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The Truth about Rush Limbaugh!

Humor - Rush Limbaugh "admits" what he is!
Hey, all you Rush-Retards and doo-doo-heads out there: Here's the truth about Rush, in song! (Although it doesn't mention him being a criminal druggie...) http://www.bartcop.com/rushnazi.mp3
Link for the lazy 28.Apr.2004 19:30


Rush Flash 28.Apr.2004 21:12


Or you could listen to the song and see the flash cartoon at  http://www.bushflash.com Some of the best flash on the net. You can also see Rush in a cameo appearence in the Enron Cartoon on my web site  http://www.everyamericanvotes.com

RUSH 28.Apr.2004 21:33


And, so all your amaturish and childish comments only go to prove Rush is right. When the left are losing.....they REALLY get funny and outlandish. Tsk, tsk.

RE: TOTALLY AMUSED 28.Apr.2004 21:57


haha well if the left were loosing I would see your point, but the problem is that there is no score board among the equal and the fack that one must resort to hate speak to make their point speaks much louder than what is being said.

That is Fortunate for Rush... 28.Apr.2004 22:09

Good Tune

...since 'childish comments' describes his entire intellectual array.

Go to war? 28.Apr.2004 22:28

Why not peace?

Neocons out!
faces of death
faces of death

Why Rush is such an easy Target. 28.Apr.2004 23:38


Drugs for pain, are far different that trying to be someone you are not.(big difference) Rush is so easy to pick on because you really envy his popularity, and the fact thst he has more stations and people listening than the Independent media center will ever have in its existence. That really must piss off all you hippies.

they're all easy targets 29.Apr.2004 00:00

socialist libertarian

All politicians and pundits lie and do their best to make money from their "followers". If you haven't learned to laugh at all of them by now you should give it a try. It's quite liberating.

Also, is it me or are Rush's fans stuck in the sixties? Communists and hippies? I'm just waiting for them to start calling the Iraqis "gooks."

you got to hear it the link 29.Apr.2004 06:39


damn, what a great song. Thanks. glad I downloaded it.

Hey Dell Doctor 29.Apr.2004 07:45


Have you considered Rush's popularity is based on One Channel to listen to on the broadcast media? In a true open air waves with independent broadcasters he would fade fast. Because he has agreed to the narrow list of approved subjects to rant on it feels good to listen to what appears to be your voice. But in light of many other reasoned views given a similar platform on which to rant his voice would not feel so righteous now would it?

Where is Air America? 29.Apr.2004 08:02

JMK jking@igi.net

Then why has Air America when over like a fart in church. Remember that was going to be the great equalizer to Rush. But nobody wants to listen to them because they say NOTHING of any importance. They say the same mean-spirited crap that you on the left get hysterical about when the right utters a peep. That's why they have to PAY people to broadcast them, because they have nothing of value to add to the argument. Al Franken is about as funny as shit I pick from between my toes after I get home from the gym. They can't pay their bills, they all line up to parrot what the DNC tells them to say, and people know it, and blow right past them on the dial for smooth jazz or local talk. Once again the left can't come up with anything on their own and they have to ride on the right's coattails, but now people know it, and treat them with the irrelevancy they deserve.

Airhead America 29.Apr.2004 10:30


The whole concept is SO liberal. They cannot make it in the free market, because their product "SUCKS"! So, they have to get some dunderhead to fund it so they can try to force their product on people who have tested it and found it to be made up of empty-headed psycho-babble. How classic though, they cannot pay their bills, bounce checks, and when they are called to account they run off to the courts because they don't like the law.
Maybe they can make a movie "Stuart saves the radio station". That would get more attention than the garbage they are trying to sell.

fart to you: fresh air to me 29.Apr.2004 21:48


You may think Air America is failing, but it sure livens up my day. Especially Randi Rhodes.
Air America is the first talk radio of any kind I've ever been able to listen to for long periods
of time. The right-wing stuff is so hateful, it just makes me sick after a while.
The stuff about them being out of money just plain wrong. It's a limbaugh-style twisting of facts to
"prove" something that is completely wrong. Anyone can check a few facts on-line and figure
that out real quick. I hope Air America gets a lot more stations and stays around for a long

Righties are scared shitless of Air America Radio 29.Apr.2004 22:07


Please tune in to 620 am and give a listen to Air America Radio. It is very important to call the station and thank them for airing this format. Also, utilize the blog that is offered. This shows that there is a huge audience for this type of radio. If we fail to succeed in this format, we will be left with the same old right wing garbage that litters the air waves and will have no one to rebuttle all the lies. Sorry NPR and KBOO just don't cut it. Help us level the playing field please.

The song in movie form 29.Apr.2004 23:35


Randi Rhodes... 30.Apr.2004 09:54


...kicks Rush Limbaugh's ass in the ratings when they've gone head to head in Florida.

Comparing a month-old radio network to the established conservative talk radio Mafia is absurd. A true comparison would be Rhodes' South Florida ratings vs. Rush.

Just proof that all the radical right has to offer us are LIES.