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Scalia Makes His Position Clear

Scalia does not care about the appearance of impropriety.
Judge Antonin Scalia's statement in today's paper re. the Supreme Court's "debate" on accessibility re. the energy commission:

"I think executive privilege means whenever the President feels that he is threatened, he can simply refuse to comply with a court order."

Does this make anyone else's blood run cold?
Pretty out about it, aren't they? 28.Apr.2004 22:12


what are we going to do about it??

scalia 29.Apr.2004 01:42

is not really

an American. He does not follow the law. This makes him a criminal.
The only other possibility is that he is incompetent and does not know what the law means.
I think the former is true, but that in any case, the last place a person like him should be is the supreme court.
Yes, why bother talking about it--what are we gonna do is more the issue. As far as I know, we can have sup. ct. justices impeached. However, that imlies some sort of trial--which we don't know that we can trust. Then the question again becomes, what are we gonna do about it?
I think it's best to just give him NOTICE, have it written in plain English by a lawyer, and put someone else in there. Look at the 10th Amendment, it talks about powers belonging to "the people" and not to the gov't. It leaves it up to us to define those powers. I say we define those powers as direct action from the people when the whole friggin gov't is corrupted. Scalia could never legally argue with that.
I say that's what we do. A legal take-back. What else can we do?

Arrest Scalia and Cheney... 29.Apr.2004 06:57

Tony Blair's dog

right about now.

Try this for Starters 29.Apr.2004 08:38

part of the solution

Most of our government is currently elected and hence appointed by the electronic machines and their owners. This has been building up over the generations and did not occur overnight. An orderly deconstruct of the false pardigm is in order. Just educating the masses is a big enough job for starters. Taking back our public air waves is another and most importantly taking back our voting systems from the corporate whores who have stolen them is a good place to start.