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Need information about current Congressional bill...

something mentioned by Mahmood Mamdani at his Powell's booksigning date...
Mahmood Mamdani was asked a question by a member in the crowd and he choose to let this detail slip out, which was that a bill has been already passed through the House of Congress to form comittees in universities that receive federal funding which would somehow open up the way for censorship in the educational syllabus. I was not able to press him for the name of this bill. Does anyone have any information which could explain this accurately...can you give me the name of the bill or when it was passed through Congress recently?

Someone needs to start a campaign to stop this one.
Die before it hits the floor... 28.Apr.2004 21:45

Sister Katie

If it's still in a house committee, chances are it'll die before reaching the floor. Outrage will be enormous.