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We are Free

& don't you forget it!
Portland based collective looking to raise awareness and get ideas out of our minds and into the community.
Looking for writers, artists, musicians. Check out our site and let me know what you think.

homepage: homepage: http://www.salvationinc.org

SI is OK 28.Apr.2004 22:09

politics as possible

I think that I like the SI ("salvationinc") website. It's a favorite.

Rather Rocked by Rape 28.Apr.2004 22:27

No skull, bones

That is a classic and I have been looking for it. Thank you.
Dan Rather Rocked by Rape
Dan Rather Rocked by Rape

sparkle girl salutes you 28.Apr.2004 23:22

sparkle girl

seattle noise from sparkle girl (2 boy noise army)
sparkle girl-fuck the totalitarian overcoding of social life
sparkle girl-fuck the totalitarian overcoding of social life

Secret Fascism 28.Apr.2004 23:51

can't say

Patriot Act Suppresses News Of Challenge to Patriot Act

The American Civil Liberties Union disclosed yesterday that it filed a lawsuit three weeks ago challenging the FBI's methods of obtaining many business records, but the group was barred from revealing even the existence of the case until now.

give us what we have 28.Apr.2004 23:58

salvationinc craig@salvationinc.org

send that mp3 to me thru email & i'll put it on the site if you want.
grand stuff for all our ears.
keep up the good work

I like it-website 29.Apr.2004 06:11


Salvationinc website on first inspection is very interesting and original. I do take exception to endorsement of Amy Goodman as a honest broker of truth when she dodges the 9-11 government conspiracy views researched and presented by Ruppert and many other excellent researchers. See Global indymedia newswire for an excellent article on this debate.