militarism that only serves to risk the safety of workers kids. I am not an apologist for the cops. They got no place pepper spraying kids. I'm just saying, militarism belongs in a STRATEGICLY MEANINGFULL context, and like voting should not be treated as a revolutionary strategy in and of itself. No one tactic makes a strategy. Irish independance was won through both violent and legal means. Aparthied was ended through both legal and violent means. The most radicly progressive social and political state in the world was violently liberated from this "united" states. Working with tazer weilding pigs to arrest anarchists for bieng "militant" is not the kind of dialoge thats gonna help both parties "grow up" and act like revolutionaries.

more distrubed by cops 02.May.2004 21:31

in the march

Kucinich, whatever. I was more disturbed by the presence of cops IN the march. Everywhere you looked, anywhere you marched, you were never four or five people away from cops! How about this: if you're carrying a gun, you're not apart of the march.

to Varro: "ideological purity" and "effective actions" 02.May.2004 21:43


Kucinich and the Democrats are no anarchists, nor are they in line with May Day.

what are you doing that's "effective" Varro, and specifically "changing" what? Do provide us with a complete list of what you have changed, when, and for whom via all of your "effective action".

also, to "huh?" the ScumSucking LIAR Disinformationalist Troll:

hey, are you hiring at your "own business"? Did mom and dad give you the startup money? When will you move your "business" out of their garage? or do we get the standard Horatio Alger Disinformationalist Troll response that you worked your ass off at the pharmaceutical factory for 22 years before you could save up enough money?

fuck you asshole LIAR. a tiny percentage of the American population will ever have their "own business" (whatever the fuck that means), let alone an income from one which pays the majority of their living expenses or provides for their family.

"so companies make sure and ship their jobs overseas." Thanks for being such a Patriot, and respectful of the American economy, jobs, and workers.

"Most people I know put in a 50 to 70 hour work week." -- AND NOT EVEN AT A SINGLE JOB, ANYMORE. the only way anyone can accumulate so many hours is to work at several part-time positions simultaneously. Those part-time and temporary jobs are the only ones left in America. Thanks to "huh?" for shipping all of those full-time jobs overseas.

Fucking Goddamned Disinformationalist Trolls.

indeed 02.May.2004 21:45

cops in the march?!?!

The Carpenter's Union needs to apologize for allowing riot cops within the march. I thought you said you wanted everyone to feel safe? This was the opposite.

Impressed by the cops 02.May.2004 21:50


I was impressed by the cops, all 6,000 of them that seemed to be on hand. They were actually well-behaved and easy going for the most part. A bit overstaffed though, and I could not help but notice several of the nutcases in the deck of infamy were present.

sorry to insult you. 02.May.2004 22:36

huh, the ScumSucking LIAR Disinformationalist Troll

Obviously I struck a nerve from someone's parent's garage.

If you think the only way you can work 70 hours a week is by having multiple part time jobs and not get paid overtime, then Sir, you do live in your parent's garage, but never venture out.

Ask around. Or should I say, ask your parents, and their friends.

I don't own my own business, I work as a sub-contractor, that loans my work out to a very huge company I'm sure you hate. It was the only job I could find, and the arrangement gives me all the grief of working for that huge company, without any of the benefits. I am at work at 7am, and leave after 9pm most weekdays, plus Saturday. I get paid 1.0x., and not 1.5x for each hour over 40. If I don't like that arrangement, I can seek employment elsewhere, and this working arrangement is 100 percent legal.

I don't know if they are hiring or not, but if your interested I'll check. Do you know how do anything worth while, I mean something that you would want to put on your resume?

You may ridicule me, and that's fine. You may think I'm a wage slave, or a fool. That's fine too. I have a family to feed, and I don't have the luxury of lofty principles or great dreams of socialism and universal bliss. But "yep" is right, I have no inclination to work with you or anybody else lives a parasitic existence while mocking its host.

You know 02.May.2004 23:03

a person

The constant name calling, particularly that of "troll", really doesn't accomplish anything and is annoying.

