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Excelent source of information for TACTICS

We ALL can learn something from this!
I stumbled across this tonight while searching for some help in a current crisis that is affecting me and several friends of mine at work..........
It seems that almost all of us are "at war" with someone. That someone may be our boss, our city, our County, our State, or our pResident. Over 2,000 years ago a very wise, observant man (it could have been a woman, but this time it was a man) Sun Wu, Chinese General to the State of Wu had a scribe record his rules for his subordinates. Their is an awesome site online devoted to the most complete analysis that I have ever seen of this timeless doctrine. There is an almost line-by-line expansion of the traslation avalable here...........:


I suggest we all study this for the coming "hard times" ahead.........