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Kerry, Speak to President Bush and America, Please!

John Kerry, his campaign in tatters, falls into the old Democrat trap of Bob & Weave rather than stand up and clearly define your positions.
John Kerry, his campaign well funded but morally in tatters, falls into the old Democrat trap of Bob & Weave rather than stand up and clearly define your positions.

So what causes a now Snator from Massachusets to at one time throw his medals away, his ribbons, his medal-ribbons, ribbon-medals and then proclaim he did not throw them over the fence, yet state that the words can be used interchangeably?
John Kerry's defense; "Well, what about George Bush and his Guard Service?" (Sevice that has been described as honorable by many in the media and other Politicians along with the Service itself who Honorably discharged him.) The only detractors of that Service are partisan political hacks with an eye toward seeing Senator John "medal-ribon castaway" Kerry lead the Armed Forces he once rebelled against while dissing the countries service medals awarded to him for his service and sacrifice.

We do not need more politicians like Clinton and Kerry who have a hard time finding the truth even if it is fastened to their behinds and welded in place. Why did Kerry just not come out straight and say, "Yes, I threw the ribbons that came with my Purple Hearts and Silver and Bronze Star over the fence along with medals from other detractors"?

The "Village Voice" has now come out and asked for Kerry to step aside. This is a telling moment in the faltering Kerry campaign and the wing of the Democrat party that wants to see sucsess in November are starting to realize that Kerry's gaffs will cost more than the Presidency, it will cost them seats in Congress as well. Even Kerry's hometown papers are prominently reporting the Kerry mis-steps. With one of these papers being owned by the New York Times, it should be setting off blaring alarms within the Kerry camp.

If it were just this one issue, it would have been dealt with as quickly as Kerry's alleged affair was dispatched. However, the more Kerry talks the farther he inserts his foot into mouth. His assertion's of not owning an SUV while pictures have ben taken of SUV's at his Idaho home he shares with his wife as well as the New England summer abode's. These pictures are being displayed on Boston radio Web sites making Kerry look te fool and send his supporters running with expressions of pure fear on their faces.

We all know about his bobbong and weaving on the other issues as well; the 87 Billion he did not vote for, while wishing to leave the impression that he did using Clintonian-speak (not as cleverly delivered as our Lord And Savior, Big Bill, by the way).

Yes, Kerry has the Democrats worrying, many fear his campaign is about ready to "Flop" from his earlier Primary Campaign "Flip".
yeah we need more leaders like Bush 28.Apr.2004 19:53

more deserters

Who, according to their own admission, join the national guard and then go AWOL for 8 months.

But wait, didn't Bush clear his name by releasing his military service records like Kerry did?

"If those are truly all the files in existence, either a dog somewhere has a curiously selective taste for microfiche, or the records have been tampered with - and that's a felony. No evidence of the Flight Inquiry Board that would have been convened when he was suspended from flying. No DD214 or NGB 22. No Officer Effectiveness Report (OER) from 1973. No flight logs, among a pilot's most important records. No attendance sheets, photographs, or unit rosters. And still zero evidence of any actual duty between May 1972 and April 1973."

I don't get it 28.Apr.2004 19:57


Kerry served in Vietnam, wants more soldiers in Iraq than Bush, and the hawks hate him.

Bush joins the national guard to stay out of Vietnam, then goes awol for 8 months or so and the hawks love him.

It's interesting to compare election 2004 with election 1992. It seems it doesn't matter what "your candidate" did wrong; it only matters that he's a part of your party. Another reason why political parties are a disease. Some of the founding fathers foresaw this coming, I only wish they had taken stronger steps to prevent it.

Well, I can only hope Kerry gets taken down but I'm not going to bet any money on it. His corporate supporters and the DLC and DNC are not going to take that.

how did kerry 'win' the primary? 28.Apr.2004 22:31

makes one wonder

'Anybody but Bush' has now become "only Kerry could lose to Bush"

There's nothing to get -- it's Republican propaganda overflow from TV 28.Apr.2004 23:31

politics as possible

Here's the entire thing, as given in the lead: "John Kerry, his campaign in tatters[?], falls into the old Democrat trap [?] of Bob & Weave rather than stand up and clearly define your positions." ???

1. Who says Kerry's campaign is in tatters? The Republican National Committee and people who work for them, that's who. (Playing to the American fear of lining up with the "losers" is an "old Republican" campaign technique, usually bolstered by corporate media polls that are supposed to be showing by now that Kerry doesn't have a chance.)

2. The "old Democrat trap" is a trap for the Democrat only if it has been set by the Republicans -- so that means that the corporate media hoopla about Kerry throwing ribbons and medals away was a trap set by the Republicans in order to attempt to diminish Kerry's military record (including injuries sustained in combat) and turn the light away from an inspection of Bush's pathetic military record. But Kerry hasn't fallen into the trap of allowing the dialect of the campaign to shift away from the relevant issues --- instead he bobs and weaves, which is a good tactic in the ring when your opponent is jabbing and swinging at air.

3. You don't have to wonder about the party affiliation of Miles Laughton ("justframers76"), but you do have to wonder what state he lives in. We haven't even had our Oregon primary yet. (And, if all that matters is the media match between Kerry and Bush, then we are anyway no farther into it than the hollering from the hoi-poloi as the "Champ" and the "Contender" enter the ring.)

4. About defining policy positions, there are no policy positions or questions discussed in Miles Laughton's ("justframers76") article. The article is all about corporate media spin -- without even a pretense of discussion of actual policy questions. You might as well skip Indymedia and turn on your TV. I am voting for Kucinich on May 18, and I love the Kucinich website, but fair is fair, so if you're interested in something other than the Chevie Suburban that Kerry's wife drives, you can go to the Kerry website and see policy positions defined in detail:




Run, Kerry, Run, Speak, Kerry, Speak! 29.Apr.2004 10:42


I would love it if John Kerry would speak to the nation.

He would remove all doubt that he is a lying, cheating, greedy, un-principled hypocrite.

Voted FOR the 87 billion before he voted against it.

Doesn't own an SUV, they belong to his family.

Threw his medals, when ribbons and medals were interchangable, but now that they aren't he just threw his ribbons.

Not sure where he was at in vietnam, but sure he saw great war atrocities.

Kerry Speaks 29.Apr.2004 19:29


Is it just me, or is John Kerry becoming a laughingstock...

Kerry for President I don't think so 30.Apr.2004 07:55


Who in their right mind would vote for Kerry. All you goons out there who have so much to say about Bush and this war, well, maybe you should put your military uniform on and go walk in Iraq for awhile.