This is the same sort of shit all over again... 02.May.2004 23:10


Unions have been known to aviod what's really going on, and what things are really about until they are getting their asses kicked. We saw this in Seattle for example. I expected the unions who put this on would try to pull something like this for "their march" (notice how they exclude everyone who disagree's with them instead of welcoming the opinion to try and improve themselves to make things better).

Solidarity whatever!

This entire thread 02.May.2004 23:55


that we are all utterly and hopelessly fucked.

keep this in mind 03.May.2004 00:12


Try to remember that one of the reasons people get upset about the flag being burned, is that it doesn't just represent what many in the world love to regard as the symbol of an evil government. It represents the collective effort of the working class people of this country who've shed blood and tears to make a better place for all of us to live. The flag does not belong to the government, it belongs to us. We can burn it, shine our shoes with it, or wipe our butts with it if we choose to, but doing so is at a cost in many ways to those who've sincerely contributed much to make it stand for something. Burning the flag is a legitimate and survivable expression of dis-satisfaction with what the government is doing, but how about being a little less self indulgent and a show a little more consideration for the great numbers of folks in this country who feel great personal pain as you make your incendiary political statement

Kucinich's presence ... 03.May.2004 00:27


... didn't really upset me. He's about as decent as it is possible to be and still be within the system. And like it or not, the system is what's gonna be there for the foreseeable future; the revolution ain't gonna triumph tomorrow. And he presented his own views in a positive way instead of going negative and cutting down others' views.

Gene Lawhorn, on the other hand, does really rub me the wrong way. In this thread he makes the unsupportable claim that an anarchist threw the bomb at Haymarket Square:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/04/286266.shtml . Then there's the equally "up is down" claim that the marchers were violent when in fact the police were (see Lawhorn's Oregonian Op-ed in a comment at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/05/287316.shtml). Not to mention a thinly-veiled schoolmarmish contempt for anyone who doesn't agree 100% with him on tactics.

And then there's the speech he gave at the rally this year, which TOTALLY OMITTED THE FACT THAT THE HAYMARKET MARTYRS WERE ANARCHISTS.,

It seems to me that there's far more insistence on ideological purity (to the point of lying or omitting facts when they are inconvenient) from the liberal side than there is on the radical one here.


Socialism is no lofty dream 03.May.2004 00:46


Just look at Venezuela.

Bush eradicated overtime pay, and has earned his place in the bowels of hell for that alone. Kucinich wants to make our system more workable, bless his soul, but sadly it is Kucinich who lives in a dreamland, thinking that he can enact any law in the corporate congress that will force businesses to do anything that will limit their profits in any way, or threaten their monoplies, or do anything which is not in their interest, etc.

The history of the US has seen the removal of any communist/socialist elements in labor. And with that priority put into grim effect, the establishment has removed any real power from unions. Today, unions are largely collaborating with management. The popular relegating of socialism to that of a failure has relieved anyone of the burden of questioning the "common wisdom" of this absurd statement. And now, capitalism has showed no signs whatsoever of contemplating the people who actually do the work that makes such a system possible in the first place. Strikes, especially general strikes, are capable of forcing people to understand who is capable of holding the real power in this fuctup arrangement.

The new employers' offensive: Labor's War At Home:

1930s, turning point for Labor:

"huh?" 03.May.2004 01:07

not insulted, just FED UP WITH COINTELPRO.

"You may ridicule me, and that's fine. You may think I'm a wage slave, or a fool. That's fine too. I have a family to feed, and I don't have the luxury of lofty principles or great dreams of socialism and universal bliss. But "yep" is right, I have no inclination to work with you or anybody else lives a parasitic existence while mocking its host."

--fuck you asshole. "mock" you? none of us have the time or inclination. your so-called 7am-9pm "career" . . ha ha like anyone's supposed to believe the COINTELPRO Disinformationalist lies you spew. IF ONLY, you wish you were a "wage slave" - perhaps to Langley, Virginia's payroll but nothing more or less.

