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RNC googlebomb and www.rncnotwelcome.org update

a short update on whats going on with our collective.
our web banner
our web banner
some of the fools who plan on coming here
some of the fools who plan on coming here
local art
local art
Dear friends,

We are writing to ask for your help. As of today, if you search on
google.com for the term, "Republican National Convention", we are ranked
second. We would like to replace the official GOP website as the number #1
rank. Why is this important? Well, it's just one more way we can outsmart
them and confuse the delegates, bring people to our site and get more
attention for the resistance against the RNC. If you have a site, blog or
other web space, this is how you do this:

If you haven't already linked to us, use this code for your page:
<a href=" http://www.rncnotwelcome.org" target="_blank">Republican National
<a href=" http://www.rncnotwelcome.org" target="_blank">Republican
<a href=" http://www.rncnotwelcome.org" target="_blank">Republican

Be a friend and do all three! If you would like a reciprocal link on our
page, feel free to email us. Chance are, you may already be listed on our
site. See  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/directory.html to see.

Some updates:

--Our stickers, all 10,000 of them, are back from the printers and are
being posted all over the city. if you would like some, you can pick them
up locally at the following locations:
-bluestocking books, 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington on the
lower east side
-Mayday books-in the Theater for the New city on First Avenue between 10
and 11 street
-Revolution Books- 9 West 19 street, NYC
-Gorilla Cafe- Fifth Avenue and Park Place, Park Slope, Brooklyn
We will have uptown and more Brooklyn drop off locations soon
You can view the sticker design at
And of course, they are free.

--Our Visitors Guide to NYC is currently online at
A print edition is being designed and will be made available in the next
couple of weeks as a downloadable booklet and will be distributed for free
in the summer. The guide is a detailed introduction to NYC for guests
coming here to protest the RNC. There are sections on culture, housing,
security, legal and more.

--We have just updated two sections on our site which deal with the people
behind the RNC.

-The RNC delegates page at  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/delegates.html
focuses on the people who the Republican party send here to do their
bidding. There is a comprehensive page with maps showing the locations
where RNC delegates will be staying. The idea of activists from other
states 'bird-dogging' or protesting at the hotels where their state
delegates are has been talked about but we trust you can figure out what
to do with this valuable information.

-The RNC funders page at  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/finance.html
points the spotlight at the local business elite who are responsible for
inviting the Republicans to meet in NYC and providing the private
financing of the convention. These are the people who pledge money, set up
fundraisers, secure the convention site and stand to make serious cash off
the convention coming here. Prominent Democrats like Jonathan Tisch
(CEO-Loews Hotels Inc) and Sanford Weil (CEO-Citigroup) are part of this
committee as it the local trinity of Bloomberg, Giuliani and even Democrat
and former Mayor Ed Koch!. There will be substantial information
posted to this page in coming weeks.

-Artists, designers and creative people have been most generous in
submitting their flyers,

images and graphics to us all of which have been posted on our flyers and
graphics page at  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/downloads.html

Finally,here is a quick guide to some pages on the site:
legal  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/legal.html
medical  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/medical.html
flyers  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/downloads.html
housing, transportation  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/housing.html
media archive  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/media.html
logistics timeline  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/logistics.html
merchandise page  http://www.rncnotwelcome.org/merch.html

Thanks for reading our update. if you have received this and have no
desire to receive more like it, please let us know.

In solidarity--no RNC in NYC!
www.rncnotwelcome.org collective

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