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Video of American Military Abusing Iraqi Prisioners of War

American Troops use Saddam's tactics to torture and humiliate Iraqi's in Abu Ghraib prison...
This story comes from CBS news' 60 minutes II program aired last night and is VERY DISTURBING! It's yet another case of your tax dollars at work in the war on humanity...not to mention a violation of every international rule on the treatment of POW's.

Direct Video link:

Saddam learned from the best in the field of torture... 29.Apr.2004 11:08

Tony Blair's dog

the CIA and Mossad.

Link doesn't work 29.Apr.2004 12:29


Please post again

link 29.Apr.2004 12:36


Sorry - Copy and Paste the original link (above) into Windows Media Viewer (File>open URL) and it'll start playing or use EI to open this page and click on the video link (top left):


Photographic evidence 29.Apr.2004 13:35


A photo from TV shows an Iraqi prisoner with a hood over his head, standing on a box and with wires connected to his hands.

Sky News
Sky News

Sexual abuse is sick and wrong 30.Apr.2004 13:39

wake up america, you aren't a good example for children

from the link

"In some, the male prisoners are positioned to simulate sex with each other. And in most of the pictures, the Americans are laughing, posing, pointing, or giving the camera a thumbs-up."

good!!! 12.May.2004 17:05



Disgusting, to say the least !!! 17.May.2004 09:20

Al Mayers

Nobody deserves what these peictures showed us. If these men are criminals, they should be tried accordingly to THEIR laws (not American). Some Americans ask why so many people in the world hate us. I think these pictures shed some light about the subject.