"host"? you are the parasitic white male american who is consuming triple the resources of people living elsewhere on planet earth. Are you vegetarian? well if not, then you're even further up on the food chain. Drive, public transit, or bike? Live off of store-bought food, grow your own, or dumpster-dive? There's all kinds of ways to tally and account for who's "carrying" whom.

(and to those who think this "huh" clown ISN'T a Disinformationalist Troll - how the fuck did he 'coincidentally' show up here on the Dennis Kucinich thread when he's just spewed out how much he hates "parasitic socialism", the crack about "unions making companies ship their jobs overseas" and simultaneously be up in time for his "sub-contracting" from 7am-9pm tomorrow?)

You are mentally ill 03.May.2004 04:45


Get help quick

some thoughts 03.May.2004 06:37


First, to the Huh Troll,

I work a standard 40 hour a week, physical labor job, with paid overtime. With this job, I know one thing, unlike the rest of my working class brothers and sisters, I am one of the lucky ones. But, I have also witnessed, and stood alongside the workers in your sittuation who have suffered the long hard, and pressing trial of organizing a strike. Yes, you heard me, a strike. If you are so dissatisfied with your current sittuation the I assume your co-workers are too. Take control of your own working conditions, for the boss will do nothing to help you. This comes not from someone who is in their parents garage, but from an anarchist worker who is working a toxic job in order to support his family. Belive it or not, you have control of your condition if you work together with other like minded workers, and stop the means of production you will see.

But hey, in a lot of ways it's easier to do the 70 hours, then to risk anything, and try and take control of your own life...

Now for the Flag.

Can there be a holy/sacred symbol in a democracy? This is a philosophical question most people on the pro flag side of the fence will not take the time to even consider. I think that if one looks, they will find that the answer is no, there can't be a sacred symbol in a truly free democratic nation. When someone burns a flag they are taking a step to say, in the most symbolic way possible, that this nation no longer repressents them or their community. Therefor this "flag" that you all speak so highly of meaning so much, to so many people, does not in fact mean the same thing to those people burning the symbol. It is not selfish to burn a flag if it is done so with thought, and planning in a way that is meant to by symbolic of a struggle against the current American government.

It is an argument that will never end in all honesty, but time sill show you that having any sacred national symbol in a nation that is supposed to be free is in itself the antithesis of the "free" state.

not sacred 03.May.2004 11:08


dandelion...appreciate your thoughtful reflection on the flag...it's not sacred or holy...it's more simple than that...perhaps it might be more accurate to describe its significance as that of an association with the innumerable sacrifices, trials, and tribulations millions of people of all colors and classes have made over the years towards a better life for all. People should do what they will with this symbol, simply keeping in mind the genuine pain they inevitably inflict on others when they destroy and desecrate it in the expression of their views.

Smoking at my desk, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in silent protest 03.May.2004 11:37


The mentally ill comment - what a classic!

Thanks to all for this delightfully witty commentary. I'll go back to my 8hr x 5dy a week job, that keeps the roof over my head and staves off malnutrition.

I dont even have to work for a scumsucking troll or an outsourcing company. Sigh.

. 03.May.2004 12:06


Varro - your comment has no relation to the original post

re: * 03.May.2004 12:16


"it's not sacred or holy...it's more simple than that...perhaps it might be more accurate to describe its significance as that of an association with the innumerable sacrifices, trials, and tribulations millions of people of all colors and classes have made over the years towards a better life for all"

those people have, for the most part, made those sacrifices despite the flag, not on behalf of it

Most people who truly seek to do good, are opposed by the flag, are deterred by the flag and sometimes, killed by the flag

Organized Labor on a Short Leash 03.May.2004 12:38

bitter root

During the Kucinich speech, a member of a group of about 5 to 10 (maybe more), standing and marching in solidarity pretty much throughout the day of assembly and march proceeded to try to set a faded, ragged remnant of what might at one time been a U$ flag afire.

