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America is a Mistake, a Giant Mistake...

A couple of excellent quotes summarizing what America really stands for.
As Oscar Wilde said: "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between."

"America is a mistake, a giant mistake." Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939)

Whether you like it not, much of the world is realizing that America is a gigantic mistake for the rest of humanity. Regardless of what kind of American Regime is in power, this 200 year old mistake called America needs to be ended--once and for all.

For more on the mistake called America, go to the following site...

homepage: homepage: http://strike-free.net/dead_men_walking.htm

I think this posting is a 01.May.2004 23:20

dittohead & troll

checker...just to see if they're still trolling here, as they are it do seem!

America is no mistake 01.May.2004 23:48

Seargent Dow Jones

Why, I believe that America is most intentional. It was no mistake! Heavens.

It is not by chance that this nation is what it is today. It was deliberately formed and carefully shaped by the wealthy and powerful, to increase their wealth and power.

Make no mistake about it.

Drop Dead, American Scum 02.May.2004 00:13

Post-America World

Sorry, I ain't a troll--least of all a Pro-American troll.

Go to the websites and find out more about why the US Evil Empire is so hated.

Everything that you Americans have, your standard of living, your stolen wealth, and your way of life are based upon the exploitation of the rest of humanity--including many of the nations you sneer at and point your fingers about. And replacing your current regime won't change a goddamned thing.

Based upon the violent nationalist vitriol of the Americans here, it's obvious that when America falls it won't be pretty.







more from freud 02.May.2004 00:33

intriguing quotes

here is another quote from sigmund freud:

"America is the most grandiose experiment the world has seen, but, I am afraid, it is not going to be a success."

if anyone is able to provide the original context for this and the original freud quote, i'd really like to see them here. i have searched and searched the internet, but the only thing i can find (and repeatedly so) is the short sound bite. that is, whatever freud was saying that laid the gound work for such bold (seemingly prescient) statements about america seems to have been wiped away.

if these themes are addressed in some freud book or series, post the info please.

i studied this guy in college psych classes, but it was all phalluses, wet dreams, and cocaine. nothing about the failure of the american state!

Hey Post-America World 02.May.2004 01:19


You are mostly preaching to the chior here friend.

Yeah without America, Europe would be speaking German and Russian 02.May.2004 22:36


Yeah, without America, Europe would be speaking German/Russian and Asia would be speaking Japanese....what a bunch of kooks you are...

speaking of kookiness 03.May.2004 02:11

just another kook

Japan taking over Asia.

Germany or Russia controlling Europe.

Talk about kookiness. But I guess it's easier to live in fantasy than reality.

America is a Mistake - SO LEAVE THE COUNTRY YOU WHINER! 03.May.2004 21:56


You uneducated "Lefties", "Radicals", so called "Activists", "Peaceniks" whatever you are crack me up!

You guys are so busy stating problems, whining about how bad things are, pointing fingers, yadda, yadda, yadda. Leave the country if it is so bad. Do something about it instead of crying to the principle and hiding while pointing the finger. "Mommy.....He took my lolly pop!!!.

Another thing that strikes me as being very peculiar is that none of you, and I mean none of you propose solutions to ANY problem. You just complain....that's it.

I will tell you what, reading all of the postings on this comedic website has definatley provided me with some really good laughs! (And yes....I will cut you lefties off right here by stating that I am not making fun of the situations that the US is facing as they are real problems).

Real problems get solved by smart people. Real problems get solved by people thinking outside the box while staying within the rules. Real problems require discipline, analytical thinking skills, negotiation skills and ACTION plans.

Real problems do not get solved by the ridiculous commentary I see here and elsewhere on this website. All I here is a bunch of whining and complaining. Real problems do not get solved by people who hang out in so called "think tanks" all day long (universities) and never rub elbows with the common person.

I will further cut off any "Lefty" out there by stating that you are probably wondering where my solution is? My first question to you would be to qualify the statement that America is a mistake. What in the world does that mean? That is like me saying....."Europe is a mistake!" or "Coffee is a mistake!".

Exactly........"What the????"

My alternate solution? Leave the country if you are so unhappy. I am sure that there is a very comfortable slab of dirt and a mat for you to sleep on. Go save the sand for all I care.

OK! there "survivor" 03.May.2004 22:36

that's a damned good idea you got there

sent us a ticket and 30-days relocation expenses and we're GONE! Out of here!

Reply to "OK There Survivor" 03.May.2004 23:57


Isn't that just like a Socialist....Looking for others to pay your way.

30 days wouldn't last you because once it was gone, you would be looking for the next friggin' tap!

If you believe in the principle, you can make it happen. Stop looking for others to save you.

You obviously believe....so what is stopping you? I will tell you who.....YOU!!!

30 days relocation.....what kind of moron are you? Keep drinking the coffee, working at the bookstore or whatever it is that you do. You people are cracking me up! What world do you live in?

The power is in your hands. It is up to you as to what you do with it. It is not my fault ( or responsibility) or anyone else's.

Go join Gweneth "Paultry" and live in England because you think this country is not good enough. Never mind that this is probably the best that you will have it and that's what scares you. It's not perfect by any means.......but it ain't bad now is it?

This is not too hard to figure out folks......

what a great country this could be 03.May.2004 23:57


If only the whiners and complainers would have left.

Just imagine, if all the abolitionists had moved to Mexico instead of staying in our great country of slavery.

How great it would be if all the women who had wanted to vote had just moved to Europe instead of staying in this wonderful country.

If only all the blacks who had wanted equal rights had just left for Canada we would be so much better off.

And yet we think of America as being defined by progress but the progressives have always been considered traitors from the founding fathers through the present day. Traitors every last one of them; if only they could give up the desire to see this country improve I'm sure the citizens of this country would be better off.

Imagine the world we have to face if this country continues its downward slide toward social justice and equal rights. Well, we can only hope the lovers of peace, justice, and democracy choose another country to go to and leave us true patriots here to fight our wars and make our money.

Wrong 04.May.2004 09:42

George Allen

Millions upon millions of people are lined up around the world anxious to come to America. Look around you fool, the poverty in Mexico, the lack of freedom in Canada (you can bash America there (in Canada) but you damned well better not say anything about Canada and their censorship there). The only people who would agree with your article are ilk like you. Get a life and stop looking for idiotic causes. You have probably never been out of the U.S.. If you have, why did you come back to horrible America? George, Montana

Fascist American Freedom 05.May.2004 08:00

Post-America World

For all you American apologists and appeasers out there, here is a picture of your fascist American freedom in all its murderous glory.

All you American Brownshirts can spew your spittle flecked vitriol all you want, but the truth cannot be covered up no matter how hard you try.

Americus Vespucius 30.Mar.2005 15:12


'America', would that be north, south, or central... the insular semantics of U.S. of A.

A Mr. Sigmund Freud met a finality last century, the year 1939.
He's dead, can't change his mind, yous can.