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return Medicine Lake to native people

Calpine's proposal for geothermal drilling of Medicine Lake was pulled from the agenda in Sac Water Quality meeting. Now would be a good time to find a way to protect the healing waters of Medicine Lake before Calpine tries again to push development (they will, nature of the corporate beast)
Why would a corporation like Calpine be funded by the USA government? Maybe there is more at stake than just geothermal. The volcanic andesite/basalt surrounding Medicine Lake caldera contains rare mineral elements that could be the target of mining corporations. The 50 million funding interest for Medicine Lake "geothermal development" by the government could be connected to mining corporations. Once Calpine destroys the pristine beauty of Medicine Lake, what's to prevent mining corporations from moving in after?

The same minerals that are the target of mining operations could also be
part of the healing waters. Personal experience at a mineral hot springs
in Oaxaca Mexico healed my infected foot. Maybe the aqueous minerals in
the spring combined with a spirit energy working together with the life
force vibration of the body can heal. Science cannot define the complexity of nature's healing waters, but the waters can truly heal..

The region around Medicine Lake from the Pit River north and east of Mt
Shasta/Sac river was Modoc territory. Currently the Modoc tribe lives in
Oklahoma, displaced by the US military fueled by expansionist politicians
in DC years ago. Captain Jack and other Modocs resisted the military and held their ground in the Lava Tubes north of Medicine Lake. Though badly outnumbered, they knew the desert region's landscape well and evaded capture for some time. Now there are no longer any full blood Modoc people living on Earth. The land surrounding Medicine Lake was Modoc, yet other tribes traveled through and visited the lake, shared together and owned by no one in particular..

The public land surrounding Medicine Lake can be returned to the indigenous peoples of Nort CA as a safeguard for protection from money driven corporations like Calpine. According to a treaty from 1864, the lands around Medicine Lake were supposed to be administered by the federal government for the benefit of the people. If the National Park/Forest Service/BLM/whatever boreocracy is not able to protect Medicine Lake from Calpine, maybe the land should be returned to the people (Pit River, Shasta, Wintu, Karuk, Klamath, etc.) who depend on the healing waters of Medicine Lake under collective ownership. This small action would show some recognition of respect to the First People, Medicine Lake belongs to the indigenous people of Turtle Island (Nort America), not ENRON's spawn Calpine..

following from Hemispheric Digest, spring 2000;

The United States' 1864 treaty with the Klamath Tribes (including the Modoc) covers lands immediately north of Medicine Lake, and includes the Fourmile Hill project area. Those lands ceded by the Klamath were to be administrated by the federal government for the Klamath peoples' benefit. The Klamath tribal government, terminated in 1954 and restored in 1986, is now based in southern Oregon, and has accepted a $15,000 "mitigation agreement" from CalEnergy for development in the region. But Modoc elder Jerald Jackson of the Native Coalition protests that the agreement was made without consultation of Modoc traditional people.

The Pit River Indians, who have a reservation at XL Ranch, east of Medicine Lake, have outstanding land claims against the federal government. The Native Coalition's position paper states: "The Pit River Tribe is not asking for royalties for geothermal development. What we are asking for is that the U.S. government pay-or make some kind of just compensation in the form of restoration or reparations-for everything they have taken to date before proposing to take any more... The corporations which propose to develop geothermal resources on our ancestral lands do not have property rights on the lands now under jurisdiction of the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management..."

"This is the same issue as in Kosovo where our government has spent billions of dollars to send airplanes-indigenous people being dispossessed of the use of their lands," says the Native Coalition's Michelle Berditschevsky. "We're willing to spend billions to keep this from happening in Kosovo, while here our government is pursuing a policy of dispossession. The hypocrisy is unbelievable."

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