This group had been escorted, tailed, stalked and under virtual constant observation throughout the day by black and yellow cyclecops, pairs and trios of ball-capped ninja cops and various individuals or groupings of the Odea-Sizer-Myers-Berg, et al, command staff/surveillance detail. The owner of the ragged piece of cloth that once might have been part of a U$ flag was periodically dragging it during the parade. I will say that the possessor of the ragged remnant and the group he was with appeared to accept identity as having anarchist sentiments in common. I did not speak with any of them, so that comment is conditional.

The owner of the ragged, faded remnant piece of cloth tried setting it afire a couple of times. At one point it was let fall to the ground and a man wearing a hardhat, decorated with stick-on slogans and logos of labor union significance, and a t-shirt with a Carpenters Union Local 247 logo on the back, grabbed the barely smoldering rag off the street, while at the same time the person who had attempted to set fire to it grabbed it. They both were holding it at the same time. The person in the hard hat was wearing dark glasses and said nothing during this "standoff", but with slightly curled lip, jutting jaw and hamfisted armwrestling posture, gave the impression that he was "challenging" the actions of the owner of the rag. The associates of the owner of the rag made protests that the rag was the property of their comrade.

About the time that the man in the hardhat was grabbing the smoldering rag, the command staff/surveillance detail moved rapidly though the crowd (they had been watching this take place, while everyone else was focused on the Kucinich show) and grouped themselves shoulder to shoulder behind the man in the hard hat. This placed them as a wall of faces (Odea and Sizer among two or three others), sun glasses off, at close range, looking into the face of the owner of the rag and his comrades. These police personnel said nothing and made no sign that they were about to do anything--they just watched very intently.

This lasted maybe 20 to 30 seconds, when two males, both wearing hardhats, one that I could see wearing a similar Local 247 t-shirt the same as the grabber, approached the grabber from his right, made hand on shoulder contact and appeared to be delivering conciliatory and appeasing remarks to the grabber. The grabber suddenly let go of the rag, smirked slightly, thrust his chin out a bit more, turned on his heel and swaggered off with the other two hard hats, disappering into the crowd.

This episode and more general aspects of the International Workers Day gathering and march are disturbing.

The march was continuously herded, surveilled and infiltrated (participated in) by uniformed members of the PPB mercenaries. Unknown is the extent of non-uniformed mercenary "participation." In a sad show of prior agreement, as if to give an impression that the organizers and leaders of the day's events might have had a veto in the fait accompli of mercenary herding and infiltration of the workers' parade, one of the establishment union spokesfolks, expressed appreciation for the PPB mercenary presence.

Another irony, on the day that has its commemorative origin in the Haymarket Massacre, was the sight of an apparent member of organized labor muscling in on an expression of fundamental free speech--while the solicitous politician, Kucinich, gets his ticket punched at the workers' parade. Not knowing if that hard hat rag grabber was a member of, or could be considered as representative of majority sentiment of a labor orgainization (Local 247?), the apparent thuggish expression of opposition to an expression of free speech--seeking to pick a fight--comes from ignorance of continuing conditions of racism, classism, cultural differences and social and economic inequities. The owner of the smoldering rag was not of the boss class, and his apparent intended action was not that of seeking to exploit and oppress workers!

The PPB mercenary command staff that closed ranks around the back of the hard hat, facing the unflinching courageous owner of the ragged flag remnant, tenaciously holding his property and symbolic right, described a wall of unity in the cause of fascist authoritarian oppression.

All in all, the organized labor May Day parade in Portland was thin soup. Not much solidarity in struggle--a lot of warmed over slogans and ritualized history lessons.

