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Supporters through out the US and Canada are organizing a massive show of support for Tre Arrow Monday, May 3rd
Tre is being held in solitary 23 hours a day, without access to vegan food, sunlight, fresh air or resonable phone access.
Friends, family and supporters will spend Monday calling and faxing the jail to demand an end to human rights violations against Tre Arrow
Tre's next hearing is at 10am this Monday, May 3rd,
at library square
300 georgia street (corner hamilton)
16th floor
Vancouver BC

Supporters are really needed, NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!
Please attend the hearings,if you can. It helps Tre so very much to see our faces, and to know that there are folks holding the Four Corners, holding him in the light, just outside the hearing room door. He needs to see people there for him, he needs to know he is not alone.


North Fraser Pretrial Centre
Phone: (604) 468-3500
Fax: (604) 468-3556

Provincial Director, Adult Custody
Phone: (250) 387-5098
Fax: (250) 952-6883

Canadian office of Amnesty International:  info@amnesty.ca,
Human Rights Watch:  hrwnyc@hrw.org

[sample letter]
I am writing to express my deep concern for the health and well being of
Michael Scarpitti (who legally changed his name to Tre Arrow in 2001) CS
He is currently being held in solitary confinement in your institution and
through contact with his lawyer I am aware that he is facing the inhumane
treatment at your facility. I am shocked that the Canadian Corrections
systems feels that this is an acceptable way to treat a man who has not been
convicted of anything, and has caused no problems while in your custody. I am
writting to insist that a stop be put to these tactics, which amount to human
right violations

I understand that you have denied his repeated requests for a vegan (meat,
dairy and egg free) diet. Tre is Buddhist, and as such he is entitled by
Canadian law to a vegan diet. He is also lactose intolerant, despite being
informed of this health concer, your facility has refused to accomidate this
medical condition. I know Tre personally and have firsthand,
personal knowledge of both his spiritual convictions and his inability to
tolerate eggs or dairy products. Tre is not asking for special privileges,
only that his spiritual and health needs be met. It is your duty to meet
those needs

Tre has eaten a raw vegan diet for long enough now that putting cooked foods
into his system is dangerous, as his body quite simply cannot handle it.
Your facility has access to produce, and you have no excuse for starving or
torturing inmates.

I am contacting human rights organizations and attorneys on Tre's behalf, I
suggest you reverse your position before this becomes and international

Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch

write and visit Tre as often as you can.
We are his only link to the outside world, and the life he
loves. Our visits and letters do more good than I can tell you, please go to see him as
often as you can.

Help Raise Funds: hold a bake sale, try your hand at busking,do a rummage sale, do what you can and
have fun doing it!

Radiate your love, light and positive energy to him. Pray, if that is your
tradition, or visualize him surrounded in beautiful white light. Light a candle.
He is the most spiritual, "tuned in" person I know. If you put your love out
there for him, in whatever form, he will know, and it will help him.
Love him ~ I promise it will help

homepage: homepage: http://trearrow.org
address: address: 125NE 83rd Ave Portland Oregon 97220

Help is needed 01.May.2004 23:00

please donate

Please send money to tre, he is in desperate need of your money.

Tre is in desperate need of your SUPPORT 02.May.2004 16:23


after giving 5 years of his life to THIS community, and far more than that to the effort to defend the earth, human and non-human rights. Tre needs ~and desrves~ our support, in whatever form.

Currently the North Fraser jail where he is held is keeping him in lockdown and denying him edible food. This is a form of torture and a human rights violation, no different than if they were holding an orthodox Jew who had been starving for 45 days and offering him notheing but ham.

Tre was fasting to call attention to just these kinds of issues, and after he ended his fast the jail allowed him friuts for one day, just long enough to get his body expecting food, and are now providing only grilled cheese or egg salad sandwhiches. Even if Tre were willing to abondon his personal code of ethics and eat this "food", the fact that he is lactose intolerant, and has eaten an all raw diet for years, means that doing so would make him physically ill. There is no justification for this treatment, under Canadian law he has a right to a diet that reflects his personal beliefs.

Tre needs your faxes to the warden, demanding justice, he needs your letters of support to him, he needs your prayers, and yes, he needs help with legal expenses. The myriad of injustices he faces are so great and vast, that there is a role for each of us in addressing them. Today it is Tre who is cought in the cross hairs, but it could just as easily be any of us.