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a sinister idea

i found this in a review on Amazon of The Gun and the Olive Branch
and there is even a movement in the US for dictionaries to equate the word anti-Semitic as anti-Zionist

Does anyone know anything about this move?
I thought Zionism was racism? 02.May.2004 00:04


There may be a grain of truth to this dictionary conspiracy theory. This from Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Anti-Semitism/archive2)
I have a house full of dictionaries and not a one contains a hint that anti-Semitism is anything but anti-Jewish. In fact, the unabridged Webster's III, which is strongly oriented towards definitions based on actual usage, gives not only "anti-Jewish", but "anti-Zionist" and "opposed to the state of Israel" as definitions. In the Oxford English Dictionary, perhaps lagging a little, virtually all the citations refer to German anti-Semitism.

Gotta give credit to the guys working on this project. In this example there is a whole lot of effort to define a single word, and they do it collaboratively and in public.

The reason... 02.May.2004 15:44

Tony Blair's dog

would be that the zionists are getting cornered
and desperately want the word "anti-Zionist" to get the same
"status" they brought the hijacked word "anti-Semitic".

Logically the word "anti-Semitic" means to be against semitic people,
which also includes palestinian people etc.

But, since the Zionists wanted to be able to smear
people exposing their workings they started to use
the word "anti-Semitism" as meaning "anti-Jewish",
thereby effectively deleting the logical meaning
of the word.

The word "anti-Semitic" worked "great" when used against
journalists or politicians daring to speak out against the Zionists.
And soon no one wanted to be labeled anti-Semitic since
that usually meant termination of their job, if not worse.

It does not come as a big surprise that most Zionists are
not real jews but the kind of criminals currently hiding
in the U.S. government and in the Bush administration.

And that is the real reason, to make people believe that
Zionist = Jew. And they are quickly loosing ground because
people are starting to see through their lies.