Just how slanted are you anyway? 04.May.2004 14:59

R U Nuts

While you evidentally have tried to tellm a narrative of the recent May Day March (Parade?), you fall far short of anything close to being neutral. While you may not see the virtue of attempting to be impartial, there are, or were, events happening simultaniously which you were either too self absorbed or oblivious to consider in your narrative. I am not here to defend "the swaggering union man with the jutting jaw and dark glasses" nor the owner of some "ragged, faded piece of cloth", but nor am I really going to allow such overtly biased drivel to go unanswered.
Do you really think for a second that the cops would have stopped to sort out who was who? I came to make a statement for an issue which affects all of us, namely better working conditions, not to go to jail for a day or so. If you came to see if you could make a statement AND get arrested, maybe you should examine your motivations.
Have you ever been to jail? If you think it makes "a statement", you would be right in the limited sense. Just as a hint, the sandwiches they serve are absolutely horrible, and the cots aren't any better. But you do get the opportunity to meet some really interesting people, especially if you get to stay there for more than a couple of days. If you have some sort of romantic ideal of sacrificing yourself for the betterment of mankind, the reality of trenchfoot in a jailhouse shower should cure you of that pretty damned quick, unless, of course you are dumber than a bag of rocks.

The reality of "PPB mercenary command staff that closed ranks around the back of the hard hat"? "Facing the unflinching courageous owner of the flag remnant"? I agree that the episode was overblown. Without knowing anything in particular about the situation, I would have asked a few questions of both sides of the incident before pronouncing your version of the occurrence. That is what leads us to division rather than unity, but those lessons are yet to come to your life.

Some of us out here haven't sold out to the highest bidder, but there is no fun for me to get my head cracked and sent to jail over some provocation which was ridiculous. If you really want to change something, you have to master the game being played and divert it to your ends. But that would involve a slight bit more patience and intelligence than seeing what happens when you poke somebody in the eye for no apparent reason.

FLAG 04.May.2004 15:59


All political considerations aside - a lot of us love this country - warts and all- We may hate big business - we may hate the current administration - we may hate various sordid incidents from the country's past - slavery - the Indian wars - the repression of labor etc. - but we love the land and the people who live on it.

We love the promise of America - most of our familiies have lived and died on this land for generations - irregardless of where they came from. This is our country. Our home.

The flag doesn't belong to John Kerry - or GW Bush or Ralph Nader - the anarchists or the neo cons - the Republicrats or the Greens -it belongs to We the People. The common ordinary everyday people, it is a powerful symbol of home.

We understand that you're pissed at the government - everybody gets pissed at the government - we understand that you don't like the system - except for the privileged few, everybody gets screwed by the system from time to time. Want to bitch about it - hey that's the American Way.

However, when you disrespect the flag you - you personally, are shitting where you live -your are disrespecting your neighbors and co-workers - family members and all the Americans living or dead who came before.

If your intention is to insult big business - piss on their logos. If you want to disrespect the Republicans - burn an elephant. Be specific.

If you intention is to disrespect us all, then by all means burn the flag, but don't whine if you get your ass righteously whipped for it.

"W. B. TRAVIS" 04.May.2004 16:37


takes himself and his "FLAG" far too seriously, and erroneously.

"This is our country. Our home."

--is it, really? who "gave" it to "us"? at what / whose cost? who's "We The People" / "us" / "our"? presuming to speak for ALL of "us", "W. B. TRAVIS"?

"we understand that you don't like the system"

--which "we" and "you" would that be, "W. B. TRAVIS"?

The USA Patriot Act has thus far been rejected by 4 states and 320 U.S. cities.

you had better watch out with those "we/you" - "us/them" statements - it could reveal your trolling origins . . .

PLANET EARTH is our home, and there shouldn't even be a flag for that.

once you can see beyond nationalism and symbols, then you'll be truly wise.

EVERY wage slave can afford "lofty socialist ideals" 02.Jul.2005 22:55


There is NO RULE, I repeat, no rule, that says that wage-slave workers can't have lofty socialist ideals. Many people in a wage-slave position, due to the fact that they must obey and conform to survive in the short run, come up with they idea that they shouldn't protest the establishment. If you are working-class and pro-establishment, I don't understand why.

I'm sure a lot of wage-slaves are afraid to protest off the job for fear that their boss will find out. Proof that capitalism is a form of social tyranny and that all able people who recognize this and can get away with speaking their mind must do their duty to overthrow this system of oppression and dehumanization.

"Every reasonable human being should be a moderate socialist." - Thomas Mann