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in bellingham wa. yesterday ,in front of mt. baker theater.a man apparently didnt want to get a ticket for something and went off on a cop.he was tazed.when i came upon the scene there was 4 cops practically sitting on the burly t shirted white man.but the thing that spurred me to report this was when one of the firemen 'helping out' told the man to 'keep yuour arm down OR I"LL STEP ON IT!! in a gruff paternalistic tone you normally associate with a cop.the man was already completely subdued and face down in the hot sun.its like the good ol boys of the power structure are ganging together to control all citizens.the terror war atmosphere has mr. fireman getting in on the act. it was kinda freaky to see the bemused expressions on the people waiting to get into the theater to see 'peter pan'.they seemed like they were at a county fair while a man was very nearly being tortured in front of them.the sheep that weve all become.there was some blood on the ground near the man.btw the bham police give hundred dollar tickets for sitting on street planters or the sidewalk .the mt.baker theater is where ann coulter gave a speech and the head of some real estate board or something ,punched a anti racist protester in the face.of course police in bellingham follow black motorists .friends have told me of cops following black visitors when they leave their house.